Ita Fort

Location: Arunachal Pradesh, Itanagar, 791111

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Ita Fort
Ita Fort

In the state of Arunachal Pradesh, India,one of the most significant historical place is Ita  Fort, Itanagar. It is considered by some people that Itanagar is named after the Fort. Ramchandra, a king of Jitari Dynasty built the fort in an irregular shape. Materials used in thos fort are bricks, granite. There are three different entrances at the fort of its three different sides9Eastern, Western and Southern sides)

History of Ita Fort:

From Biswanath till Disang the Fort is considered to be  one of the  early first which the great Chutia King Ratnadhwajpal initially built all around his kingdom. In the 14th-15th century, the bricks used in the fort hint to later repairs . As the ruins of the Tamreswari temple (Mukta-Dharmanarayan, The ruins of a hill fort on the banks of the Buroi river bear the same builder’s marks 1442 A.D.) which reveal that the Chutia fortifications were spread till Biswanath. 

Built in: 11th-14th century

Built By: Chutiya Kingdom



Que: Who is the Builder of the Fort?

Ans: Chutiya Kingdom                    

Que: When the fort was built?

Ans: 11th-14th century    

Ita Fort
Ita Fort

Best time to visit 

To visit Itanagar,ita fort October to april is the best time as the weather is very pleasant.

Nearest Hotel and resturants:

How to reach ita fort from nearest Railway? 

Naharlagun railway station is the nearest railway station to reach itanagar. From the majestic this fort the railway is about 11 km away. From the station you can take a  cab,taxi or rickshaw.

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