Top 5 Travel Places in Visakhapatnam

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The 2nd biggest city of Andhra Pradesh, Visakhapatnam is famous for its steel industry and natural beauty. It  is also home to an international port. But its scenic natural beauty proves that it is more than simply an industrial city.

Visakhapatnam city is a place of beauty and nature. There you can find Beaches, Hills, Temples, Parks and so on, which is a common desire for travelers in Visakhapatnam. 

So let’s discover the amazing beauty of “Top 5 Travel Places in Visakhapatnam”. 


  • Kailasagiri Hill Park: Nature of Beaches and the Hills

Kailasagiri is a popular slope station, which is encircled by sea shores and little slopes. The climate is quiet to the point that you will totally feel settled, just mind blowing. The Visakhapatnam Metropolitan Region Development Authority constructed this park to help the travel industry in the locale. 

A sum of 380 sections of land is covered by the rambling greens of the recreation center, lending an exceptional air of nature-benevolence and serenity to the space. The tropical trees and nearby greenery are a sight to look for botanists or nature sweethearts.

 In 2003, perceiving the endeavors of the specialists, the spot was granted the “Best Tourist Spot” by the Government of Andhra Pradesh. The slope is a totally sans plastic zone and can be gotten to effectively through link rides. Remember to photo the profound valleys as you journey in the streetcars to arrive at Kailasagiri. Viewed as a notable fascination because of the enormous symbols of Shiva and Parvathi, this little slope station offers a lot of relaxation exercises, journey spots, and exciting experiences to the voyagers. 

Kailasagiri Hill Park
Kailasagiri Hill Park

Area: Kailasagiri, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530043 

Timings: 10 AM to 8 PM 

Google Map:

Area: Hill Top Rd, Kailasagiri, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530043 

Fees: Depends on how you travel and what you do!( MIN-1$ TO MAX-10$) 

Way to Go: Bus, taxi, and cars

  • Indira Gandhi Zoological Park: For WildLife Travel Seekers

For movement aficionados who love the natural life, the Indira Gandhi Zoological Park is an unquestionable fascination on their rundown of best Visakhapatnam vacationer places. 

This is one of the best places for forest and wildlife lovers. My personal comment is, this park is one of the best places in Visakhapatnam. That’s why I chose it from the list of top 5 travel places in Visakhapatnam. For movement lovers who love the untamed life, the Indira Gandhi Zoological Park is an absolute necessity fascination on their rundown of best Visakhapatnam traveler places. As of 1977, this zoological park is a home to around 100 types of heinous animals, reptiles, and birds. Situated in the midst of the thick Kambalakonda save backwoods, this zoological park is an absolute necessity visit for everybody on their next excursion to Vizag

The Indira Gandhi Zoological Park is the best vacation destination in Vizag for individuals who love untamed life and nature. Three sides the Bay of Bengal on the fourth. Various primates, little warm blooded creatures, carnivores and lesser carnivores track down a home at this park. You can find out about their regular living spaces and dietary patterns from the plaques shown all through the recreation center. A characteristic timberland hold standpoint and an open serpentarium make this zoo a remarkable one in the entirety of the country. 

Indira Gandhi Zoological Park
Indira Gandhi Zoological Park

Area: Near Dairy Farm, Yendada Nursery, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530040 

Google Map:

Timings: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm 

Section expense: INR 20 for grown-ups, INR 10 for kids 

Instructions to reach: Bus, taxi, and auto. 

  • Katiki Waterfalls: Imagination of Water

Katiki Waterfalls is one of the mind blowing places that should be on your Visakhapatnam touring list. This is an interesting fact that you can consider as a real part of the best places to visit in Visakhapatnam in 2 days. This is among the most delightful cascades close to Vizag. The cascade goes dry in summer. 

The 50 feet high Katiki Waterfalls is perhaps the best spot to visit in Vizag for nature sweethearts or those hoping to clear out the slopes. The whole region is encircled by lavish vegetation, and the streaming stream offers an unmistakable difference to the dark and earthy colored shakes that it hits. The falls begin from the Gosthani stream, a nearby feeder containing clear water and going through the Borra Caves. While here, remember to attempt the renowned Bamboo marinated Chicken arranged by local people. You can likewise absorb the foundation of the cascade to unwind for some time prior to taking on the precarious move to the highest point of the cascade. Utilize the flight of stairs for the move to show up at a ravishing perspective on the environmental factors. 

