Location: Amaravati Mandal And Town, Guntur District, Amaravathi, Andhra Pradesh 522020, India

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Sri Amareswara Swamy Vari Temple
Sri Amareswara Swamy Vari Temple

About Sri Amareswara Swamy Vari Temple:

The Hindus have five of the holiest places, dedicated to the god Shiva. These 5 holy places are collectively called ‘Pancharama Kshetras‘. This famous temple is located in Amarabhati town in Guntur district in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Amareshwara Swamy or Amaralingeshwara Swamy means Lord Shiva. That is, these two names are the other two names of Lord Shiva. This temple of Lord Shiva is located on the southern bank of the river Krishna.

History behind Sri Amareswara Swamy Vari:

This historic holy temple has a huge ‘Shivalinga’ with a red spot on the top. It is said that when the ’Shivalinga’ was growing to an impossible size, a nail was hit on the top of the ‘Shivalinga’ to stop its growth. A nail injury to the ‘Shivalinga’ causes blood to flow from there and a red spot, which is still visible today. Vasireddy Venkatadri Nayadu, the king of Chintapalli and later Dharanikota was a great devotee of the Amareswara temple. He was a devoted soul for the expansion and renovation of the temple. It was said that he devoted all his life, time and earnings to the construction of this temple of Shiva.  Also, he appointed nine educated archaks for the daily worship of the Lord and provided each of them with all the necessities of livelihood, including 12 acres of land. In this temple Lord Shiva is worshiped along with his wife Bala Chamundika, who is considered to be the fourth of the 18 Goddesses.

Sri Amareswara Swamy Vari Temple
Sri Amareswara Swamy Vari Temple

Why should you visit Sri Amareswara Swamy Vari Temple?

Located in Amaravati, this famous temple is a special sacred and important place on the banks of the river Krishna. It is also one of the most important shrines for Hinduism. Along with Hindus, many tourists from home and abroad come to enjoy the main festivals of the temple. One of the main festivals of this temple is Mahashivaratri, which is celebrated on the festivals of Magha Bahula Dashami, the Navaratri and Kalyana Utsavas. 

When does Sri Amareswara Swamy Vari Temple open and close?

Tourists have the opportunity to visit the temple from 6 AM to 9 PM. However, those who want to go to the temple for the purpose of worship, they have to follow the specific time which is recorded in the temple priests or temple periodicals. The schedule of worship may change during the festivals.

How much you need to pay as an Entry Fee Sri Amareswara Swamy Vari Temple?

There is no entry fee to enter the temple. However, you can donate to the temple fund if you want.


Sri Amareswara Swamy Vari Golden Temple
Sri Amareswara Swamy Vari Golden Temple

Near Restaurants:

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How to reach:

By Air: The Nearest Airport is situated in Vijayawada. The Sri Amaralingeswara Swamy Temple is around 40 km from Vijayawada Airport. After reaching the airport, you can easily hire taxis or cabs to reach your preferred destinations. City Buses, Luxury buses are also available from there.

By Train: If you want to reach Sri Amaralingeswara Swamy Temple by train, you’ve to reach Peddakurapadu Railway Station first. Because it’s the nearest railway station. The Distance between Peddakurapadu Railway Station to Amaralingeswara Swamy Temple Amaravati is around 30 km which is not so far. After reaching the airport, you can easily hire taxis or cabs to reach your preferred destinations.

By Road: If you have your own car and you are located in a nearby town, visiting the temple will be easier for you. State buses are also available between Amaravathi and Guntur. So, you can easily make your trip by road.

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