India Tourist Park

Location: 37X9+54V, Kufri, Himachal Pradesh 171012, India

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India Tourist Park
India Tourist Park

There is nothing better for any beautiful minded person than to spend some time in the middle of a green landscape. Located in the vicinity of the Great Himalayan National Park, Indira Tourist Park ensures such a good environment to revive in comfort and serenity.  It is an amazing destination for nature lovers and this place is no less than a paradise special for those who want to wander around, do photography of their choice and have fun.

Surrounded by beautiful mountains and picturesque landscapes, Indira Tourist Park attracts tourists from all over the world and has become a perfect destination for summer evenings and winter afternoons. This place is not like other parks in Shimla, this park is a bit different because here you will see occasional monkeys and there are no more heart touching animals than a few birds.

Discover the flavors of lip-smacking food at the delightful Lalit Cafe and visit a video game parlor to enjoy some recreational activities.There are also beer bars where you can enjoy a sip of your favorite drink or unwind at an ice cream parlor. If you want to make this special trip an unforgettable experience, you can feel free to dive into the ornaments of Himachali.  There is also an adjoining zoo for some family time.  Another major highlight of the park is its yak and pony rides available to people of any age.

History of Shimla Indira Tourist Park

There is a nice short story attached to the name of the famous and popular Indira Tourist Park.  History says that Indira Gandhi, who was once the Prime Minister of India, came to this important place in 1922 to sign an agreement between India and Pakistan.  Since then this park has been very popular as Indira Tourist Park.

A place to visit in the vicinity of Indira Tourist Park, Shimla. Whether you come to Shimla alone or with your family, you are not sure how many times you will experience something new and different. It may be difficult to decide which one to choose and which not to choose as there are so many places to visit around Indira Tourist Park.  So here we cover the top 5 places to get you started so you can easily find the place you want –

1. Green Valley – Enjoy a romantic walk with your loved ones around the Green Valley area.  An uninterrupted view of the deodar, oak and pine trees there, the green valley will instantly detach you from the temporary world for a while – no less than the heavenly environment.  This special place is just 1 minute away from Indira Tourist Park.

2. Himalayan Nature Park – Another name for Himalayan Nature Park is Kufri Zoo, which has a wide variety of birds and animals under one roof. Covering an area of 90 hectares, there is a beautiful Himalayan Nature Park that allows visitors to admire nature in peace and see the snow-capped peaks away from the life of the metro.  It takes only 3 minutes to get here from Indira Tourist Park.

3. Hip Hip Hooray Amusement Park – It would be wise to visit Hip Hip Hooray Amusement Park to add some different memories to your life.  Perfect for leisure candidates and adventure enthusiasts, Hip Hip Hure Amusement Park is an important place of recreation for people of all ages.  Here you will find facilities ranging from virtual reality games to fine-dining restaurants, Himachali shops and lots of other sports, this place keeps you hooked on a dream all the time.  It takes only 5 minutes to get here from Indira Tourist Park.

4. Kufri Fun World – Another equally interesting amusement park in this important region is Kufri Fun World.  Featuring an array of adrenaline-fueled rides with beautiful scenery in the background, the park is full of fun and adventure.  Other recreational activities include solo rope climbing, night safari jungle, commando net climbing and much more.  Also, never forget to taste the Maggi and Onion screens here.  It takes only 7 minutes to get here from Indira Tourist Park.

5. Shimla Reserve Forest Sanctuary – A must visit place for those of you who are wildlife enthusiasts.  The variety of natural forms here can soothe your eyes with a soothing look, you can soak yourself in the natural green color here or feel the magic of fresh air.  It will take only 7 minutes from Indira Tourist Park.

Other attractions in the vicinity of the place include the Visceragal Lodge and Botanical Gardens, Christ Church, Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Guit Heritage Cultural Complex and Scandal Point to name a few.  All places will give you new joy and experience.

India Tourist Park
India Tourist Park

Entrance fee and time limit for Shimla Indira Tourist Park

It is important for you to know the entrance fee for visiting Shimla Indira Tourist Park.  Here you have to pay $10 per person for adults and $5 per person per child. The park is open to the public on all days of the week from 9am to 6pm.

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Que: Does the Hotel offer any business services?

Ans: No, it does not offer any business services.

Que: Do they allow unmarried couple ?

AnsYes, the hotels allow couples to check in as long as they have valid id proof.

Que: What are some popular amenities available in the hotels?

AnsSome popular amenities available in the hotels are Luggage storage, Outdoor Activities, WiFi,CCTV surveillance, Dining, Luggage assistance.

Que: Do the Hotels have any swimming pool?

Ans: No, they don’t have any swimming pool.

Que: Do the Hotels have any restaurant?

Ans: Yes, they have restaurants where guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Que: Is bathtub available in the rooms of Hotels ?

Ans: No, Bathtubs is not available in these hotel.

Que: What are the customer ratings for the hotels?

Ans: Overall rating for the hotels are 4.7/5.

Que: How many types of rooms are available at the Hotels ?

Ans: Almost all those have 5 types of rooms : Garden Room , Premium Cottage Mountain view, Deluxe With Sitting Area, Deluxe Room with balcony, Family Suite With Balcony.

Que: Do the hotels have any parking facility?

Ans: Yes, the hotels have parking facilities.

How to reach?

Indira Tourist Park is located at a distance of only 1 km from Fagu and 19 km from Shimla so it is easily accessible from all parts of the surrounding areas.  There are several transportation options, you can choose any mode you want to reach your destination.

By Road: Choose to travel by a local bus especially if you want to come directly from Shimla Old Bus Stand.  There are many private and government-owned buses to reach here that connect the “Queen of the Hills” to other parts of Himachal Pradesh.  The park is located 16 km from Shimla Old Bus Stand and Shimla Railway Station.

By Air: Jubbarhatti Airport is well connected by direct flights from Chandigarh Airport and is well connected by flights connecting New Delhi / Bangalore / Mumbai and Pune Airports.  So if you want to reach Shimla in less time then you can board any one of these flights. From Shimla, you can look for a private vehicle to travel between the hill stations.

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