Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is one of the 29 states of India which is located at the Northeast side of India. This state became a full-fledged state on 20th February, 1987. Till 1972, it was known as the North-east Frontier Agency (NEFA). The total area of that state is 83743 sq. km. which is ranked as 14th. The capital of Arunachal is Itanagar which is the largest city of that particular state. It has 25 districts.

Arunachal Pradesh
Arunachal-Pradesh map


boundary sides of Arunachal are covered with the Kingdom of Bhutan to the west, the Tibet Autonomous Region of China to the North, Myanmar (Burma) and the Indian state of Nagaland to the south and southeast, and the Indian state of Assam to the south and southwest.


The official language of Arunachal is English. Beside it the most frequently spoken languages are:

  • Dafla
  • Adi Gallon
  • Mishri
  • Nocte
  • Monpa
  • Aka
  • Khamti
  • Nishi
  • Wancho and
  • Tagin

These dialects have been developed by the members of different tribes who have been living there for many years.


The population of Arunachal from census of 2011 is 1,383,727 which is ranked as 27th and of which male and female are 713,912 and 669,815 respectively. In literacy the whole population is 65.38%.

Arunachal Pradesh people
Arunachal Pradesh people



As Arunachal has different tribe’s peoples, each tribe follows different traditions or cultures. It is a land of captivating scenery, majestic Himalayan backdrop, abundant greenery, soaring waterfalls and pictorial lakes. It is well known for its one of ancient cultures named “Rising Sun”.

Dance and music are famous parts of Arunachal tribes. Some popular folk dances in Arunachal are Aji Lamu, Chalo, Hiirii Khaniing, Popir, Ponung, Pasi Kongki, Rekham Pada, Roppi, Lion, and peacock dance.

They have followed a quite different tradition regarding marriage ceremonies. They have two types of marriage systems. Either an arranged marriage is known as Aaw lang Aaw or a situation of eloping known as Thok No Chaii.

Agriculture is the main occupation of people in Arunachal Pradesh. Jhum cultivation is the major occupation practiced by farmers.

The people of Arunachal Pradesh are noted for their religious perspective which they have followed strictly. There are lots of Buddhist temples locally referred to as ‘Gompas’. But as a part of their tradition they mainly worship the nature deities. And as their tribal custom, they sacrifice animals offering to their god.

Tutsa Dancers from Changlang District


History of Arunachal Pradesh

According to Hindu Puran, during 17t century, Arunachal Pradesh was under the surface of the king of Assam. In 1826 when Assam became a part of British Governance, they had also tried to control over Arunachal but they had failed in their process till 1880. Between1912, Arunachal became a single administration within Assam named as North-East Frontier trade (NEFT). As they were being involved in debate with Tibbot for the North Border, then the great China refused to follow the border to British Himalayan. This border is known as MCMAHON Line and till then it has worked as an active border. 

Golden pagoda, a historical monument in Arunachal Pradesh
Golden pagoda, a historical monument in Arunachal Pradesh

Cultural Foods

Arunachal Pradesh’s culture and tradition are one of the main focuses of Indian tourism. So, food forms an essential part to draw the attention of tourists. Their foods are less on spices and are generally mild.

  1. Bamboo shoot
  2. Pika Pila (type of a pickle)
  3. Lukter (Beef sprinkled with chilly flaked while being smoked dry)
  4. Pehalk (chutney made with chilli and fermented soybeans)
  5. Apong (Rice beer)
  6. Marua (An alcoholic beverage)
  7. Chura sabji (a kind of curry made of fermented cheese)
  8. MoMo 
  9. Thukpa
  10. Curry with lettuce
Traditional Thali of Arunachal Pradesh
Traditional Thali of Arunachal Pradesh

How to reach

By Road: There are sufficient number of inter bus services available from all major towns of Arunachal Pradesh to Meghalaya(around 790km), Assam(560km), and Nagaland (456km). Waitin waitin-Mizoram (73km).

By Air: Main Arunachal does not have an Airport. Arunachal Air services are well connected to Kolkata and Guwahati. The nearest airport is Lilabari (North lakhimpur) Tezpur airport in Assam 260km around 4 hours’ drive. It’s easy to catch flights from all cities including Delhi, Mumbai and Pune of Kolkata and Guwahati.

By Train: From the Capital Itanagar, harmuti train station (Assam) is the nearest train station connecting Arunachal Pradesh to other major cities in India.

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