Jagannath Temple

Location: Khanikar Rd, Chring Gaon, Assam 786003, India

Google Map:  https://goo.gl/maps/XDhkKfRNivoYZVpv5

Jagannath temple
Jagannath temple

There are God-loving people who are always in search of a divine temple to get a spiritual connection with God and to take blessings. If you are searching for such a place then we got a perfect temple for you where you will get a calm environment and a pure place to get a connection with God for blessing.

What is Jagannath temple, Dibrugarh?

The Jagannath temple, Dibrugarh is a replica of the Shri Jagannath Temple situated in Puri, Odisha. The architecture of the temple is a masterpiece with crafting in red stone.

What is the history of the Jagannath temple, Dibrugarh?

The Jagannath temple, Dibrugarh is the replica of Shri Jagannath Temple which is located in Puri, Odisha. The temple is also known as the Shikshetra Dhum. Maximum construction workers of Jagannath temple, Dibrugarh are the workers of the main Jagannath temple at Odisha.  

What is the inside view of Jagannath temple, Dibrugarh?

The look of this temple is mesmerizing and it cannot be expressed in words. The architectural walls, painting of the idol on the wall with crafting in red stone are truly amazing. There are lush tea gardens all around the temple. The main sanctum of the temple is located on a high platform. The whole atmosphere of this temple is quite serene. It is not that crowded so there is a peaceful environment all around the temple. There are seven temples inside the area of Jagannath temple, Dibrugarh. Among them, the main temple is of God Jagannath and the rest temples belong to other Gods and Goddesses. The temple is very much neat and clean. The workers of the temple maintain it properly.

Jagannath temple
Jagannath temple

Why are people attracted to the Jagannath temple, Dibrugarh?

The temple has become one of the main tourist spots in Dibrugarh city. Many devotees and visitors from the locals and all around the world regularly visit the temple. The temple is attracted mostly by the followers of God Jagannath. Besides followers of other Gods and Goddesses also came to the temple to offer their worship. Temple is a place where people come to get peace in mind to stay in a calm place to get a spiritual connection with God. The temple is very much calm which makes the whole environment so pleasant to its devotees and visitors.

Is it safe to visit the Jagannath temple, Dibrugarh?

Yes, the temple is a safe place to visit. Many devotees and visitors regularly visit the temple. 

Dibrugarh Police Station

Is photography allowed in this temple?

Yes, photography is allowed in this temple.

What are the entry fees of ths temple?

There are no entry fees in this temple.

What is the best time to visit the temple?

Visitors can visit anytime. The best time to visit the temple is during winter that is from October to March. During that time the weather remains pleasant and it is the perfect time to visit. 

What is the visiting time of this temple?

The visiting time of the temple is from 7 am to 8 pm.

How many days Jagannath temple, Dibrugarh remains open in a week?

The temple remains open every day.

Night view Jagannath temple
Night view Jagannath temple

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How to reach:

By Road: The temple is only 6 km away from Dibrugarh city. Visitors will get a bus, car or cab easily to reach the destination. It will take approximately 11 minutes to reach the temple. 

By Railway: The nearest railway station of the temple is the Dibrugarh Town. The station is 7.8 km away from the temple and it will take approximately 15 minutes to reach the destination. 

By Airport: The nearest airport of this temple is the Dibrugarh Airport which is 11.8 km away from the temple. It will take around 16 minutes to reach the temple from the airport.

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