Undavalli Caves

Location: Penumaka – Vijayawada Road Near Prakasam, Barrage, Undavalli, Andhra Pradesh 522501, India

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Undavalli Caves
Undavalli Caves

About Undavalli Caves:

Undavalli Caves is one of the historical sites of Andhra Pradesh, India. It is located at Undavalli in Guntur district. The caves are located about 22 kilometer north-east of Guntur City. Also if you imagine the location of these caves from Vijayawada, its distance will be only 6 kilometers south-west from Vijayawada. This caves have historical significance and history, which constantly attracts history lovers and tourists. Also the caves are surrounded by green countryside, which attracts the tourist mind. And fine specimens of rock-cut architecture can be seen from the high mounds above the caves above the river Krishna.

History behind Undavalli Caves:

According to historians, these caves have been in a strong position since the 7th century. However, many historians see the Gupta style of rock-cut architecture and think that these caves have been in existence since the 4th-5th century AD. While exploring the caves you will see many sculptures of Narasimha and Lord Vishnu from the story of Ramayana. They were associated with the Vishnukundins kings of 420-620 AD, but in the evolution of time, Jains and Buddhist monks used those caves as rest houses.

Undavalli Caves statue
Undavalli Caves statue

Why should you visit Undavalli Caves?

It is one of the most famous places of interest in Andhra Pradesh. Not just a sight to behold,CC. The rock caves are basically four-storied, the 2nd floor of which is exclusively dedicated to Lord Ranganthaswamy. The lawns around the caves are captivatingly arranged and very well maintained for tourists. Many old-fashioned sculptures are reconstructed as needed. You can also enjoy the surrounding green countryside from the 4th floor. The caves are also a major attraction for photographers. The sunset behind the caves seems to carry a pleasant scene.


Que: Have the Caves any toilet or washroom facilities?

Ans: No, there has no toilet or washroom facilities.

Que: How many floors are there in Undavalli Caves?

Ans: 4th floor.

Que: When were the Undavalli Caves made?

Ans: 7th century.

Que: Undavalli Caves are made in which style?

Ans: Gupta Style

Que: Undavalli Caves has idols of which two characters of Ramayana?

Ans: Narasimha and Lord Vishnu.

Que: Who associated the two sculptures of Narasimha and Lord Vishnu to the Undavalli Caves?

Ans: Vishnukundina kings (420-620 AD)

Que: Who used Undavalli Caves (those two parts where Narasimha and Lord Vishnu’s sculpture were situated) as a rest house?

Ans: Jains and Buddhist monks.

When does it open and close?

All days of the week (9:00 AM – 6:00 PM)

How much you need to pay as an Entry Fee?

Rs. 25/- per person. (Applicable for all adults)

Undavalli Caves natural view
Undavalli Caves natural view

Near Restaurants:

There are many restaurants near Undavalli Caves. Here are some good restaurants below for you-

Near Hotel:

How to reach:

By Air: If you want reach Undavalli Caves by air, you’ve to take flight to ‘Vijayawada Airport’. After reaching the airport, you can easily hire a taxi or cab or you can take buses to reach Undavalli.

By Train: The nearest railway station is in Vijayawada and it’s called ‘Vijayawada Railway Station’. So, you’ve to reach Vijayawada Railway Station first, then you have to hire a taxi or cab or you have to take buses to reach Undavalli.

By Road: If you want to reach Undavalli Caves by road, at first you’ve to reach Vijayawada or Guntur. There are several state-run buses available to reach Vijayawada and Guntur. After reaching Vijayawada or Guntur, you can easily take local transport or private buses to reach Undavalli Caves from Vijayawada or Guntur.

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