Sundarban National Park

Location: It is located at the South eastern border of the 24 Parganas district about 110 km from Kolkata. The forest is mainly located at the junction of Ganga and Brahmaputra river in between India and Bangladesh.

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Sundarban national Park
Sundarban national Park

If you have a desire to roam around forest jungles by boat in conjunction with walking to get thrilling adventurous experiences, Sundarban National park will fulfill all your enthusiasm. We are here to provide you all the information about Sundarban National Park.

Why is Sundarban National Park adventurous?

There are tons of reasons behind Sundarban’s adventurous stuff. Few of them are highlighted  :

UNESCO declared Sundarban National Park as a World Heritage Site. Moreover, It is the largest Mangrove forest. By the same token, it is one of the largest delta formed by the rivers Ganga, Brahmaputra, and Meghna. This forest is the home of the most iconic beast Royal Bengal Tiger

The forest is crisscrossed by thousands of rivers along with innumerable trees, plants, and many wildlife species with birds and other organisms that bloomed the forest’s beauty.

Why is it named ‘Sundarban’?

The name is taken from ‘Sundari ’(Heritiera Minor) a mangrove plant that is found abundantly on Sundarban. The word ‘Sundari’ means beautiful so the jungle got the name from this plant. ‘If the word is translated to Bangla Sundarban means ‘Beautiful Jungle’.

Sundarban national Park
Sundarban national Park

Why is Sundarban National Park so attractive to people?

The Sundarban Mangrove forest comprises an area of about 10,000 square kilometers. As the vast area of this forest is divided into the territory of two countries Bangladesh and India.

The 6,017 square kilometers of Sundarban are covered by Khulna (a division of Bangladesh) and the left area is in West Bengal which extends over 4,260 square kilometers. The forest is grasped by thousands of rivers with many aquatic plants and creatures. It has a good number of one of the dangerous wildlife of river crocodiles with many other wild species.


The main interest of this forest is  Royal Bengal Tiger as this jungle is their home. Besides many species of deer are found with many other living things of nature.  As the jungle-covered a vast land the Sundarban embraced numerous numbers of trees. The most common among those trees are ‘Sundari’ and ‘Gewa’. The biodiversity aspect of Sundarban National Park cannot be explained in words without witnessing it in the eyes.

Is it safe to visit Sundarban National Park?

Generally, every forest is risky if the visitors are not careful or do not maintain any kind of safety rules. Wild animals roam around the jungle, so it is a must for every tourist to ensure their own safety by following the rules and regulations given by the volunteers or travel guide.  Every day thousands of tourists visit Sundarban in both of the two countries and there is high security for all the tourists. It is safe to visit with friends, family, and near ones in Sundarban National Park.  

Sundarban Coastal Police Station

What will be the best time to visit Sundarban Forest?

The best month for visiting Sundarban National Forest are January – April & September – December.

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Sundarban national Park
Sundarban national Park

 How to reach:

The easiest route to Sundarban National Park is given below by  

By Air: The airport is located at Dumdum in Kolkata and Bagdogra airport at Siliguri in North Bengal. 

By Road: Few roadways helpful links to reach your destination perfectly by road

Roadways link are collected from

By Rail: The three major stations of West Bengal are:

All these station tickets booking link:

By WaterThere are many rivers connected to the destination of Sundarban namely Hooghly and other rivers. So one can also travel by waterways. In below have some helpful links to reach your destination.

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