Patnem Beach

Location: Goa, India
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Patnem Beach
Patnem Beach

Located in the state of Goa, India, Patnem beach is another famous beach. It is an alternative to the Palolem beach for the people who do not want to be in the middle of the action but like beaches and want to enjoy. The beauty of the place is mesmerizing. The golden sanded beach is about 1 kilometer long and full of natural beauty. It is mostly known for the cleanness of the place, luxurious resorts, beautiful climate, and wonderful scenarios. If you are a beach person, you will love this place and the environment of this place. So, don’t miss it. 

About Patnem beach: 

Patnem beach is a small beach but a well-known beach in Goa. It is about 1 km long golden sanded beach. The atmosphere of this place remains warm throughout the year. It is full of natural beauties. The surroundings of this beach are incredibly beautiful and peaceful. This beach is clean and clear, not less crowded than the other beaches of Goa. That makes this place more likely for travelers. There you will find some water games. This could be a perfect holiday destination. It is a good choice for a nice, romantic date. You can go there with your family and friends. 

Why will a visitor visit Patnem beach? 

The beauty of the place attracts the tourists most. Travelers love the calm and quiet atmosphere of this place. Here you will enjoy good food, music, and drinks. The sunset view from this beach is just amazing. You can click excellent pictures also. There are also some interesting water games which are also so enjoyable. There is a market behind Patnem beach where you will find different kinds of things. If you are in Goa, don’t forget to visit this stunning beach. Otherwise, you will regret it.

Opening and closing time of Patnem beach: 

This beach is open every day of the week and 24 hours a day. You can go there any time.

Entry fee of Patnem beach: 

No entry fee is needed to visit this beautiful beach. Travelers can visit this beach free of cost.

Patnem Beach
Patnem Beach

How is this beach for photography? 

This beach is a perfect place for photography. The golden sand, blue water of the sea, and the blue sky give a wonderful view and perfect backdrop for your photos. If you are visiting this beach you must take your camera with you.

Foods of Patnem beach: 

You can find lots of food stalls at the beach which provide different kinds of tasty foods. You can taste authentic seafood here which is delicious.

Night view of Patnem beach: 

The night view of this beach is amazing. At night you can witness a different look at the sea and the atmosphere also remains so pleasant. At night this place becomes more peaceful. The sound of the sea will make you feel relaxed. You also can enjoy good music here and have some good food. 

The thing to carry with you to Patnem beach: 

Whenever you are going to the beach you must keep some essential things with you. Like sunscreen, hats or caps, sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun. You must choose proper clothes and footwear. That’s so important. You may carry some drinking water too. 

When is the best time to visit Patnem beach? 

Patnem beach can be visited any time of the year. But the most perfect time to visit this beach is between October to February. Because at that time the weather of the city remains so pleasant and travel friendly. 

Places to visit near Patnem beach: 

Is it a safe place for tourists? 

Yes, this place is a safe place for tourists. You can go there without any doubt. But for your convenience here is the local police station information: 

Location: Edapally Panvel Highway(NH-17), Mastimol

Google map: 

Phone no: +91 832 264 3357 

Patnem Beach
Patnem Beach

Near Hotels: 

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How to Reach:

By Air: The nearest airport to the beach is the Dabolim airport. It is about 64.1 km away from the beach. This airport has both domestic and international flights. At the airport, you will easily find local transports. You can hire any of them to reach this renowned place. 

By train: The nearest railway station to the beach is the Karwan railway station. It is located at a distance of 36.3 km from the beach. Local transports are available at the railway station. By hiring them you can reach your destination without any problem.

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