Maitri bagh Zoo

Location:  Maroda Sector, Durg Water Treatment Plant Near to Maroda

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Maitri Bagh Zoo
Maitri Bagh Zoo

What is Maitri Bagh Zoo?

The Maitri Bagh Zoo is found within Bhilai, India. It Is the biggest zoo within the locale. The zoo comprises 111 sections of land of stop lands. It is operated with the aid of the Public Sector Undertaking, Steel Authority of India.

What is the history of Maitri Bagh Zoo?

Maitri Bagh is a “Fellowship Plant” set up as an image of India-Soviet Union fellowship. It is called the Garden of Friendship. It was created and kept up by Bhilai Steel Plant, SAIL.It was built up within the year 1972. The zoo is spread over 44.94 ha of land. The zoo moreover has the capacity to cultivate. The scaled-down zoo is bustling with the open, both local people and visitors visit the Bagh. Moreover, White tigers are the main attraction of the zoo.

What is the Architectural view of Maitri Bagh Zoo?

While in Bhilai, the Maitri Bagh comes as a charming astonishment for both grown-ups and children. Crossing a wide range of exciting alternatives, this astounding stop and zoo give the correct punch of excitement and charm that everybody looks for. A match of giraffe models welcomes all guests at the entryway. As one enters the premises, a series of exercises keeps one delighted for hours to an extent. The highlights of the Zoo are extraordinary creatures and avian species, lakes, toy trains and others. The melodic wellspring, arranged on the island within the counterfeit lake in Maitri Plant could be an energetic display that reacts to the music in a way that translates the fashion and rhythm of the musical execution. As the music plays, planes of water shoot within the discuss, bend, influence, pirouette, beat, drum and skip with the beat – each development lit by brilliant colors. 2 appears are organized here within the nighttimes, on interchange days. White tigers are the most fascinating animals in the zoo.

Why are people attracted to visit the Maitri Bagh Zoo?

The Maitri Bagh Zoo sprawling a zone of about 167 acres of arrival is the biggest of its kind within the state of Chhattisgarh. It is domestic to an outlandish collection of 39 species of creatures, feathered creatures, and reptiles counting a few imperiled species. White tigers are a prime fascination of the zoo. Drifting, toy train-ride on Maitri Express, observing the melodic wellspring move to its claim tune on the lake, getting a charge out of an outing, taking a walk, or catching a view of the bagh in conjunction with the Bhilai Steel plant from on the Pragati Minar, a tall observe tower within the cultivate are the other curiously highlights of the Bagh.

Maitri Bagh Zoo
Maitri Bagh Zoo

Is it safe to visit the Maitri Bagh Zoo?

Yes, it is safe to visit. The nearest police station is Bhilai Nagar Police Station.

What is the entry fee to visit the Maitri Bagh Zoo?

The ticket cost per head as Indians Rs 20/- and as Foreign National Rs 30/-.

What is the visiting time of  Maitri Bagh Zoo?

It is 8.00am to 7.00pm. It is open all the days of the week except Monday.

Are there any parking facilities in Maitri Bagh Zoo?

Yes, there are available parking facilities outside the zoo. 

Is photography allowed in Maitri Bagh Zoo?

Yes, photography and film shooting is allowed.

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Maitri Bagh Zoo
Maitri Bagh Zoo

How to Reach

By Train:  Durg lies on the Mumbai-Howrah fundamental line. Durg railway station is about 1101 Km from Mumbai, 867 Km from Howrah, 1354 Km from Modern Delhi and 275 Km from Nagpur

By Bus: Maitri Bagh is around 9 KM from District Headquarter.

By Air:  Raipur (54 KM) is the closest Air terminal associated with Delhi, Mumbai, Nagpur, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Ranchi & Visakhapatnam.

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