Jubilee Park

Location:   Stixwould Rd, Woodhall Spa LN10 6QH, Storbritannien.

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Jubilee Park
Jubilee Park

What is Jubilee Park?

Jubilee Park is one of the famous tourist destinations in Jamshedpur and it’s full t of a package of fun activities to do inside the park and entertainment. This park is located in the center of the city of Jamshedpur and the People of Jamshedpur always go to visit this place.

Built Date:  In 1958.

Ideal Visit Time:  Throughout The Year.

What is the history of Jubilee Park?

Jubilee Park is extremely getting ready to the center of the folks as a result of this place encompasses a touching history. In 1958 this park was a gift from Tata Steel Ltd to the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of this city and this place’s name became Jubilee Park. Tata Steel Ltd operated and maintained this park.

What are the inside and outside views of this park?

There are three water showers in the park and these look brilliant on the day of lighting on Tuesday and Sunday. On the 3rd march, the Birthdate of Jamshedji Tata, Jubilee park has a special and beautiful look. You can go there and have an outdoor picnic, outdoor activities and games and just to have a relaxing day out with your family and the nearest one. Jubilee park shows you a Statue of Mr.Tata called the “Mughal Gardens of Jamshedpur”.

Why people are attracted to this park?

Jubilee Park, popular with joggers and cyclists, covers around 225 acres of land in the center of the city. This park has an associate amusement park, lake, recreation center, zoo, and fountains. A zoological park and  Rose Garde this stuff presence may be a part of the rationale why This park is a renowned one. This park is a great place for some fun for people of all ages and these things are a gift to the town of Itanagar from the Tata Steel Company.

In this park, thereby attractions and these are:

  • Tata Steel Zoological Park
  • Dimna Park
  • JRD TATA Sports Complex
  • Jayanti Sarovar
  • Sir Dorabji Tata Park
  • Kalamandir 
  • Bhatia Park
  • P&M Hi-tech City Centre Mall
  • Keenan Stadium
  • Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Hudco Lake
  • Ranking Mandir
  • Oakwood Bar
  • Sun Spa & Wellness Retreat 
  • Laser Show And Musical Fountain
Jubilee Park
Jubilee Park

Is it safe to visit Jubilee Park?

Yes, it’s safe to visit Jubilee Park.


Are there any parking facilities in this park?

Yes, there are parking facilities and it’s free for visitors.

What are the entry fees of this park?

The entry fee is free of cost but 

  • Fountain Laser and music show – INR 35.
  • Zoological Park-Children-INR 20 and Adults- INR 30.
  • Handicapped-Free and Amusement- INR 90.

Is photography allowed in this park?

Yes, photography is allowed in this park and it’s free of cost for the visitors. 

Are there any restaurants inside this park?

No there are no restaurants inside the park. So everyone should carry water bottles and things they need.

What is the best time to visit this park?

You can visit this park any of the months throughout the year but In the morning time, it’s the best time to visit there. Them you can see the sunrise view.

What is the visiting time of this park?

7.00 AM to 7.00 PM is the visiting time of this park.

Fountain show: 

  • 1st show-6:30 PM,
  • 2nd show-7:30 PM, 
  • 3rd show-8:30 PM,
  • 4rd show-9.30 PM.

How many days in a week do the Premainingnain open?

It’s open all days of the week.

How much time will take to visit this park?

It will take almost 2-3 hours to visit this park.

Jubilee Park
Jubilee Park

Near hotels:

Nearby hotels in Jubilee park are:

Near Restaurants:

Nearby famous restaurants in jubilee park are:

How to reach:

By air: Nearby Airport in Jamshedpur is Birsa Munda Airport. With this air, you can reach easily Jamshedpur and then take a taxi to reach jubilee park.

By rail: Jamshedpur Railway Station is the nearest station to reach Jubilee park. This Rail is so good.

By road: It’s the best way to reach Jubilee park. You can hire a taxi, car or cab or bus to reach jubilee park Directly.


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