Shree Dwarkadhish Temple

Location: Station Rd, Ghanshyam Nagar, Dwarka, Gujarat 361335, India
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Sree Dwarkadhish Temple
Sree Dwarkadhish Temple

Stree Dwarkadhish Temple which is situated in Dwarka city in the state of Gujarat is very ancient and also a destination of Char Dham. This temple is also known as Jagat Mandir. The temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna who was also the king of Dwarka. The temple is situated on the bank of the Gomti River. It is one of the seven holy cities of India. 

History of Dwarkadhish Temple

The temple has a long history of about 2500 years. It is said that Lord Krishna came here from Braj which is in Uttar Pradesh to build the city “Dwarka ”. According to legends, the temple was originally built by Vajranabh who was the grandson of Lord Krishna, over the place where Shree Krishna lived. But in 1472 Sultan Mahmud Begada destroyed the temple. The current temple was constructed in the 15-16 centuries. The temple becomes a part of Char Dham. That’s why it is a very important place for Hindu pilgrims. It has a black color idol of Lord Krishna.

Is there any other temple inside the area?

When you enter through the Moksh Dwar you can find Kusheshwar Mahadev Temple, Kashi Vishwanath Shivalinga temple, Gayatri Devi Temple, and Kolva Bhagat Temple. Around the main temple, there are some small temples which are Aniruddha, Pradyuman, Rishi Durvasa, Amba Ji, Devaki Mata, Beni Madhav, and Radha Krishna temple.

Festival celebrated in Dwarkadhish Temple

Janmashtami is the main festival of the temple. Which is the Birthday of Lord Krishna. It is celebrated very largely. Besides this many other festivals are celebrated there. Rukmini Vivah is an interesting festival held in the mandir. Holi, Ram Navami, Basant Panchami, Deepavali, Sharad Purnima are also celebrated here.

Best time to visit Dwarkadhish Temple

October to February is the perfect time to visit the temple. At this time the weather of the city is pleasant and mild. And this is the time when the famous festival Janmashtami takes place. So, if you want to visit the temple, you may go during these months.

Sree Dwarkadhish Temple
Sree Dwarkadhish Temple

About of the temple

The temple has an audience hall and two entrances. The main entrance point is called Moksha Dwar and the exit door is called Swarga Dwar. The architecture of the temple is in Solanki Style which was widely used in Gujarat for a long time. The main sanctuary of the five-story building, supported by 72 columns.

Cause of Visit

There are a lot of reasons why you should visit the temple. It is a spiritual place in India. The temple is a very ancient temple and very beautiful also. The architecture of the temple is very eye-catching. You will love it. The environment of the place will give you mental peace. This is a Pushtimarg temple.

Opening and closing time of the Temple

The Temple is open every single day of the week. The temple of Dwarkadheesh opens from 6.30 am to 1 pm and in the afternoon it opens at 5 pm and closes at 9.30 pm.

Is there any entry Fee?

There is no entry fee. You do not need to pay any money to visit the temple. It is free. 

Is Photography allowed inside the temple?

The answer is no. Cameras or mobiles are not allowed inside the temple. So, you can’t take pictures inside the temple. But behind the temple, on the seashore, you can take pictures.  

Are you allowed to carry bags? 

You can’t take any of your things inside the temple. But at the entry point, there is a place where you keep your handbags or anything. 

Is it a safe place?

The place is safe for tourists. You can go there without any doubt. The nearest police station to the temple is Dwarka Police Station.

Station Road, near Sanatan Ashram, Dwarka, Gujarat 361335, India

Sree Dwarkadhish Temple
Sree Dwarkadhish Temple


F1: To whom the temple is dedicated?

The temple is dedicated to Lord Krisna.

F2: Who made the temple?

The first temple was made by Shree Krishna’s grandson Vajranabha. But the temple was rebuilt several times. 

F3: Is there any other name for the temple?

The temple is also called Jagat Mandir.

F4: Who was the founder of Dwarka City?

Lord Krishna was the founder of the city. It was his kingdom.

F5: What is the main festival of the temple?

Janmashtami is the main festival of the temple and it is also the main festival of Dwarka city.

F6: How does the temple look from the outside?

From the outside, it looks like it is made of wood. But actually, it is made of limestone. Which looks magnificent. 

Near Hotels:

There are many more hotels near the Temple. You can choose any one of them.

Near Restaurant:

There are a lot of restaurants near Mandir. Some of them are mentioned below for you. You can choose any one of them or any other restaurant which you prefer. 

Sree Dwarkadhish Temple
Sree Dwarkadhish Temple

How to Reach 

By Airport: Rajkot Airport (RAJ) is the nearest airport to Dwarkadhish Temple. From the airport, you can get any taxi, cap, or anything to the temple without facing any trouble.

By Railway: The nearest railway station from Dwarkadhish temple in Dwarka Railway Station. It is just one km away from the temple. You can take any local transport to go to the temple. 

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