White Desert of Kutch

Location: Near Dhordo, Bhuj, Gujarat 370001, India

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Time required: 3 hours 

Desert of Kutch
Desert of Kutch

The white desert of Kutch which is also known as Great Rann of Kutch is India’s largest salt marsh desert located in the district of Kutch under the state of Gujarat. This is also the world’s largest salt desert. This is a famous tourist destination in India. If you are traveling to Kutch, it is a must visit place for you. You can have a wonderful time there.

How does the White desert of Kutch look?

The white desert of Kutch is a tremendously beautiful place. The beauty of the place can’t be explained in words. This famous white desert of salt is visible after the season of monsoon. At night it becomes more beautiful. It feels like you are on a different planet. The view of sunrise and sunset is just superb from this white land. At the time of the famous Rann festival, the place is decorated beautifully and many cultural and adventure activities take place. Which is another attraction of this wonderful place. 

Opening and closing time of White Desert of Kutch?

There is no opening and closing time for the White desert of Kutch. It is open 24 hours and all the days of the week.

How much is the entry fee for White Desert of Kutch?

There is no entry fee for visiting the white desert of Kutch. 

Is permission needed to visit the white desert of Kutch?

Yes, permission is needed to visit this place. But it’s not difficult. You can take permission prior from their Bhuj office or the office on the way to Rann of Kutch.

Desert of Kutch
Desert of Kutch

Why do visitors visit the White Desert of Kutch?

The beauty of the place attracts the tourists most. Here we can have a ride on a camel cart, which is extremely fun. At the time of the sunset, you can have a majestic view. The colorful sky and the white land around you are an amazing feeling. If you spent a full moon night there, that will be a lifetime experience for you. Visiting this place gives you satisfaction which you can’t imagine also.

When is the best time to visit the White Desert of Kutch?

This excellent place can be visited any time of the year. But the perfect time to visit this place is from October to February. During these months the weather of the city remains very pleasant. So, you can enjoy your trip properly. The great rann of  Kutch festival also takes place at that time. If you are planning to visit the White Desert of Kutch, it is advisable to go in between these months. 

Is Photography allowed in the White Desert of Kutch?

Yes, photography is allowed in this extremely beautiful place. Many people come to this place only for photo-shoots. The incomparable beauty of this dessert is a wonderful subject to the people who love nature photography. So, if you are traveling to the White Desert of Kutch, don’t miss taking your camera. 

Is it a safe place for tourists?

This is a safe place for tourists. It is one of the most attractive places in Kutch. Lots of people come to visit this place every year. If you face any kind of problem you can contact the police. Here is the local police station location for you-

Location: GJ SH 45, Bhirandiara, Gujarat 370510, India

Map: https://g.co/kgs/zCC8bU

Desert of Kutch
Desert of Kutch

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How to reach

By Air: The nearest airport to the White desert of Kutch is Bhuj airport. It is about 70 km away from the place. It is well connected to the other cities of the country. Local transport is available at the airport. You can hire them to reach this renowned place. 

By train: The best way to go white desert of Kutch by train is Bhuj railway station. It has a good connection with the other cities of the state of Gujarat and India. You will find any local transport at the railway station, which can take you to your destination. 

By bus: Buses are a very good option to reach the city of Kutch. It has government as well as private buses. You can go there by bus easily. You can also go there in your vehicle.  

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