Matanga hill

Location: Nimbapura, Karnataka 583239, India

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Matanga hill
Matanga hill

If you are a lover of nature, hills and ancient temples then its the best destinations for you. Because you can get all of this at this place. Matanga hill is the most perfect place for holiday destination 

What is Matanga Hill?

Matanga hill is one of the holy places in Hampi and its described in the epic Ramayana as the saint Matanga Actually there is a small temple in the top of the Matanga hill.

What is the history of Matanga Hill?

As Matanga is base of Saint Mathanga but Surgriva benefited  from the magical protection of the sage Matanga who had a cursed of death on Vali. Its believed that Valli killed a don whose named was Dundhuvi, angry by this act of rage, Matanga  cursed on Valli that he can never take a step in this at last  when vale was killed and Sugriva crowned as the king of monkeys. 

What is the inside and outside view of Matanga Hill? 

In Matanga Hill the best view is the sunrise for sure. The sunrish top of the hill is just spectacular. And every one should visit this place around 5.30 am before the sunrise. By the way the environment of Matanga is feel like heaven. That’s so Peacefull.

Why people are attracted to Matanga hill? 

Matanga Hill Attracted people for its environment. Best part in Matanga hill is must be the sunrise. Thats worth it. And the temple of Matanga hill is to good, its feel you the Peace of soul. Its the most holy places. But Matanga Hill is best for the sunrise and sunset view. Its a great place for those who has photography enthusiasts. And you will see many people who visit their for capture the sunrise and sunset view and actually that’s the perfect time to capture this scenic  beauty. 

Matanga hill
Matanga hill

Are there any restaurants inside the Matanga Hill?

No there is no facilities of restaurants inside the everyone do carry water bottles.

Is it safe to visit Matanga Hill? 

Yes its safe. Because the police office are so good and disciplined. They are helping you 24 hours. But climbing in the hill is much difficult so senior citizens should avoid this place I think.

Are there any parking facilities in Matanga Hill?

As its a hill so there is nothing this  type of facilities of parking anything. 

Is there any cost of keeping shoes or sandals before entering the Temple?

There is a room or building to keep shoes or sandals there and its free of cost for the visitors. There is no fees.

Are there any facilities to keep luggage’s of visitors in the Matanga Hill? 

 No, there is nothing this type of facilities. Everyone do carry his own luggage’s or bags at their own responsibilities. 

What is the best time to visit this temple? 

You can visit this temple any time in a year. Because this temple is suitable for any days in a year. But you should visit in this temple in the morning Then you can enjoy sunset and sunrise. And that’s the best part of this temple.

How much time to take visit this temple?

It will take almost 4-5 hours to visit.

What are the entry fee in Matanga Hill? 

 No. there is no entry fee for the visitors. You can visit this place free of cost.

Is photography allowed in Matanga Hill? 

Yes, photography is allowed. Because this place is for those who are photo enthusiasts. 

What is the visiting time of Matanga Hill?

Its open all days of the week

6.00AM -6.00PM.

Matanga hill
Matanga hill

Near hotels:

Here are top hotel in near Matanga hill

 Near restaurants: 

There are so many good restaurants near Matanga Hill

How to reach:

By air: As there is no airport near by Matanga Hill, Hampi so reach in Matanga Hill is no suitable. 

By rail: The nearest station in hampi is Hosapete Junction (13km away) when you reach train station then you can go matanga hill by bus, car /cab.

By road: Road is the best way to reach Matanga Hill directly. You can hire a bus or hill to reach there is the suitable way I think.

So Matanga Hill is a mystery place. This ancient temple is famous all over the world. So after knowing about this place, you Should visit this place for sure. Never miss the opportunity to miss this place.

We wish you all the very best for your journey.
Happy Travelling!!!

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