Top 5 Travel Places in Araku Valley

Nice to meet again my dear Travel seekers. Today I’m here to introduce you to the ‘Top 5 Travel Places in Araku Valley”. I select the 5 in order of people’s interest, visitors’ choice, and different uniqueness. These are the Top 5 Travel Places in Araku Valley

The history of Araku Valley is very long and interesting. This is the valley of divine nature and surrounding beauty in the environment. Araku is situated in the Eastern Ghats around 114 kilometers from Visakhapatnam, near the Odisha state line. The Ananthagiri and Sunkarimetta Reserved Forest, which are important for Araku Valley, are wealthy in biodiversity and are dug for bauxite.

Let’s discover and know more about “ Top 5 Travel Places in Araku Valley –

Why I choose this 5 is the best: Top 5 Travel Places in Araku Valley – 

  1. Beauty of Nature
  2. Birds, Green, Sun Rays
  3. Safe for Foreign Travelers
  4. One of the popular cities that you need to visit in Andhra state
  5. Waterfalls, Hills, Cave and so on.
Araku Valley
Araku Valley

Borra Caves: Cave of Different Colorful light

Let’s introduce you to the first and the best one is Borra Caves. Referred to by local people as Borra Guhalu, the Borra Caves of Vizag are perhaps the most audacious spots to visit in Vizag.  Their host Telugu Films set of South India is situated in the district of Ananthagiri slopes in Araku Valley. This is the top one in the list of Top 5 Travel Places in Araku Valley. Borra caves are well known as Borra Guhalu which is a 1,000,000-year-old limestone cave. Which are the superb products of nature.

These caverns are shaped into the most profound caverns as the waterway water streams from the limestone locale subsequently framing limestone bicarbonate structures, likely the biggest collapses in the country. Borra Caves, as a rule, involve a space of 2 sq. km and 1400m in tallness. Borra Caves is the most popular visited place in Araku Valley, it’s pretty cool. 

About Borra Caves: 

Borra Caves are the biggest collapses in the country. Shapes taking after ShivaParvati, Rishi’s facial hair, mother-kid, a human mind which are the wizardry of nature. Light Show: Include mercury, sodium fume, and halogen electric Lamps, which give delightful perspectives on the arrangements An astonishing grand perspective on the Borra caves is the River Gosthani streams in the area of the cavern. You will simply find there a lot of transports and taxis at less charge. 

Borra Caves Entry Fee : Rs.40 per people, Camera: Rs.25, Video: Rs.100 

Timings: Open – 10 am / close – 6 pm 

Area: Andhra Pradesh – 531149 

Google Map:

Travel Tips: 

  • Keep Your in Hands or Bag
  • Follow area wise travel rules
  • First Aid in your room
  • Write down some numbers on your phone ( Police, medical, emergency) 

Food Availability: 

Many kinds of Restaurants are there in Borra Caves offering traditional and healthy – fresh food all day long. Many kinds of different fruits and seasonal fruits you can eat that are amazing.

I assure you not to worry about this fact. 

N.B: Temporarily closed (DUE TO COVID SITUATION ) 

Borra Caves
Borra Caves

Tribal Museum: The Art of Ancient Thought 

It is another famous and popular spot to visit in Araku Valley. Araku Tribal Museum is located in the local area of Araku, around 110 km from Visakhapatnam. 

This is the best sign for Tribal people’s life, weapons, articles of clothing, furniture, and so forth. This is likewise perhaps the best spot in the rundown of ” Top 5 Travel Places in Araku Valley”It shows neighborhood genealogical moves of Mayur and Dhimsa from an extent of festivities and life-sized mannequins wearing powerful attire with planning with embellishments. How wonderful the art of this museum is far beyond my description. 


The AP Tourism Development Corporation set up this Tribal Museum in February 1996 with a note to spread care and information about the family’s lives in the areas of the town. Different kinds of tribal essentials are displayed in the Museum like cooking products, pursuing gadgets, jewels, clothes, and so on. 

Know more about Tribal Museum: 

It Shows familial culture and their lifestyle. Plan of photographs of the tribal weddings. Introductions hereditary essentials like cooking products, pursuing contraptions, familial diamonds, mud divider drawings. Taxis are roaming around all the time and these are less expensive. 

Entry Fee: 10 Rs

Familial Museum Address: Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh 531149 

Timing: 10:00 a.m. – 05:00 p.m. 

Google Map:

Best Time to Visit: October- March has been seen as the best ideal chance to visit Araku Tribal Museum.

