Hampi archeological ruins

Location: Hampi, Karnataka 583239, India

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Built date: 1877

Hampi archeological ruins
Hampi archeological ruins

Hampi Archeological Ruins:

Hampi is a city full of beautiful archeological ruins and famous places to visit. The traditional culture of Hampi will drag your mind to be a witness of this architecture and culture for sure. 

There are so many archeological ruins in Hampi and these are: 

1. The Vittala Temple. 

2. The Lotus Mahal. 

3. The Virupaksha Temple. 

4. Shiva temple

5. Krishna Temple 

And so on. 

These are the famous archeological ruins in Hampi. Lotus Mahal is one of them. So here is so Information on the best archeological ruins that is Lotus Mahal. Let’s Know about this Mahal. 

Lotus Mahal 

Built: 1986 13 November 

Visit duration: 2 hours. 

What is Lotus Mahal? 

Lotus Mahal is an important structure for Hampi. These architecturally designed palaces that are identified by their lotus look like structures. And This Mahal area is used by the royal women Dynasty of Vijayanagar. This Mahal is also known as the Kamal Mahal or Chitragani Mahal. 

What is the history of Lotus Mahal?

Lotus Mahal is a place where a royal families of Vijayanagar Empire resided and it was a part of Zenana enclosure. This Mahal designed as a palace for royal ladies and it’s also served as a meeting point for the ministers and this King. Most of the people said that In this Palace Krishna Deva Raya’s wife used to spend most of the time seeking peace and pleasure. Musical programs and other recreation activities were held in this Mahal. 

What are the inside and outside views of Lotus Mahal?

Lotus Mahal is only a handful few astonishing buildings which had not been damaged amid an attack on this city. This Mahal’s unmistakable design is the main highlight of this palace.

Hampi archeological ruins
Hampi archeological ruins

In outside this Palace is covered with many shady trees which is providing a cool environment in this palace. When this mahal lit up in the evening that’s the best view for the visitors. 

In inside this palace is a two-storied building and its surrounding by a rectangular wall and four towers. This structure was so good and these towers are in shape giving like Lotus. The pillars and walls are designed beautifully with patterns like birds and sea creatures.

Why people are attracted to this palace? 

The main attraction of this place is surely the architectural design. This palace is very much important and symbolic for Hampi. A large number of people visit this palace Because of its Mahal structure and architectural works. This Mahal is mostly loved by history. Photo fanatics people also can take photo shots of Amazing natural sights and beautiful structures. People who love to visit ancient palaces, this place is perfect for them. 

Is it safe to visit Lotus Mahal? 

Yes, its safe to visit lotus Mahal. Police Station

Are there any parking facilities in this Mahal?

Yes, parking facilities are available there. It’s free of cost for the visitors. 

Is there any cost of keeping shoes or sandals before entering the Mahal?

No, there is no cost of keeping shoes or sandals before entering this mahal. This free of cost for all the visitors. 

What are the entry fees of Lotus Mahal? 

INR 10 for the Indians. 

INR 250 for the Foreign tourists. 

(Entry is free for children under 15 years) 

Are there any restaurants inside the Mahal?

No, there is no restaurants inside the mahal. so everyone does carry water bottles. 

Is photography allowed in Lotus Mahal? 

Yes, photography is allow allowed there ( no extra charges) 

What is the best time to visit Lotus Temple?

November to February is the best time for visiting this Palace. 

What is the visiting time of Lotus Mahal? 

From 8.00 Am to 6.00 Pm is the visiting time of Lotus Mahal. Visitors should visit evening time in this Mahal. So that they can enjoy the lighting of the Lotus Mahal. 

How many days in a week does Mahal remain open? 

It’s open the days in a week. 

Hampi archeological ruins
Hampi archeological ruins

How much time it will take to visit this Mahal?

It will take almost 2-3 hours. 

Near restaurants

The best restaurants near Lotus Mahal are 

Near Hotels: 

How to reach: 

By air: Though Hampi have not an Airport so the nearest airport is Bellary. It’s almost 35 km. When you reach Bellary airport then you can take a car or bus or cab to reach Hampi 

By rail: The nearest railway is Hosapete Railway Station. It’s 12km. 

By road: By road is the easiest way to reach Hampi and it’s only 13km. You can hire any type of vehicle to reach Hampi and that’s the easiest way. 

Hampi is incomplete without visiting Lotus Mahal. So everyone must visit this place. 

We wish you all the very best in your journey.

Happy Travelling !!!

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