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Location: nh 111, koni, bilaspur, chhattisgarh 495009

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Bilasa Taal Vasundhara Udyan
Bilasa Taal Vasundhara Udyan

In Bilaspur, bilasa taal is a wonderful place for passing time. For refreshment and chill, it’s more like a picnic spot. It has a great play environment especially for kids and lovely sand structures. It is a park where people of all ages can enjoy their leisure or free time. If you are in Bilaspur and searching for a place to refresh yourself then don’t miss the chance to visit this park. The largest greenery of this park is more than enough to make you feel reinforced. Parties are also held in this park on many special days like Christmas day, new years, which are so delightful and enjoyable to locals and people from nearby cities. 

Opened -everyday 9:30 am to 5:30 pm
Closed- Tuesday

The place has a calm environment (except for the occasional horn of nearby vehicles) and is pretty well maintained. In Koni Bilaspur road, it is really a nice place to visit. But there are also some dangers and bad sides of this area. Many cases of accidents and many unleashed works occur there. So if you intend to go for a walk in this area then handle it with expertness. Though this place is good for a family picnic, beware about buying snacks from in and around the garden. Because, sometimes in this kind of place fake or expired snacks and drinks are likely to sell by the shopkeepers, which is really risky to have. They also charge a higher prices on most products. So, try to bring your own food. Being maintained by the Chhattisgarh forest department, it is an awesome place within the city.

The parking area is available for 10 rs.

At the lake, inside the park, boating is available -free is 20rs for adults and 10 rs for children. 

It’s located on the main road to Ambikapur, which is just at a distance of 5km from the city borders. Quite a nice place to spend time with family and friends. Boating has also been started nowadays, which is cheap enough -only rs 20 per member per ride.,and a nice play area for children along with a nice and charming garden. Has boats in the lake with many ducks.
You can also enjoy the beauty of colorful fishes in the lake. Here, sanitation is also good. There are no difficulties with getting transport because it’s just near the road. This is also a happening place where you can celebrate surprise birthday parties and all. The environmental atmosphere of this sudden is ample for yoga, meditation, exercise and other activities.

Faq for the travellers of bilasa taal Vasundhara udayan

Is there any entry fee?

Ans: yes, 20 rs for adults and 10 rs for children.

Bilasa Taal Vasundhara Udyan
Bilasa Taal Vasundhara Udyan

Is photography allowed there?

Ans: yes, but one has to pay for camera photography.

How much does one needs to pay as camera charges?

Ans: 100rs.

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How to Reach:

By Air: Mana airport which is the other name of Raipur airport is the nearest airport to bilasa taal.

By Road: Chattisgarh is well connected with many major cities. Distance from Raipur- 116 km, distance from Jabalpur- 220 km, and distance from rajnandgaon- 133 km is the nearest bus stations.

By Railway: From Bilaspur city railway station, this place is at a distance of around 3kms. By city bus, auto-rickshaw or cabs one can reach there.

We wish you all the very best for your journey.

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