Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Location: Mavalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004, India

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Lalbagh Botanical Garden
Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Lalbagh Botanical Garden:

Lalbagh Botanical Garden is situated in the city of Bengaluru under the state of Karnataka in India. It is a very old botanical garden in India. Lalbagh Botanical Garden was founded by Hyder Ali. Before the independence of India it was managed under British Superintendents. This garden also served many kinds of social functions. In 1890 it was first used for flower shows and now it hosts two flower shows every year. One of them is held in the week of Republic Day (26 January) and the other one is held on Independence day (15 August). This place is also home for wild species of birds and also for other wildlife. It is a must visit place in Bengaluru. 

History Of The Lalbagh Botanical Garden: 

Hyder Ali started the construction of this place in the year of 1760 but his son Tipu Sultan completed it. Hyder Ali wanted to create this garden on the lines of the Mughal Gardens’ cause that were very popular during this time. Hyder Ali furnished these botanical gardens and his son Tipu Sultan added wealth to them by bringing in trees and plants from the abroads. The Lalbagh Botanical Gardens were authorized by the 18th century and over the years it gained India’s first lawn-clock and the largest collection of rare plants. 

Inside Looks: 

This Botanical garden had an area of 45 acres in 1874. 30 acres were added to the eastern side in 1889. But now this garden has an area of 188 acres in total. The inside view of Lalbagh Botanical Garden is really fantastic. Here you can find several types of things. They are – 

Opening and closing time of Lalbagh Botanical Garden: 

Lalbagh Botanical Garden opens all days of the week. It opens at 6.00 am and closes at 7.00 pm. 

Entry fee for Lalbagh Botanical Garden: 

The entry fee of Lalbagh Botanical Garden is Rs. 20 (per person) above 12 years of age. Entrance fee is free for those who are under 12. 

Lalbagh Botanical Garden
Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Is this place safe to visit?

Of Course it is safe to visit. There are many volunteers employed to look after it. If you have any need and if you have any problems you can take help from them or for your help here is the local police station location for you. 

Is photography allowed inside in Lalbagh Botanical Garden? 

Yes, Photography is allowed inside Lalbagh Botanical Garden. But you have to pay an extra charge for it. Travellers are allowed to take cameras inside with an extra charge of Rs. 50. This is a wonderful place for photography. You will love to have a photoshoot there. 

Is there a public toilet in Lalbagh Botanical Garden? 

Yes, There is a public toilet for visitors to use. The toilets are well maintained. 

Is a food court available in Lalbagh Botanical Garden? 

Yes, there are some food stalls inside the Lalbagh Botanical Garden. Here you can get various types of Indian snacks, corn and juice. There are also drinking water facilities in the Lalbagh Botanical Garden. Home food is also allowed there. If you want you can carry home made food inside the Botanical Garden. 

Is there a parking zone in Lalbagh Botanical Garden? 

Yes, There is. There are three (3) parking zones in Lalbagh Botanical Garden. You need to pay some money for that. You can also park your vehicle on the opposite side of the entrance gate which is free. 

Best time to visit Lalbagh Botanical Garden: 

The magnificent place Lalbagh Botanical Garden can be visited any time of the year. But from October to February is the perfect time to visit this place. Because at that time the weather of the city remained pleasant. You can have a better trip at that time. 

Cause of visit Lalbagh Botanical Garden: 

There are too many reasons to visit Lalbagh Botanical Garden. If you are a nature lover you should make a trip to Lalbagh Botanical Garden. Here you can see many kinds of species. Almost 1000 species of trees that are 100 years old. There are some rare species of plants which are imported from Peris, Afghanistan and France. Moreover there are too many attractive places inside the Lalbagh Botanical Garden.

Lalbagh Botanical Garden
Lalbagh Botanical Garden

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How to reach: 

By Air: The nearest airport to Lalbagh Botanical Garden is Kempegowda International Airport which is 38 km away from Lalbagh Botanical Garden. It also has domestic and International flights. 

By Train: The Krishnarajendra Market Station is the nearest station to Lalbagh Botanical Garden which is 3.5 km away from Lalbagh Botanical Garden. 

By road: You can go there by road also. The road of the city is well constructed. You can easily find various kinds of private and local transport services in this city. You can easily hire a taxi or you can also go by bus.

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