Dhuandhar waterfall

Location: Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh 482003, India

Google Map:  https://goo.gl/maps/iYg5vgfrRzT5WdhMA

Dhuandhar waterfall
Dhuandhar waterfall

What is Dhuandhar Waterfall?

Dhuandhar is the most famous waterfall in Jabalpur and this beautiful falls cascade down for 30m. This place is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Jabalpur. The river of Narmada making its way Through the world-famous marble rocks and narrows down and then plunges in the waterfall known as Dhuandhar. 

What is the history of this place? 

Actually, it’s a noted tourists destination there’s no history behind this place. This place is famous for its views and beautiful scenery not for any type of history. 

What are the inside and outside views of this place?

Narmada river flows Through the famous marble-like falls, narrows down, and plunges into a waterfall sp forcefully which is creates a bouncing mass of mist and results in the Dhuandhar waterfall.

There are viewing platforms which have been constructed along the side to facilities proper views and it’s sure that you do not cross these railing and its safe for the visitors. There lies a bed of grey and white marble rocks below the water which further enhances the whitish color of the waterfall. The view is surrounding are always chock-full with tourists wanting to get a glimpse of the falls.

Why people are attracted to this place?

There are so many reasons for being attracted to this place. View and beautiful scenery are one of them. I think the best view of this place is must be the morning sunrise and evening sunset view. Most of the people visit this place only for this view.

Dhuandhar waterfall
Dhuandhar waterfall

Most of the people arranged a picnic on the riverside. The environment of this place is very aesthetic and the sound of the Falling water is like music. The boat ride is also available there. If you can a boat ride during the sunset time and witness the white marble turning yellow. This view is so beautiful it’s like you are in Heaven. You can take a deep breath there, it’s refreshing you and it’s so peaceful. So for all of these things, people are attracted to this place very much.

There are so many nearby attractive places and these are:

  • Marble Rocks.
  • Bhedaghat.
  • Chausat Yogini Temple.
  • Bhedaghat Park.
  • Shiv Temple.
  • Laxmi Narayan Mandir.
  • Gopal Temple.
  • Maa Tripur Sundari Mandir.
  • Small Fall On Narmada.
  • Shiv Mandir.

Some FAQ about this place

Is it safe to visit this place?

Yes, its safe to visit this place.

Are there any restaurants inside this place?

No, there are no restaurants inside this place but outside this place there are many restaurants. 

What are the entry fees of this place?

There are no entry fees for this place. It’s free for all the visitors.

For boat ride: INR 100 per person for a 45 min ride.

Is photography allowed in this place?

Yes, photography is allowed in this place and it’s the best place for photography. There are no costs for photography.

Are there any parking facilities in this place?

Yes, there are parking facilities and it’s free of cost.

What is the best time to visit this place?

September to March is the best time to visit this place.

What is the visiting time of this place?

6.00 AM to 8.00 PM is the visiting time of this place.

How many days a week this place remains open?

This place remains open all the days of the week.

How much time will it take to visit this place?

It will take almost 1-2 hours to visit this place.

Dhuandhar waterfall
Dhuandhar waterfall

Near restaurants:

The best restaurants near this place are:

Near hotels:

Nearby famous hotels in this place are:

How to reach?

By air: The nearest airport in Jabalpur is Bagdogra International Airport so after reach Bagdogra you can take a bus to reach this place.

By rail: Aluarbari rail Junction is the nearest railway station in Jabalpur. So after reach this station you can take a taxi or bus to reach this place easily. 

By road: You can take a bus or hire a car to reach this place Directly and it’s the best way to visit any place.

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