Chhattisgarh is one of the 28 states of India which is the Ninth-largest state in India. Their state animal is Wild Asian Buffalo. The state was formed on 1 November 2000. The capital of Chhattisgarh is Nawa Raipur. Total area is 135, 192 km^2.

Chhattisgarh map


Chhattisgarh is located in the Centre-east of India. This state borders the states of Madhya Pradesh in the northwest, Uttar Pradesh in the north, Jharkhand in northeast, Maharashtra in the southwest, Telangana in the south, and finally Odisha in the southeast.


Chhattisgarhi is an Indo-Aryan language spoken by 18 million people. It is an Eastern Hindi language and closely related to Awadhi and Bagheli. Their writing alphabet is Devanagari which is formerly the Odia alphabet. Many of the Gond speak Gondi. Marathi, Urdu, Oriya, and Punjabi are spoken by significant numbers.


From the census of 2011, the population of Chhattisgarh is 25.5 million which is ranked as 16th most populated state in India. Some famous peoples of Chhattisgarh are Omkar Das Manikpuri, Gobind Ram Nirmalkar, Suzanna Mukherjee, Sandit Tiwari, Kanji Moraji Rathor, Vinod Chaubey, Anurag Basu, Thakur Pyarelal Singh, Vishwaraj Pratap Singh, Anupam Bhagwat, Surendra Dubey, inod Kumar Shukla, Amar Agarwal, Pradeep Gandhi etc. The vast majority practice Hinduism, but there are sizable minorities of Muslims, Jains, Christians, and Buddhists. There also is a small community of Sikhs.

People of Chhattisgarh
People of Chhattisgarh



Because of the tribal domination they have varying culture, rituals, customs, and traditional beliefs. People of Chhattisgarh highly believed in nature. One of the famous culture of them is Dussehra which is celebrated for 75 days, 

Traditional ornaments of them are made of metal and bronze. Mainly the tattoos are made here which is called godna art.

Kosa Silk is one of their traditional clothes which especially belong to Bilaspur, Raigarh, Champa of Chhattisgarh and it’s produced by the Dewangan community.

 Most of the folk dance forms of Chhattisgarh are performed as a part of rituals. Some traditional dance forms of Chhattisgarh are Saila dance, Karma, Sua Nacha, Pandavani, Panthi Dance, Raut nacha, Jhirliti, Gendi.

Some famous folk song types of Chhattisgarh are Dewar Songs, Karma, Danda, Loriya, Fugdi, Dandi Pouha, Sua Song (Dipawali), Fag (Basant Geet), Goura song etc.

Raut Nacha, A Traditional fest
Raut Nacha, A Traditional fest in Chhattisgarh

History of Chhattisgarh with capital Raipur

  • Raipur district has been in existence since the 9th century which was once part of Southern Kosal and Considered to be under Maurya Kingdom. Satawahana kings ruled this party till the 2nd-3rd century AD.
  • It is believed that the king Ramachandra of this dynasty established the city of Raipur and subsequently made it the capital of his kingdom.
  • The decline of the dynasty rule came with the death of King Amarsingh Deo. 
  • With the death of Raghuji the lll, the territory was assumed by the British Government from Bhonsles of Nagpur and Chhattisgarh was declared a separate commissioner with its Headquarters at Raipur in 1854. 
Temple carvings in Malhar, Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh
Temple carvings in Malhar, Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh


Cultural Foods

Chhattisgarh is known as the “Rice Bowl of India” and rightly so as Rice heavily dominates the Chhattisgarh food. Some delicious cultural food names of Chhattisgarh are-

  1. Muthia (steamed dumplings)
  2. Aamat (cooked with mixed vegetables)
  3. Bara (a type of snack)
  4. Sabudana ki Khichdi
  5. Chilla (looks like a pancake)
  6. Hathoda (Chhattisgarh Idli)
  7. Faraa/Phara (desi style momo)
  8. Til ke Ladoo
  9. Bafauri (Healthy steamed Pakora)
  10. Dubki kadi (pakora mixed with curry)
  11. Dal Pithi (Pithis are added in Dal)
  12. Moong dal Halwa (a type of sweet dish)
  13. Shikanji ( a type of drinks, made of lemon)
  14. Dal Makhani Bukhara (made up of beans and lentils with fresh cream).

Sabudana khichdi, a popular dish of Chhattisgarh


How to Reach

By Road: The 11 national highways passing through Chhattisgarh together constitute 2,184km of roads in the state, connecting from all the major cities. Bilaspur(170km), Raipur(270km), Ambikapur(190km) and Jharsuguda Odisha(90km) all are well connected to Raigarh by road.

By Train: The rail network in chhattisgarh is centered on Bilaspur, which is the Zonal headquarters of South East Central Railway of Indian Railways. The other main railway junction is Raipur, followed by the Durg Junction, which is also a starting point of many long distance trains.

By Air: Main Commercial airport is in Raipur. It has regular flights from the top cities of the country.In chhattisgarh, airports are Raipur airport, Bilaspur airport, Jagdalpur airport.