Ganga munda talab

Location: Hikmipara, Jagdalpur, Chhattisgarh
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Ganga Munda Talab
Ganga Munda Talab

What is Ganga Munda Talab?

Ganga Munda Talab is a very interesting place for visitors. Everyone is mesmerized by its natural beauty and pleasant environment. The Talab is made by Maharaja Praveen Chand Bhanj Deo. The lake is situated on the Indravati River, which passes through Jagdalpur in Chhattisgarh.

 This is often prevalently known for its radiant excellence and excursion spot.

What is the history of Ganga Munda Talab?

Maharaja Praveen Chand Bhanj Deo, king of Bastar made this lake. There is a myth heard from locals that Kings used to take baths in this lake. This lake offers ample opportunity to explore and seek adventure. The lake is a stealing attraction from tourists for its forest, waterfall, history, flora and fauna. 

Why are people attracted to visit the Ganga Munda Talab?

The Ganga Munda Talab of Jagdalpur is respected as one of the foremost quiet beautiful areas around. Lying in the midst of Bastar, visitors appreciate choosing to cruise on a  boat to assist appreciate its beautiful environment. Sightseers moreover select advance and appreciate its shores by laying out an excursion for themselves. There are numerous water sports that are conducted at the Ganga Munda Talab.

Is it safe to visit the Ganga Munda Talab?

Yes, it is safe to visit. The nearest police station is Parpa Police Station

Ganga Munda Talab
Ganga Munda Talab

What is the entry fee to visit the Ganga Munda Talab?

There are no entry fees for visiting the lake.

What is the visiting time of Ganga Munda Talab?

It is 7.00am to 7.00pm. It is open all days of the week.

Are there any parking facilities in Ganga Munda Talab?

No, there are no available parking facilities outside the lake.

Is photography allowed in Ganga Munda Talab?

Yes, photography is allowed in Ganga Munda Talab.

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Ganga Munda Talab
Ganga Munda Talab

How to Reach:

By Train: Jagdalpur is well-connected via railways in major cities of India.

By Bus: Standard transport administrations interface numerous cities to Jagdalpur. One can select to board a cab from neighboring spots such as Madpal, Dhanpunji, Kotapad and more.

By Air: The closest air terminal to Jagdalpur is the Vishakapatnam airplane terminal. From there, the city is seven hours away.

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