Vijaya vitthala temple

Location: Hampi, Karnataka 583239, India

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Vijaya vitthala temple
Vijaya vitthala temple

What is Vijaya Vittala Temple? 

Vijaya Vittala Temple is an ancient monument and its known for its un matched craftsmanship and exceptional architecture. Vijaya Vittala is one of the largest structure in Hampi. Its located in the north eastern part of Hampi. This temple is built in the Dravidian style of architecture. 

History of Vijaya Vittala Temple:

During the reign of King Devaraga who is one of rulers of the Vijayanagar Empire and that type this temple was built. Vijaya Vittala Temple is also known as The Vittala Temple and its dedicated to Lord Vittala temple who is an incarnation of Vishnu. People believed that Lord had found this temple to be so grand for his use and returned to live his own home.

What is the inside and outside view of Vijaya Vittala Temple? 

This temple is built in the Dravidian style and traits and features that are characteristic of South Indian Temple architecture. The area of the temple is surrounding by high compound walls, many halls and three towering gateways. The structure of this temple is made of stone and each structure is a beauty in itself. The outside are beautiful as the inside. The sunset scene is so beautiful. In evening time the temple looks too much beautiful. That’s why this temple is also known as the wonder of architecture. 

Why people are attracted to the Vijaga Vittala Temple? 

There are so many thing to attract people. First thing must be the design of architecture for sure. That’s so good. Besides there are so many attractive things like Maha Mantapa, Stone Chariot, The musical Pillars of Ranga Mantapa. The musical notes from stone Pillars was a mystery and that’s fascinated many people. The lights illuminate this temple at night offer a view of the beautiful structure Against the dark night sky. That’s really good. 

Vijaya vitthala temple
Vijaya vitthala temple

Is it save to visit  Vijaya Vittala Temple? 

Of course its save for every to visit this temple. Visitors from all over the world pay a visit to This temple.

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Are there any parking facilities in this temple? 

No, there is no parking facilities in Vijaya Vittala Temple. 

Is there any cost for keeping  shoes or sandals before entering this temple?

No there is nothing this type of cost for keeping shoes or sandals before entering this temple.

What are the entry fees of this temple?

No, there is no entry fee required. Visitors visit there free of cost. 

Is photography allowed in this temple?  

Yes, photography is allowed there. Many visitors who love to clicking pictures are visit there any for photography. Because the scenic beauty is perfect for the photographers.

Are there any restaurants inside the temple? 

No, there is no restaurants inside the temple but there are many small shops for the visitors to buy thing that’s help in puja.

What is the best time to visit Vijaya Vittala Temple? 

From November to February is the best time for visiting this place…Many visitors visit this time for the view and many thing. But If you visit there in any type of festival time that’s best. You can enjoy the festival and you can know the culture of there and you should Check the climate conditions before visiting the Vijaya Vittala Temple 

What is the visiting time of of this temple? 

This temple is open 8.00Am to 5.00 Pm all the days of the week. But you should visit the morning time of this temple. I think that’s the perfect time. 

How many days in a week this temple remains open?  

Thai temple is open all the days of the week. You can visit there any of this days as your wish.

How much time will it take to visit this temple? 

You need almost 3-4 hours to visit this Vijaya vittala temple properly. 

Vijaya vitthala temple
Vijaya vitthala temple

Near restaurants:

There are so many restaurants around this temple. Best of the restaurants are 

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Best hotels around this temple are 

How to reach

By air: You cannot reach Hampi directly by air because this town has no airport of its own. The nearest airport in town is Bellary. So visitors can reach Bellary by taking flight and then get local transport to reach Hampi.

By rail: Hospet is the nearest railway in Hampi though it does not have a railway station. Hosapete is situated at a distance of 10 km from hampi when you reach Hosapete you can hire a cab to reach hampi.

By road: By road is one of the easiest way to reach Hampi. There are many buses or car travel between hampi to many cities or towns. So  visitors  can hire buses, taxi or cab to reach there.

So here is many suggestions for all of you guys to visit this place. I hope all of you would like this.

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