Savin Kingdom

Location: Darjeeling More, Dagapur, Siliguri, West Bengal 734003, India

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Savin kingdom
Savin kingdom

We all know how kids dream about castles and bother their parents to see one. The parents can do nothing to their ridiculous wishes rather being helpless. However, we are here to end your worry and distress. Introducing you to a castle-themed park where you can fulfill your children’s wishes and also have a pleasure time along with your family and friends.

What is the Savin Kingdom?

The Savin Kingdom is a castle-themed park. This amazing park is located on the bank of the river Mahananda leaning on the foothills of the Himalayan. The park covers an area of 10 acres. The park is branched into three sections.

These three categories consist of many varieties for their visitors’ recreation. The amusement park is a place for complete family entertainment.

Who built the Savin Kingdom?

This park is built by the SAVIN group.

What are the inside and outside views of the Savin Kingdom?

Inside the park, there are three different categories.

  • Dry section
  • Waterpark
  • The food court

The dry section consists of different thrilling rides along with other stuff. Visitors take part in those rides as well as in the cultural activities arranged by the authority of this park.

The water park attracts most of the people playing sliding in the water with families and friends are much enjoyable to them.

There is a Savin Plaza, a large entertaining mall where there is a food court of Savin Kingdom. Travellers could have their desired meals in that food court.

Savin kingdom
Savin kingdom

 Is the dry section of Savin Kingdom entertaining to the visitors?

Yes, the dry section of this park is very much entertaining to the visitors. The visitors could take part in different rides as well as there are cultural activities held in the Savin Kingdom.

What are the rides and main attractions of the dry section?

The main rides and attractions of the dry section of Savin Kingdom are  SkyTrain, Bumping Car, Break Dance, Paratrooper, Savin Formula One, Flying Chair, and Tame the Bull.

What are the cultural activities of the Savin Kingdom?

There are many cultural activities held in the Savin Kingdom which include henna painting, magicians, fortune tellers, and pottery making.

Savin kingdom
Savin kingdom

Is there any arrangement for kids in the dry section of the Savin kingdom?

For the kids, there are Merry-Go-Round, Kiddy Express,  Kiddy Columbus, Jumping Jack, and Jumping Frog.

Bumper Car at Savin Kingdom
Bumper Car

How is the water park of Savin Kingdom?

The water park attracts most of the visitors. The visitors have fun in the water park with their friends and family members.

The visitors can take part in rain dance, tunnel rides, wamultilane, wave pool, and thriller slides of the water park. Moreover, there is also a kid play pan for the kids. 

What types of food are there in the food court?

There are many types of food cuisine and dishes available in the food court Vegetarian with non-veg and different types of food could be enjoyed by the visitors.

Is there any multiplex in the Savin Plaza of Savin Kingdom?

Yes, there is a multiplex in the Savin Plaza.

Is there any toilet in the Savin Kingdom?

 Yes there are toilet facilities for the visitors.

 Is photography allowed in the Savin Kingdom?

 Yes photography is allowed for the visitors in this park. 

Is it safe for visitors to visit?

 Yes it is a place to visit with the family members. It’s absolutely safe for visitors.

 Siliguri Police Commissionerate

 Location : Ward 47 NH 31 Near Uttarayan City Center Mallaguri, Siliguri, West Bengal 734010, India

Phone Number: +91 353 251 1210

Google Map: 

What is the best time to visit the Savin Kingdom?

 This park is always open for its visitors throughout the year. One can visit anytime in the Savin Kingdom.

Savin kingdom
Savin kingdom

What is the opening and closing time of Savin KIngdom?


Opening Time

Closing Time

Amusement Park

11:30 am 

7.30 pm

Water Park 

10:30 am 

6:30 pm

What is the entry fee of Savin Kingdom?


      Adults (Fee)


Amusement Park

Rs 60

Weekend – Rs 70

Rs 50

Weekend – Rs 60

Water Park 

Rs 350

260 Rs (upto 3 feet)

How much does the rides cost in the Savin Kingdom?


      Ticket Price

Kiddy Express 

Rs. 20

Kiddy Columbus 

Rs. 20


Rs. 10

Jumping Jack 

Rs. 20

Jumping Frog 

Rs. 20

Rock Climbing

Rs. 40

Sky Train

Rs. 40

Bumping Car

Rs. 20

Break Dance 

Rs. 20


Rs. 20

Magic Glider

Rs. 20

Flying Chair 

Rs. 20

Tame the Bull 

Rs. 20

Flying Saucer 

Rs. 40

Savin Formula One

Rs. 10 

Air Gun 

Rs. 10

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How to reach: 

By Rail: The Savin Kingdom is 7.5 km away from New Jalpaiguri Railway StationVisitors can take a cab taxi to reach the Savin Kingdom park from the railway station.

Website to book railway tickets:

By Air: The Savin Kingdom is 10 km away from Bagdogra Air Force Base Airport. Visitors can take a cab taxi to reach the park from the airport.

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