Dumna Nature Reserve Park

Location: Airport Road, near IIITDM, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh 482005, India

Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/KpEc4gvhWw1sqidYA

Dumna Nature Reserve Park
Dumna Nature Reserve Park

What is Dumna Nature Reserve Park?

Dumna Nature Reserve Park is one of the famous tourist attractions for nature lovers. This place is an eco-tourism site in Jabalpur and its covers an area of 1058 hectares of land. Most people know that Jabalpur is known for this place was constructed under British Empire in the year 1883 and that’s a remarkable example of Civil.

History of Dumna Nature Reserve Park?

It’s a tourist destination place, not a historical place. So there is no history behind this place. People visit this place for its beautiful nature, not for its history.

What are the inside and outside views of this place?

In this place, you can enjoy very good moments with your family or friends. Nature lovers or wildlife lovers to visit this place so much. Is it’s a forest area there are lots of trees and that looks beautiful and you can find monkeys, jackals, bears, spotted deer, and chitals. In this park, the toy train is available for children as well as grownups.

Why people are attracted to this place?

There are so many reasons for tourists to attracting this beautiful place. Nature is one of them. If you walk through the park provides a feeling of walking in the forest and it feels so refreshing. People have reported the Leopard movement in the late evening or night hours. You can sit in this park and enjoyed the views and that’s the best park. If you walking on the sideways that are built in the park then you can have a close view of the wildlife animals.

In the evening time, this place looks more beautiful and that’s why most of the visitors visit this place at that time. If you are bored in your busy life then you must go to this place and spend some times that must be good for you. After going there you can feel the peace of this nature.

Dumna Nature Reserve Park
Dumna Nature Reserve Park

In this place, there are so many attractive places and these are:

Nature Interpretation Centre Dumna Nature Reserve. 

  • Lover Point.
  • Rani Durgavati Museum. 
  • Jabalpur Tourism. 
  • Robertson Lake 
  • Balancing Rock.
  • Khandari Lake.
  • Ayyappa Temple.
  • Dashmesh Dwar.
  • Pisanhari Ki Madiya.
  • MP Tourism. 
  • Wildlife Tours.
  • Manegaon’s Pond.
  • Dhuandhar Water Fall.
  • Tindni Lake.

Some FAQ about Dumna Nature Reserve Park

Is it safe to visit this place?

Yes, it’s safe to visit this place.

Are there any parking facilities in Dumna Nature Reserve Park?

No, there are no parking spaces at this location.

What are the entry fees of Dumna Nature Reserve Park?

20 per person is the entry fee of this place.

For toy train charge- 25 per person.

Is photography allowed in Dumna Nature Reserve Park?

Yes, photography is allowed at this location and there are no fees for taking photos.

Are there any restaurants inside this place?

No, there are no restaurants in this place.

What is the best time to visit Dumna Nature Reserve Park?

You can visit this place any of the months in a year.  This place looks beautiful all the seasons. 

What is the visiting time of Dumna Nature Reserve Park?

10.30 am to 6.30 pm is the visiting time of this place.

How many days a week this does place remain open?

This place is open every day of the week.

So you can visit this place any of these days.

How much time will it take to visit this place?

It takes almost 1-2 hours to visit this place.

Dumna Nature Reserve Park
Dumna Nature Reserve Park

Near Restaurants:

Nearby famous restaurants in this place are:

Near hotels:

Nearby hotels in this place are:

How to reach:

By air: Bagdogra International airport is nearby the airport from Dumna Nature Reserve Park. 

By rail: Aluarbari Rail Junction is the nearby railway station from this place. You can easily reach there by rail.

By road: By road is the best choice to reach this place. You can hire a car to reach this place directly or you can take a bus to reach this place so after reaching the bus stand you can take a taxi to reach this place.

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