5 Travel Places in Sundarbans (2021)

Hello Travelers. Welcome! So, you are checking some beautiful Travel places in Sundarbans for your upcoming Sundarbans trip! Am I right? Alright!

But dear why are you tensed? Can’t choose places? It’s really tough. It’s a very big forest. Don’t Worry! We are here for helping you as always. Just keep your patience and stay with us till the end.

Before starting the trip within Sundarbans, it’s important to know about the main city. Let’s know about Sundarbans briefly-

The Sundarbans is famous as the world’s largest mangrove forest with 140,000ha area and its UNESCO World’s Heritage Site. It lies on the delta of the Brahmaputra, Ganges, and Meghna rivers on the Bay of Bengal. The Sundarbans divided into two parts between two countries India and Bangladesh. 60% of the property lies in Bangladesh and 40% in India.

The Sundarbans have exceptional ecology and biodiversity which is expressed through a wide range of flora, 334 plant species belonging to 245 genera and 75 families, 165 algae, and 13 orchid species. It has also fauna with 693 species which includes 49 mammals, 59 reptiles, 8 amphibians, 210 white fishes, 24 shrimps, 14 crabs, and 43 mollusks species. Besides these, there are 315 species of waterfowl, raptors, and forest birds including 9 species of kingfisher and the magnificent white-bellied sea eagle.

The Sundarbans provide higher density than any other places of the world in the case of the Royal Bengal Tigers population according to the census. 

Though it’s become a very famous tourist place for adventure seekers within the world because of its scenic beauty and natural resources, there are difficulties in arranging transport timely and suitable accommodation.

Let’s check the top 5 travel places in Sundarbans-

1. Sundarbans National Park(Sundarbans Wetland)

Sundarbans National Park (Sundarbans Wetland) - Travel Places in Sundarbans
Sundarbans National Park (Sundarbans Wetland)

Location: South 24 Parganas, West Bengal, India.

Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/C7W6aZzewRDqgiYt5

This Park is a tiger reserve and biosphere reserve park of India which is established in 1984.

Total Area: 133,010ha

Mystery and danger both are felt here. Wilderness added more enjoyment in the trip for adventure seekers. 

Here a watchtower helps to watch the beauty of the forest and its birds and animals. There are enough safety and security at the lodge that you can stay at night. Most importantly, there is no specific area to watch the Royal Bengal Tiger. So, don’t waste your time! It’s totally depended on your luck. Just enjoy the incredible nature!

The only way to visit this park is by boat. ‘M.V Chitrarekha’ and ‘M.V Sarbajaya’ are two vessels provided by West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation. There is also the availability of local boats. 3 or 4 days by boat trip into the heart of this South Asia part is really given a wild feeling. It’s not safe to hire any small size boat in which only 7/8 persons can travel. It’s risky!

The only government-approved resort is Sunder ban Tiger Camp, which provided accommodation on land.

Best Time for Trip: Between the months of September and March.

Entry Fee: 1. 60 rupees for Indians

                       2. 200 rupees for foreigners

So, don’t miss this travel place to visit in Sundarbans.

2. Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary

Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary - Travel Places in Sundarbans
Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary

Location: Sundarbans, West Bengal, India.

The name of the place is the actual description of the place. The place is the place of several common-uncommon birds. When you will go to visit the bird sanctuary, leave plenty of time for sightseeing. No one wants to miss it!

It’s famous for visitors as ‘bird-watching paradise’. It has a diverse bird population.

You can reach there by taking a boat from canning. Canning is easily accessible by bus or train from Kolkata.

Mainly Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary is a very peaceful and beautiful place for watching birds. It’s also good for meditation. There are some rare bird species like Kingfishers, White Belied and Plovers, vultures, Sandpipers, and more.

So, I think it’s enough for now! Be ready for your great trip dear, and enjoy the trip!

Opening and Closing Time: 9.00 am-6.00 pm (every day of the week)

Recommended duration: 2hours

Entry Fees: 1. Indians-INR 15

                         2. Foreigners-INR150

                         3. Foreigners-INR 100(Boat Ride Fees)

3. Jamtola Beach

Jamtola Beach - Travel place in Sundarbans
Jamtola Beach

Tell me first, who don’t love sightseeing from beach!

I really think there is no one who dislikes it. Sundarbans has some beautiful travel places and Jamtola beach is one of them.

The beauty of this beach is enhanced by lots of trees of this place. You can enjoy the sunrise, sunset, cloudy/blue sky, and foggy morning! 

You can enjoy the beauty of empty nature. Night scenes are much enjoyable in this place. Not only in this place, most of the sea visitors mostly interested to visit for sightseeing at night.

This is a place of natures own. You needn’t to pay, you needn’t to hurry up, you can take your time as much you want!

So, aren’t you feeling like ‘WoW”?  I know you are! Dear, I don’t wanna tell you anything more. I want you to visit there and feel the environment, feel the nature. Go and Start your plan!

4. Netidhopani


You need to take permission for visit Netidhopani from Sajnekhali Forrest Office. Netidhopani is a part of core areas of incredible Sunderban. It has ranked 2 of 17 sightseeing in Sunderban.

There is a 400 years old temple. Peoples go from far away for worshiping. 

It’s an excellent site where you may spot the great Royal Bengal Tiger! The story of Hindu Mythology, “Behula-Lakhindar” is linked here. People can watch the path or doorway of Heaven, which the famous Netidhopani used to take Behula to heaven.

The ideal time of visiting this place is dusk. Don’t forget your binocular! There are several birds too.

Recommended durations for visiting the temple: 1-2 hours.

Entry Fees: Free

Opening and Closing Time of the temple: 8.00 AM – 7.00 PM

5. Hiron Point

Hiron Point
Hiron Point

Location: Dayapur Ps; Gosaba, West Bengal 743370, India.

Hiron point is famous as best tiger point place. Sundarbans is mainly attractable for adventure seekers. There are adventures in your each trip. 

Hiron point is basically famous for tigers. You can spotting Royal Bengal Tiger here if your luck support you.

It is also known as Nikamal, is well known for tigers, deer, monkey, crocodiles and many precious birds.

Hiron Point is very close to the mouth of the river where it empties into the Bay of Bengal. When you will travel by boat, you will see trees in both sides. 

The place attracts peoples by its natural beauty and the beauty of wilderness.

So guys, what are you thinking? If you are an adventure seeker, then don’t think much. Just pack your bag and come!

Noted: You can collect pure Honey from Sundarbans. Don’t miss it!

Thanks to read this article at the end. Wish you Happy Travelling.

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