Marble Rocks

Location: Narmada River, Madhya Pradesh, India

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Marble Rocks
Marble Rocks

What is Marble Rocks?

Marble rocks is an area which is along the Narmada river in central India near the city of Jabalpur. This river creates a beautiful gorge of about 8 km in length and this river has carved soft marble. The local marble is mined and carved in many transported and figures all over India.

What is the history of this place?

There is no story behind this place.. This place is man-made and well furnished for tourists attraction. So there is no history Because this place is famous for its beautiful views.

What are the inside and outside views of this place?

In this place, there are many beautiful things to see or do. There is a car to take visitors across the gorge and rowboats for guided tours of the river downstream of the fall. There are many small shops filled with crafts made from l materials. You can take a boat ride during the Purnima this time this place looks so beautiful. This place is cover by many trees and these trees make this place more beautiful. When the wind blows this place looks more beautiful than any other time.

Why people are attracted to this place?

There are many reasons for the visitors to visit this place many times. Because of the beauty of this place. In the moonlight or Purnima night, this place looks so beautiful that you Can’t imagine, and also the sunrise and sunset views from this place. In the moonlit night, it has magical healing properties that are said to nourish a person’s body and soul. You can feel so refreshing after go there. You feel that you are in Heaven. In this place, there are any nearby attractions, and here is a list of these places:

  • Chausat Yogini Temple.
  • Dhuandhar Falls.
  • Narmada River Puja.
  • Pisanhari Ki Madiya.
  • Lord Shiva Statue.
  • i4u Travel Services. 
  • Tilwara Ghat.
  • Madan Mahal Fort.
  • Sangram Sagar Lake.
  • Rani Durgavati Museum.
  • Sea World.
  • Bhawartal Garden.
  • South Avenue Mall.
  • Hungama Games Planet.
  • Kamaniya Gate.
  • Krip Bike Rentals.
  • India Wildlife Safaris.
Marble Rocks
Marble Rocks

FAQ for this place-

Is it safe to visit this place?

Yes, it’s safe to visit this place.

Is There any restaurant inside this place?

Yes, there are so many small shops inside this place.

Are there any parking facilities in this place?

No, there are no parking facilities in this place.

Is photography is allowed in this place?

Yes, photography is allowed in this place. There is no charge for this photography and this place is best for photography.

What are the entry fees of this place?

300 INR for everyone. 

What is the best to visit this place?

The Winter season is the best time to visit this place because of the weather. This time weather is so good so most of the visitors visit this time.

What is the visiting time of this place?

6.00 AM to 8.00 PM is the visiting time of this place.

How many days in a week this does place remain open?

This place remains open all the days of the week. So you can visit this place any of these days.

How much time will it take to visit this place?

It will take almost 1 hour to visit this place.

Marble Rocks
Marble Rocks

Near restaurants:

Nearby famous restaurants in this place are:

Near hotels:

Nearby hotels in this place are:

How to reach:

By air: Bagdogra International Airport is the nearest airport to Marble rocks.

By rail: Aluarbari rail Junction is the nearby railway station from this place and this train is so good. You can easily reach there.

By road: You can take a bus or hire a car to reach this place directly is the easiest and best way to reach there.

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