5 Best Travel Places in Kalimpong (2021)

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Let’s know briefly about Kalimpong-
Kalimpong is a hill town of West Bengal located at an average elevation of 4,101 ft. It’s
also like a village near the Teesta river that flows through Sikkim and West Bengal. The town
is nearby Darjeeling town.

Total Area: 407.9 sq mi
Official language: Bengali and Nepali

The town is a religious center of Buddhism. Kalimpong is well known for its educational institutions established during the British period. Kalimpong was used for trading between Tibet and Indian before ‘Sino-Indian War. Horticulture is important cultivation of Kalimpong.
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Let’s introduce now with 5 best travel places in Kalimpong –

1.  Crookety House

Crookety-House featured
Crookety-House featured

Crookety house is a bungalow built in 1940 by the British wool traders for the daughter of Dr. Graham. On the 5th  December 2005 the grand opening of the house -museum took place in the presence of official persons from India, Russia, and Italy.

Location: Atisha Rd, Kalimpong Khasmahal, Kalimpong, West Bengal 734301, India

Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/ZG7arzPvzM5pFsEh8

The construction of this house followed the colonial European style.
This bungalow is unique because of its exquisite architectural design and wonderful surroundings.

The house is found in the upper section of Kalimpong town. The house helps to feel calm. Just sit quietly and feel nature.

{To be noted: It’s the house from where the great noble laureate poet Rabindranath
Tagore broadcasted his work “Janmadin” on his birthday on All India Radio.}

The atmosphere of the house has the power of taking one in a meditative state. The magnificent garden created by Sherriff will provide you aesthetic joy.

So, dears, if you are a lover of aesthetic beauty, never fulfill your Kalimpong trip without visiting this place!

2. Teesta Water Rafting

People enjoying at Teesta Water Rafting
People enjoying at Teesta

Water Rafting is a type of adventurous pleasure of one’s soul. Teesta Water Rafting is the
most popular adventure sports activity in Kalimpong. This river rafting is also popular as the best White Water Rafting spots. This is the most attractive travel place in Kalimpong.

Location: National Highway 10 Kalimpong Dansong Forest, Kalimpong, West Bengal 734312, India

Google Map: https://g.page/Teesta-river-rafting?share

The riversides have green surroundings. The river is flanked by white sand. The river
flows through the middle of ravines and gorges in Sikkim. These views added extra exciting and thriller feelings in rafting. There are small villages on both sides of the river.
If you are a non-swimmer, there is nothing to be worried about. For non-swimmers, the trip starts at Melli Bridge and culminates at Geil Khola in Kalimpong. On the other hand, for the experienced and swimmers, the trip is more adventurous with high-grade rapids start at Tarkhola and ends at Melli.

For Non-Swimmers and First-Timers- 
  1. Melli to 29th Mile (1.5 hours)
  2. Melli to Kalijhora (3 hours)
For Swimmers and Experienced Rafters-
  1. Tarkhola to Melli ( 2 hours)
  2. Tarkhola to 29 Miles (3 hours)

Required equipment for own support during the trip: 

    • Torch
    • Comfortable Shoes
    • Personal Medicines (if needed)
    • Chocolates (for refreshment if you like)
    • Changing clothes
    • Water Bottle

Timing: Summer between April to June is the best season for Teesta Rafting.

Note: Avoid your trip during heavy rainfall; it can be risky for you.

Cost of Teesta Rafting: Average cost of Teesta Rafting between Rs.1500 to Rs.3500. Each boat carries 6 members. Cost of per boat Rs.3500.

3. Kalimpong Science Center

Kalimpong Science Center-Travel Places in Kalimpong
Kalimpong Science Center

Kalimpong Science center is a center of Science and Technology, established on 2nd October 2008, under the ‘Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council’. Designed and developed by the National Council of Science Museums.

Area: 7 acres

Location: Deolo, P. O. Kalimpong, Darjeeling, West Bengal 734301, India

Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/4TmcXrLNU9YjWih69

The center is knowledge-based. It’s nicely situated with a paragliding facility. The main objective of this center is to develop the connection between science and society. It works for society to remove scare about science from people’s minds, especially from students. It helps to expand knowledge of science and make people feel that, Science is an amazing and interesting subject to learn.

This center has a science observatory, a 3D movie theatre, and several scientific objects for display. Different items or experimental creations of science are shown here. Children and others can learn how science is useful in daily life.

There is a garden with various outdoor activities like swings, climbing ropes, see-saws, etc.

In the park, the brilliant static models of dinosaurs are outstanding.

Above all, you will enjoy the place definitely.

Opening and Closing Time: 10.00 am-4.30 pm (except Monday)

Recommended Duration: 1h 30 min

Entry Fee: For science observatory Rs.10 per person

                       For 3D movie Theatre Rs.30 per person

4. Deolo Hill

Deolo-Hill travel places in kalimpong

Location: North East town, Kalimpong, Darjeeling, West Bengal 734301, India.

Kalimpong city stands between two hills. Deolo is one of two. Another is Durpin. Deolo is at the highest point of Kalimpong at an altitude of around 5500ft. It’s like a paradise for people who love nature. If you want to feel the best moment, choose your time during the sun rising. That’s why it’s called one of the most amazing travel places in Kalimpong.

You can enjoy the beauty of villages from the highest point.

During the hill summit, you will meet a park of exotic beautiful flowers. The park is a popular picnic spot. Besides the beauty of nature, you can enjoy some adventure-sports: paragliding, horse riding, and trekking!

The height of the hill is 5,590ft. I know what you are thinking! What if I feel hungry to go so far and if I feel tired? Don’t worry dear. You will get a well-arranged wonderful restaurant with accommodation at the highest point!

There are also temples of Lord Shiva and Hanuman! A statue of Buddha is also there!

Above all, Deolo hill will provide you a 360-degree panoramic view.

Many in One! Do you wanna miss it? I think you never. So, pack your bag and leave for here, Kalimpong!

Opening and Closing Time: 9.00 am-6.00 pm (all days per week)

Visit Duration: 1-2 hrs

Entry Fee: Not Applicable!

5. Nature Interpretation Center

Nature Interpretation Center travel places in kalimpong
Nature Interpretation Center

Location: Rankin Pong Road, Kalimpong, Khasmahal, Kalimpong, West Bengal 734301, India.

Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/TZJqTYyuN4DDVvY96

Who doesn’t love nature! This center works for linking Humans to Nature. The center is also known as Forest Museum. 

Established in 1900, and maintained by the forest department till now from then.

Nature is a means of purifying one’s soul. The museum is also working for raising awareness among peoples regarding different kinds of environmental issues including global warming and animal extinction. Ideas are formed in dioramas. The diorama is the amalgamation of art and science presented as miniature. It has collections of photographs and books on ecology and the environment.

It will also give you an idea of wildlife and the ecological atmosphere near the area of Neora and lava.

The research on the soil to understand the balance of nature, and also tries to understand people they need soil conservation, and checking deforestation.

If you visit this place you will understand how nature keeps the balance to save the world. We all should save our nature if we want to stay alive! But at first, we have to know and interpret nature. Believe me, It’s the perfect place to understand nature.

Opening and Closing Time: 12.00 and 1.00 pm-4.00 pm (except Thursday)

Entry Fee: Not Applicable!

Thanks to read this article at the end. Wish you Happy Travelling.

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