Tagora Hill

Location: Mohabadi Rd,Van Vrindavan Colony,Morabadi,Ranchi,Jharkhand 8340008,India.

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Tagora Hill
Tagora Hill

What is Tagora Hill?

Tagora Hill is a hill base tourist destination and it’s known as Morabadi Hill. Tagora Hill is situated in Morabadi, Ranchi, Jharkhand. It’s 4 KM from Albert Ekka Chowk and it’s high near about 300 feet.

Built Date: In 1908.

Ideal visit time: October to February. 

What is the history of Tagore Hill?

Tagora Hill is a very famous place and it has a long associated history with the Nobel and poet laureate Rabindranath Tagore because His elder brother Jyotirindranath Tagore settled in 1912 after the death of Kadambari Devi, the wife of Juotirindranath. Shanti Dham was built by Jyotirindranath Tagore and a monument named Brahma Sthal, later he died in 1925.

The center of Agrarian and Divyayan vocational institute along with the Ramakrishna Mission Ashram is located on this hill. Due to its connection with great poet Rabindranath Tagore’s elder brother, it’s a place of attraction for Jharkhand tourism

What are the inside and outside views of Tagore Hill?

Tagora hill is a historical tourist destination. The people who love history and nature lovers can like this place for sure. This place is famous for Rabindranath Tagore’s elder brother and the hillside view. This view is just mesmerizing. The sunrise and sunset view is just awesome. you like that so much surely.

The nearby place of this Hill is also beautiful. That’s why all the tourists who love to visit that type of place love this place so much.

Why are people attracted to this place?

People are attracted to this place for its history and nature. If you visit this place in the morning like 5-6 AM you surely see the sunrise view and that must be the best part of this trip but this place is open at 10.00 AM that’s why people cannot see the sunrise view of this place. So for this, you can stay there at 6.00 PM and can enjoy the sunset view. That’s are also beautiful.

After reaching the hilltop, you can take a deep breath and that’s so refreshing and feel like heaven.

There are so many nearby attractions and these are:

  • Shiv Durga Mandir
  • Taramandal
  • Durga Mandir
  • Rock Garden
  • Ram Temple
  • Shiv Mandir
  • Nakshatra Van
  • Maa Durga Mandir
  • Dr. Zakhir Hussain Park

Is it safe to visit Tagora Hill?

Yes, it’s safe to visit this Hill.


Are there any parking facilities in Tagora Hill?

Yes, there is a parking facility in this Hill and this facility is free of cost for the visitors.

Tagora Hill
Tagora Hill

What is the entry fee of Tagora Hill? 

There is no entry fee in Hill. It’s free of cost.

Is photography allowed in Tagora Hill?

Yes, photography is allowed in this Hill and t9here is no charge for Photography. It’s free of cost.

Are there any restaurants In Tagora Hill?

No, there is no restaurant inside Tagora hill. Because it’s a hilltop tourist destination that’s why there is no restaurant.

What is the best time to visit This Hill?

October to February is the best time for visiting this hill. Because these months the temperature of the weather is like the cold. As it’s a hill destination you can enjoy this place this time very much.

What is the visiting time of Tagora Hill? 

10.00 Am to 6.00 Pm is the visiting time of this hill.

How many days in a week does Hill remain open?

This Hill remains open all the days of the week. you can visit any of these days.

How much time will it take to visit this hill?

It will take almost 1-2 hours to finish visiting this Hill.

Near restaurants:

Nearby restaurants in Tagora Hill are:

Near hotels:

There are so many famous hotels in Tagore Hill and they are so good. These hotels are:

Tagora Hill
Tagora Hill

How to reach:

By air: Birsa Munda Airport is the nearest airport from Tagora hill and it’s 15 km away from Tagora hill.

By rail: The nearest railway station is from Tagora Hill and it’s 9 km from Morabadi. So after reaching Morabadi you can take a vehicle to reach Tagore Hill.

By road: By road is the easiest way to reach tagore hill. You can hire any type of vehicle to reach tagore hill.  Khadgarha Bus stand is 7 km from Tagora Hill.

We wish you all the very best in your journey.

Happy Travelling !!!

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