Ranchi Lake

Location: Upper Bazar, Ranchi, Jharkhand 834001
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Ranchi Lake
Ranchi Lake

What is Ranchi Lake?

Ranchi Lake is a famous lake which is located at the base of the majestic Ranchi hill and this hill is well-maintained by the authorities. On this hill, there is a Shiv Mandir and one can get the view of the entire city from there.

Built Date:1842.

Ideal visit time: November to February. 

What is the history of Ranchi Lake?

Ranchi lake was a man-made lake and it was excavated and constructed at the base of the looming Ranchi HillThe British regency was excavated withinside the year 1842 with the aid of Colonel Onsely Who turned into a British Agent. This Ranchi Lake flows exactly opposite the Ranchi Telephone Exchange Office and hence in the heart of the city.

What are the inside and outside views of Ranchi Lake?

Ranchi Lake is a famous holiday destination for visitors who love lakes, nature, and birds. This place is perfect for them. Many visitors visit this place throughout the year.

This lake is the base of the majestic Ranchi Hill. So you can see the whole city from this hill. On this hill, there is a Shiv Mandir. As there is a lake and Shiv mandir so this place is a holy and quilt clean environment. You can sit there and take a peaceful deep breath. For this type of environment, many visitors visit this lake. The sunset view of this lake is just awesome. Most of the people visit in the evening to enjoy this sunset view.

Why are people attracted to this Lake?

There are many seasons that attract this place. The nature of this place is just wow and the clean water, quite an environment, and the Shiv mandir this type of thing attracts all the visitors very much. Every little thing about this lake is just a masterpiece. The beautiful serene Length of cool water flowing through the heart of this city and the most interesting thing is the boat riding. Boat riding in this clean water is just a wow experience. Visitors should experience this ride.

In nearby Ranchi, Lake, there are so many attractive places and these are:

Ranchi Lake
Ranchi Lake

Is it safe to visit Ranchi Lake?

Yes, it’s safe to visit Ranchi Lake.


Are there any parking facilities in this lake?

Yes, there is a parking facility and it’s free of cost for the visitors.

What are the entry fees of Ranchi Lake?

The entry fee of Ranchi lake is free of cost.

Are there any restaurants inside this lake?

As it’s a hill base lake, there are no restaurants inside this lake.

Is photography allowed in this lake?

Yes, photography is allowed in this lake and it’s free of cost. There is no charge for this photography. It’s the perfect place for photographers.

What is the best time to visit this lake?

November to February is the best time to visit this place. In this wintertime, this place looks very nice. That’s why visitors want to visit this place in winter.

What is the visiting time of this lake?

This place is open 24 hours. You can visit this place anytime.

How many days a week does this lake remain open?

This lake remains open all the days of the week. You can visit this place any of these times.

How much time will it take to visit this place?

It will take almost 1-2 hours to finish visiting this place.

Ranchi Lake
Ranchi Lake

Near restaurants:

Neary  restaurants in Ranchi lakes are:

Near hotels:

Nearby Famous hotels in Ranchi Lake are:

How to reach:

By air: Birsa Munda Airport is the nearest airport in Ranchi. So after reaching Ranchi you can take a bus to reach Ranchi Lake.

By rail: Ranchi Railway Station is the nearest railway station in Ranchi and this train is so good and has good facilities. So by rail, you can easily reach Ranchi.

By road: By road is the easiest way to reach Ranchi or Ranchi Lake. You can hire a bus or cab or taxi to reach Ranchi lakes Directly.

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