Virupaksha Temple

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Location: River Rd, Hampi, Karnataka 583239, India

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Virupaksha temple
Virupaksha temple

What is Virupaksha Temple:

Virupaksha Temple is the most ancient temple in India and its located in Hampi, Bellary district of Karnataka. This Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. There are also so many small Templeman which is dedicated to other Goddesses and Gods near the Temple.

This temple is nine-tiered and 50 meters in length. 

History of Virupaksha Temple? 

9th centuries Inscription referring to Shiva. Before the Vijayanagar capital was located here  the Virupaksha-pampa sanctuary well. In 1565 Virupaksha-pampa did not end with the destruction of the city.

During the Vijayanagar rule, its started off as a little shrine and later developed into a huge complex and during the  later years of the haybale and chalukyan sovereignty indicates were made to Virupaksha Temple. In 1565 pampa and Virupaksha did not came to an end with the devastating of Hampi. 

Travel attraction reason of Virupaksha Temple? 

Virupaksha Temple is the oldest temple in Hampi. The main attraction of this temple is this trail. Its the imposing temple built along the river and its culture activists, for clicking photos also enjoyable for tourists. Nearby attraction of Virupaksha Temple are Monkey temple, Vitthala Temple, Elephant Stables, Tungabhadra Dam etc. If you visit Virupaksha Temple you must this temple also…These are so beautiful as Virupaksha Temple. 

What is the inside and outside view of Virupaksha temple? 

The view of Virupaksha temple is so good. Is we know its dedicated Lord Shiva, when you enter into the inside you feel the presence of Lord Shiva and that’s feel like heaven and outside the river view just wow. And the gateway of the Virupaksha is so nice. Its 50 meters in length. 

In inside of Virupaksha Temple, there is a  hall with a number of pillars and 3 antechamber. There are also a few small shrines, courtyards, a pillared monastery surrounding the temple. All of this the view of inside and outside is so good. You can feel so peace after seeing the outside and inside view of this temple. 

Virupaksha temple
Virupaksha temple

Is it save to visit this place?

Of course, Its safe and the near police station of this temple is so good.

Is there any parking’s facilities in this temple? 

Yes there are parking facilities. And its free of cost for the visitors. 

What are the entry fee of Virupaksha Temple? 

There is no entry fee at this temple.

How many days in a week this temple remains open? 

All days all the week. You can visit any days in a week. Its available 

9.00 AM -1.00 PM

5:00 PM -9.00 AM 

Is photography allowed in this temple? 

No, Photography is not  allowed.

How much time will take to visit this temple? 

Its take around 3hours and if you want to avoid rush you must visit in the morning. 

Are there any restaurants inside the temple? 

No, There are no restaurants inside the temple. But there are so many small shops for the necessary things for puja

Is there any cost of keeping sandals and shoes before entering the temple?

No there is no cost of keeping shoes or sandals of the visitors. Its free of cost.

Are there any facilities to keep luggage’s  of visitors in the Virupaksha Temple? 

No there is nothing this type of facilities.

Best time to visit this temple? 

During the festival like married festival of pampa Devi and Virupaksha and Chariot Festival are the best time to visit this temple. You can also see the culture of this temple.

Virupaksha temple
Virupaksha temple

Near restaurant

There are so many restaurant in this place like

Near hotels:

Best hotels near of Virupaksha Temple 

How to reach:

By air: Bellary is the nearest airport to Virupaksha Temple and Bangalore is the nearest international airport. You can reach there easily

By railBellary is the nearest railway station to hampi. And this station is 13kms from Hampi

By road: You can reach this temple by private bus/car and you can also hide car to reach there.

I know after knowing this information about this Virupaksha Temple, you will surely visit this place. So never miss the change to visit this place. I am sure that you will like this place and want to go there again and again.

We wish you all the very best for your journey.
Happy Travelling!!!

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