Katiki Waterfalls
Katiki Waterfalls

Area: Katiki Waterfalls Road, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 531149 

Timings: Open 24 hours (best to visit during the day) 

Google Map:

Section charge: No passage expenses 

Transport: Bus, taxi, and automobiles

  • Rishikonda Beach: Panoramic Views

Rishikonda Beach is regularly visited by travelers as it is perhaps the best sea shore in Andhra Pradesh. The excellent sea shore is located 8 km from Vizag. On the off chance that you are hoping to invest some casual energy away from the everyday hustle of the metros, RushiKonda Beach, likewise spelled as Rishikonda sea shore, is an unquestionable requirement visit. It’s anything but a perfect white sand sea shore arranged around 8 km from the Vizag downtown area. The two sightseers and local people rush to the sea shore to look at the unmistakable blue skies, sunbathe, swim or birdwatch. Water skiing and windsurfing are some must-give brave exercises for a shot this sea shore. Where you can remain next to nature, on the off chance that you need a peaceful evening too. You can likewise attempt exercises like sea shore volleyball or simply revel in a tranquil excursion with loved ones. For delightful fish, head to some neighborhood fish eateries close to the seashore. Remember to photo the wild influxes of the Bay of Bengal and the brilliant sands. 

Rishikonda Beach
Rishikonda Beach

Area: Beach Rd, Rushikonda, Bheemili, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh,                530045 

Value: Free Entry 

Google Map:

Transportation: Bus, taxi, and cars

  • Simhachalam temple : Popular Hindu Religion Temple 

In the last part of this article I add a popular fact about religion. Famous Hindu temple that has an interesting history and is very popular. Simhachalam of Vizag is one of the 32 sanctuaries of Narasimha situated in Andhra Pradesh and is a fundamental journey site for Hindus all throughout the planet. The most established depiction of the sanctuary is found in a ninth century illustrious record of the locale. The main god loved here is the Varaha Narsimha, a manifestation of the Hindu Lord Vishnu.  As per old Legends, Vishnu appeared as Narasimha to kill Hiranyakashyapu, a demon insulting Vishnu’s aficionado Prahlad. Finding some kind of harmony between strict destinations, sea shores, woods, untamed life, and memorable spots, Visakhapatnam is one spot that doesn’t disillusion anybody whenever. The sanctuary follows a customary Kalinga style of engineering and faces west rather than east. You can come here to reflect in harmony for some time or simply appreciate the perspectives on the encompassing waters. 

Simhachalam temple
Simhachalam temple

Area: Simhachalam Rd, Simhachalam, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530028 

Google Map:

Value: Normal Darshanam is free, Special Darshanam costs 1-5 $

Timings: 4 AM to 9 PM 

Transportation: Bus, taxi, and automobiles

# Some Tips for Your Safe Tour:

  1. Try not to wear revealing clothing, dress unassumingly. Visit a FabIndia store and get some nearby apparel. Wearing Indian attire permits you to mix in better and stay covered. 
  2. Try not to wear costly adornments, garments, packs, or glimmer around anything costly. 
  3. Try not to accept that it’s protected to confide in ladies. 
  4. Keep a certain and confident disposition when managing outsiders. 
  5. Try not to acknowledge free food, beverages or rides. 
  6. Convey your telephone with you consistently. Google Maps proves to be useful when you’re lost. 
  7. Know about pickpockets in traveler regions. Keep significant things in your front gasp pockets, not the back. Convey knapsacks on your front when in packed regions. 
  8. In case you’re voyaging solo, don’t tell individuals you meet. Say your companions are close by. Try not to say whatever causes you to appear to be helpless. Utilize innocent embellishments if important.

So this is for today here, I wrote down my best about top 5 travel places in Visakhapatnam. These 5 places in Visakhapatnam I select by their unique nature view and the opinion of travelers. Visakhapatnam has more than 20 beautiful travel places but these 5 are most popular. If there anything goes wrong or cause any mistake please give me your kind consideration in the comment section below, thanks 🙂

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