Taj Mahal

Location: Dharmapuri, Forest Colony, Tajganj, Agra, Uttar Pradesh 282001, India

Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/pEqXj2kSp2wpM85S6

Built date: It was built in 1648

Women Visitors visiting Taj Mahal
Women Visitors visiting Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is one of best famous travel place in India. It is listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is believed that the construction was built in such way that white marbles reflects the sky. As a result the monument changes its color during the day time. It’s appears pinkish at early morning, milky white at noon, sparkling golden at sunset and shimmering silver in the moonlight.

Why Taj Mahal is called place of love?

It is heard that the Taj Mahal was built by Shah Jehan as a memorial to his wife Mumtaj Mahal who was died on June 17, 1631. It is the final resting place of Anjuman Banu, also known as Mumtaj Mahal. Couples love to visit the place to see the mausoleum as the piece of the love of Shah Jehan for his wife Mumtaj Mahal.

The body of Shah Jehan was also buried beside the grave of Mumtaj Mahal. Two structures are connected by a bridge. It seems that they meet through the bridge!

What is the history behind Taj Mahal?

The beautiful mausoleum of white marble, the world’s seventh wonders, and the final resting place of Anjuman Ara also known as Mumtaj Mahal has its own story to tell.

  • Shah Jehan son of King Jahangir, was a member of the Mughal dynasty, ruled most of northern India.
  • Mumtaj Mahal was born on April 6, 1593
  • Mumtaj Mahal was the daughter of Abdul Hasan Asaf Khan, who was a Persian nobleman. She is also niece of the Empress Nur Jehan.
  • Mumtaj Mahal got engaged with Shah Jehan when she was only 14 years old. They were married in 1612.
  • They had 14 children and Mumtaj died at the time of giving delivery of their 14th children.
  • The body of Mumtaj was buried in a walled garden in Burhanpur, on the banks of the Tapti.
  • After her death Shah Jehan was devastated. 
  • He had suddenly exhumed Mumtaj Mahals body and taken back to Agra in a golden coffin with the help of their son Shah Shuja.
  • Her body was buried again in a small building on the banks of river Yamuna.
  • Then Shah Jehan planned to build mausoleum there.
  • Construction of the mausoleum began in 1632 and was completed in 1648.

FAQ for the travelers of Taj Mahal, India

Que-1: Who is the founder of Taj Mahal?

Ans: Taj Mahal was founded by Samrat Shah Jehan at agra in india.

Que-2: What is another name of Mumtaj Mahal?

Ans: Anjuman Banu.

Que-3: What is another name of Shah Jehan?

Ans: Khurram.

Que-4: Who are the architects of Taj Mahal?

Ans: Ustad Ahmad Lahouri & Ustad Isa.

How it looks from outside?

Taj Mahal Winter View
 Taj Mahal Winter View

There are three gates to enter Taj Mahal namely, the west, east, and southern gate. The architecture is the amalgamation of Indian, Islamic, Persian, Ottoman, and Turkish styles of art. The mausoleum is constructed of white marble inlaid with semi-precious stones. 

Its central domes height is 240 feet. The central dome is surrounded by 4 smaller domes, and four slender towers. It has a main gateway of red sandstone mosque and an identical building called “mirror” or “Jawab” directly across from the mosque.

When Taj Mahal open and close for visitors?

Every day from sunrise to sunset (except Friday)

Night Timing: 8.30pm- 12.30am (only on 2 days before and 2 days after of full moon)

Only 400 people are allowed per night. Maximum time to spend is 30 minutes.

Night Fee: RS.750 (foreigners)

                       Rs.510 (Indians)

                       Rs.500 (Child 3-15 years)

Free for children below 3 years of age.

Taj Mahal full Moon view
 Taj Mahal full Moon view

What is address of collecting Night Ticket?

Taj Mahal night ticket available at Archeological Survey of India, Agra Circle, 22,The Mall, Agra, Uttar Pradesh.

Time: 10am- 6pm

What is the best time to visit?

Winter is not a good to choice to visit. Because this time, fogs cover the beauty of Mausoleum. So avoid the days of November to February.

Choose summer to visit here. You will enjoy the beauty!

How much need to pay for visiting Taj Mahal?

Entry Fee: INR 45+ additional INR 200 to see the main mausoleum (for Indian)

                   INR 535+ additional INR 200 to see the main mausoleum (for SAARK and BIMSTEC)

                   INR 1050+ additional INR 200 to see the main mausoleum (for Foreigners)

                   Free (for Children below age 15)

Regular tickets are available in front of three gates.

Is Photography allowed inside Taj Mahal?

First you have to take permission from ASI, Agra office. Then you have to pay additional charges to shoot inside (for videos). But there are no charges for still photography.

Is there any place available for keeping luggage?

You can keep your things at lockers and get a token number. You will find lockers at all ticket counters.

Is toilet available inside the area of Taj Mahal?

There are public toilets outside of Taj Mahal, from where you have to collect tickets. You need to pay for using toilets! And the qualities of Bathrooms are not so good!

Which are some best nearest hotels from cheapest rate to highest rate of Taj Mahal?

  1. Zigzag Hostel Agra ($13 per night) (0.4 mile away)
  2. Hotel Taj Resorts ($27 per night) (0.4 mile away)
  3. Hotel Raj Bed and Breakfast ($10 per night) (0.3 mile away)
  4. The Oberoi Amarvilas, Agra ($270 per night) (0.5 mile away)
  5. Hotel Daawat Palace ($18 per night) (0.4 mile away)
  6. Lucky Restaurant and Guest House ($13 per night) (0.4 mile away)
  7. OYO 35708 Zee Hotel (₹1234 per night) (1.3 km away)
  8. SPOT ON 66679 Hotel Viren Pacific (₹537 per night) (3.2km away)

There are also so many hotels are available for staying near Taj Mahal.

Which are nearest best restaurants of Taj Mahal?

  1. The Hippie Café
  2. YES Restaurant
  3. Joney’s Place
  4. Dos Tea Hotel
  5. Pinch of Spicy
  6. Sankara Vegis Restaurant
  7. 25 Hours Hangout Café
  8. Taj Terrace 

There are also so many restaurants are available. You can ask anyone there to find a good restaurant.

How to reach Taj Mahal from nearest Railway Station?

Agra Cantonment Railway Station is the nearest station of Taj Mahal. It’s 9.5km away from Taj Mahal. You will easily get Taxi, Rickshaw, Tempo, Auto-Rickshaw, and Cycle Rickshaw there. Prepaid Taxis are also available.

How to reach Taj Mahal from nearest Airport?

The nearest airport is the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi (DEL). It takes 2h 3m to reach Taj Mahal.

We wish you all the very best for your journey.
Happy Travelling.

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