Haryana is called GreenLand state of India, which is considered as a North Indian state. It’s one of the 29 states of India which is renowned by its capital Chandigarh. It has 22 districts and became the 16th largest state of India. Haryana is in the leading position of best industrialized states of the country.

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The area of Haryana is 44,212km^2. This state located between 27 ֯ 27’ and 30 ֯ 35’N latitude and between 74 ֯ 27’ and 77 ֯ 36’E longitude with just 1.37% of the total geographical area. Haryana surrounds the National Capital Territory of Delhi on three sides, forming the latter’s northern, western and southern borders.


The total population of the state is 25,353,081 according to Wikipedia, which ranked as 18th. The density is 1,480/sq. mi. Hindu religion has a great majority in Haryana’s population. Muslims has significant minority. There is also a tiny community of Christians.

People of Haryana featured
People of Haryana

Local Cotton farmer of Haryana[/caption]



Marriage within the same village is not permitted even if the boy and girl qualify for marriage according to gotra restriction.

The status of the family is judged by their costumes. Men usually wear a dhoti, shirt, turban and a pair of shoes. Turbans are varied from others. They are wrapped by a blanket or chaddar. Costumes vary for the women folk especially for those different communities. A Jat woman’s costume is like a long skirt called ghaggri, shirt and a printed orhni which has long cloth used to drape the front area. The Ahir women wear lehenga, or petticoat tight blouses and orhni. Rajput women wear almost the same as Ahir women. The Brahman and Aggarwal women wear normal dhotis and sarees.

Haryana is noted for its traditional rugs and upholstery fabric. 

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The name Haryana is derived from the Sanskrit words Hari (the Hindu god Vishnu) and Ayana (home), meaning “the abode of God”, which considered as the birthplace of Hinduism. 1966-11-1, is a historical year when Haryana was born which is a little part of Punjab. In 1818 British government won the place from local kings and connected it with Punjab, because in 1917, Haryana participated in an election which raised problems for British. In that particular time, the Punjabi and Haryana speakers were against each other. After the independence of India, Hindi speakers and Punjabi speakers both claimed for their different states. In 1948, first Tara Singh raised his voice for Punjab. The demand for both Hindus and Sikhs continued, undiminished. Finally with the passage of the Punjab Reorganization Act, Haryana was separated from Punjab in 1966.

History of Haryana featured
History of Haryana


Cultural foods name of Haryana

Haryana cuisine is like the people of Haryana – simple, earthly and inextricably linked to the land. Some famous foods are-

  • Singri ki Sabzi (made with dried desert bean)
  • Besan Masala Roti (bread of gram flour)
  • Mixed Dal
  • Hara Dhania Cholia (green chana with onion carrots etc)
  • Kadhi Pakora (kadhi is gravy of sour yogurt)
  • Malpua (type of sweet pancakes)
  • Meethe Chawal (sweat rice)
  • Bajra Khichdi
  • Bhura Roti Ghee (made with powdered sugar)
  • Bathua Raita (recipe of yogurt)
  • Bajra Aloo Roti
  • Kachri ki Chutney (kachri is a wild variety of cucumber)
  • Methi Gajar (carrots with fenugreek leaves)
  • Alsi ki Pinni (sweet dish made of flax seed)
  • Tamatar Chutney
  • Dahi Veda (yogurt)
  • Rajma Chawal 
Haryana food featured
Haryana food


How to Reach

By Train:  The main railway station is in Chandigarh. Kalka, Ambala, Kurukshetra, Rohtak, Jind, Hissar, panipat, and Jakhal are important railway stations.

By Air: The main airport of Haryana is also in Chandigarh. Delhi Indira Gandhi international Airport also serves the nearby places for domestic and international flights. There are civil aerodromes at Pinjore, Karnal, Hisar, Bhiwani and Narnaul.

By Bus: All villages of Haryana are interrelated with metalled roads. Some parts of the state like Faridabad and Gurgaon are within the national Capital Region and are at a short driving distance from Delhi.