Food Availability: Few bistros are open near Araku Tribal Museum with reasonable Prices and delicious food options.

Not to worry about this fact. You can simply handle it with minimum cost, ok. 

Tribal Museum
Tribal Museum

Galikonda ViewPoint: Nature of Green:

The Galikonda View Point is a famous traveler’s place close to Araku. This is the 2nd most visited the Eastern Ghats. This is the best photoshoot spot for travelers. 

Galikonda View Point is the highest place in the Visakhapatnam area. Guests can appreciate the bird’s perspective on the rich green valleys, waterways, and streams, rail route tracks, hillocks, and structures. Galikonda is a popular mountain in the Eastern Ghats. It is 4320 ft over Sea level.  It stands on a course between Borra Caves and Araku Valley. It is one of the popular tourist places to visit in Araku Valley. 

Area: Araku Valley, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 

Timing: Open 24 hours consistently 

Google map:

Best Time to Visit: Aruku appreciates gentle heat and humidity consistently. Guests can visit the spot any season however the best season is during winter.

Galikonda ViewPoint
Galikonda ViewPoint

Ananthagiri Waterfalls: Exotic Waterfalls: 

This is natural among these “ Top 5 Travel Places in Araku Valley”. It is close to Borra caves.  Most probably 15kms far away. Ananthagiri Waterfalls stands on the Eastern Ghats, around 60 km from Visakhapatnam. It is 30 km from Araku Valley and 3 km from Ananthagiri Town, check more on google map. 

The thick rainforests, rich green espresso ranches, moving slopes, profound gorges, and whirling cascades will deeply inspire the guests. It’s anything but an optimal spot for nature darlings and honeymooners to appreciate the stupendous Sunrise and Sunset and become mixed up in the all-invading excellence of nature. 

Travelers can stroll from the primary street and arrive at the Waterfalls quickly. 

More about Ananthagiri Hills: 

Ananthagiri slopes are popular for espresso manors, picturesque perspectives on nature, valleys, and cascades.  Ananthagiri slopes is a renowned spot for notable perspectives on nature, charming climate, and lavish green mountains, with wonderful dawn and dusk. Ananthagiri slopes in Araku draw in nature darlings to respect its magnificence. 

Entry Fee: Free to Visit

Duration to visit the entire hills need: 1-2 hours 

Food: Not many cafés are accessible close to Ananthagiri slopes with sensible Prices and stunning food alternatives. You can also check out the rich traditional Indian food, which is so tasty. Same as others, I say  

Google Map:

Area: Ananthagiri Town, Vizag region, Andhra Pradesh. 

Value: No passage Fees 

Timing: It is open the entire day of the week between 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. 

Best Time to Visit:  The perfect time to visit Ananthagiri Waterfalls is after the storm time frame. In the rainy season, June-July is the perfect scenic time for Ananthagiri Waterfalls. 

Ananthagiri waterfalls
Ananthagiri waterfalls

Padmapuram Gardens: Beautiful Tree Farms  

At last in this list is a unique place, this is the Bird sanctuary garden. Among this list, I recommend it personally for bird lovers. This nursery was inherited in 1942 and spread more than 26 sections of land. 

The primary reason to cultivate the Padmapuram Garden is to supply vegetables to the warriors in the Second World War. After the Second World War, it was turned over into a Horti-social Nursery then also a Training Center. The nursery is a center point for some plantations, trees, uncommon types of blossoms, trees, houses and stone models, and so on. Padmapuram Garden is very close to the Araku Bus station, ok. Don’t worry about transportation. 

The Specialty of this Garden: 

Treetop cabins are accessible in this nursery, which can be reserved by the sightseers and it is gutsy to remain in these treetop hovels additionally called hanging bungalows. These are 10-12 feet over the ground level and everywhere we see the amazing beauty of nature. 

Entry Fee: Rs. 10 for Per Head 

Time to visit: 9 AM to 6 PM – every day  

Google Map:

Food Availability: Few Food slows down are accessible in the nurseries and eateries are accessible close to Araku Bus Station with minimal expense Prices.

Padmapuram Gardens
Padmapuram Gardens

This is all for today. These 5 places are the best places to visit in Araku Valley. There are also a lot of places there to visit but these are I think really very popular and have unique natural progress. To visit Araku Valley these are the “Top 5 Travel Places in Araku Valley” you need to visit. Write down your kind consideration in the comment section below, thanks !!

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