Nakshatra Van

Location: Raj Bhavan Road, near Rajbhavan, Ranchi University, Morabadi,  Ranchi, Jharkhand 8340001, India.

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Nakshatra Van
Nakshatra Van

What is Nakshatra Van?

Nakshatra Van is a famous park in Ranchi, Jharkhand. This park created Jharkhand Forest Department in front of the residence of the government. A nakshatra is one in all the twenty-seven or twenty-eight divisions of the sky that the moon traverses throughout its monthly cycle, as utilized in Hindu astronomy, and every nakshatra is known by its outstanding star and is related to a zodiac.

Built date: In 2003.
Ideal visit time: Throughout the year

What is the history of Nakshatra Van?

Nakshatra van was laid by Sri LK. Advani was the Prime minister of India in 2002 and he planted a Vikankat on that day. The responsibility of this park for developing and planting was given to the Social Forestry Division. It took two years to finish the construction of this park.

What are the inside and outside views of this park?

Nakshatra van is famous for its beautiful arrangements because this park is arranged so nicely. Inside the park, there is a lack and so many beautiful flowers and plants to attract visitors. Most of the people visit this place to arrange a picnic there. In this place, there are so many nearby places for visiting. Here is the list of these places.

Why are people attracted to this place?

This nakshatra van is adorned with luxurious greenery and blooming flowers and this place is sure to lighten your mood. The beautiful fountain crowd-puller lies in the center and that looks very mesmerizing.

In the evening time, this place looks so beautiful because of the sunset view. Every visitor should visit this place in the evening time so that they can enjoy this sunset view.

Nakshatra Van
Nakshatra Van

Is it safe to visit Nakshatra Van?

Yes, it’s safe to visit Nakshatra Van. The nearby police offices are so good and well behaved.

Are there any parking facilities in this van?

No, there is no parking facility in this Nakshatra Van. There is no this type of parking any kind of vehicle.

What are the entry fees of this Van?

  • INR 5 for adults.
  • INR 3 for children between the age of 3 to 12 years.

Is photography allowed in this Van?

Yes, photography is allowed in this Van because it’s a picnic spot.

Are there any restaurants inside the Van?

As it’s a restricted area so there is no restaurant inside the nakshatra van.

What is the best time to visit this van?

You can visit this place at any of the months of the year. Any time of the year this place is good for visiting.

What is the visiting time of this Van?

1 Am to 12 Pm is the visiting time of this nakshatra van.

How many days in a week does Van remain open?

This nakshatra van is open all the days of the week. You can visit any of these days.

How much time will it take to visit this van?

1-2 hours will take to visit this place.

Nakshatra Van
Nakshatra Van

Near restaurants:

Nearby famous restaurants of Nakshatra Van are:

Near Hotels:

Famous hotels in nearby Nakshatra Van are:

How to reach:

By air: Birsa Munda International Airport is the nearest airport in Ranchi. So after Reach Ranchi then you can take a bus or taxi to reach Nakshatra Van.

By rail: Ranchi Railway station is the nearest to Nakshatra Van. It’s the best way to reach Nakshatra Van.

By road: You can take or hire a bus, taxi, or car to reach Nakshatra Van easily and directly.

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