Delo Park

Location: Deolo, Homes St.And Graihms, West Bengal 734316

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Delo Park
Delo Park

What is Delo Park?

Delo Park is an amazing parkland which is situated on the top of Deolo Hills. The 8 acres parkland is covered by the flowering gardens with numerous flowers along with there are different types of rides for kids and many gazebos on the hills.

How is the Deolo Hills in Kalimpong?

Deolo Hills is the highest point of Kalimpong  with an altitude of about 5,500ft. It is located in the northeast of the town. The hill is famous to the people for its scenic beauty. In the Deolo hills there is a lodge and a flowering garden. There are stone pathways for the visitors to roam around the hills by walking and enjoy the incredible natural beauty from the hills.

What is the inside and outside view of Delo Park?

From the entrance the whole park is covered by a wide variety of flowers. There are flower gardens everywhere in the park. For the visitors there are clean stone pathways to walk in the park and enjoy the pure beauty of nature. There is a tourist lodge, a hanuman temple and moreover there are different rides like sliding, horse rides , swings for the kids. For the refreshment there are also small  stalls along with many gazebo all around the park.Visitors can also do the paragliding.

Outside the park there are parking slots for the visitors vehicles besides few stalls are set by the locals to sell their products outside the park.

Why are people attracted to the Delo Park?

The main attraction of Kalimpong is the Deolo Hills. The hills are the highest point of Kalimpong.The visitors get the view of the whole Kalimpong town,villages of Relli valley, Teesta River besides this is the only place to get the 360 degree view of Kanchenjunga mountain .The quite hilly place with these amazing natural sights attract visitors from all around the globe. There are the facilities of horse riding , paragliding which is highly enjoyed by the travellers.

Who maintained the Delo park ?

The Delo park is maintained by the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration GTA.

Is Delo Park safe to visit?

Yes, it is safe to visit the Delo Park. Visitors from all around the world visit the Delo Park.

Kalimpong Police Station

Location: Dr.Ongden Rd, Kalimpong Khasmahal, Kalimpong, West Bengal 734316, India

Phone Number: +91 3552 255 268

What is the best time to visit?

The best time to visit the Delo park is during the summer and winter.

Summer in Kalimpong: March to


During the summer time the temperature is much pleasant for the visitor. It is 15-29 degrees, which is neither too cold or hot. Visitors can feel the cool breeze during the summer time.

What can be viewed from the Deolo Hills?

From the Deolo Hills the visitors can have a clear view of the town Kalimpong,the surrounding villages of Relli valley , Teesta River and the most attracting Kanchenjunga mountain.

Delo Park
Delo Park

What is the timing to visit Delo Park?

The time to visit the Delo Park is from 6am – 8pm

Is there any temple?

Yes there is a temple of Hanuman inside the Delo Park with a huge statute Lord Hanuman named Hanuman Tok. 

In which time visitors can get the clear views of Kanchenjunga mountain from deolo hills?

In the summer visitors will be able to get the clear view of Kanchenjunga mountain from deolo hills.

From where visitors will be able to get the 360 degree view of  Kanchenjunga mountain?

From the Deolo Tourist lodge visitors will get the 360 degree view of Kanchenjunga mountain.

Are there any stalls inside?

Yes, there are small stalls inside the Delo Park for the refreshments of the visitors.

Are there any arrangements for kids?

Yes, there are different kinds of rides arranged for the kids in the Delo Park.

Is parking available in the Delo Park?

Yes parking is available for the visitors vehicles. But is only for the visitors who are staying in the Deolo tourist lodge.

Is photography allowed in the Delo Park?

Yes, photography is allowed in here.

Delo Park
Delo Park

What are the entry fees of Delo Park?


      Entry Fees 

  Indian Visitors 

          Rs. 5


          Rs. 10


          Rs. 50

Are there any hotels to stay inside the delo park for visitors?

Yes, there is a Tourist Lodge to stay inside the park.

Deolo Tourist Lodge:

Is there any restaurant inside the Delo Park?

The DeoloTourist Lodge has arrangements of foods for the visitors.

Should the visitors book the rooms of Deolo Tourist Lodge in advance?

Yes, the visitors should book the rooms of Deolo Tourist Lodge in advance.

When should we book the rooms in the Deolo tourist lodge to stay in the Delo park?

It is recommended to book the rooms in advance of Deolo Tourist Lodge 30 days before the date of visiting during their season time. Yes  the visitors book the rooms of Deolo Tourist Lodge in advance. In non season it can be booked before 10 days of visiting.

How to book the rooms in the Deolo Tourist Lodge?

The rooms of  Deolo Tourist Lodge can booked by:

Journey Mart

Address: 6A, Raja Subodh Mullick Square 2nd Floor, Room No. N-201

Kolkata-700013 Near Hind Cinema

Mobile: 0 9903 111 000

Phone: 033 4600 1698

Booking Timings: 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Payment Mode: Cash Only.


What are the places that can be visited near the Delo Park?

  • Lava
  • Pedong 
  • Loleygaon
  • Kalimpong Cactus Nursery
  • Nature Interpretation Centre
  • Thongsa Gompa (Monastery)
  • Shanti Kunj
  • Durpin Dara
  • Lepcha Museum
  • Rishi Bankim Chandra Park
  • Sai Mandir
  • Rishop,
  • Kolakham
  • Reshikhola

How much will it cost to stay in Deolo Tourist Lodge?




Double Bed

Ground Floor- Non View Room )

Rs.2100.00 + GST

Double Bed

Ground Floor – View Room with balcony

Rs.2500.00 + GST

Double Bed 

1st Floor – View room with balcony

Rs.3500.00 + GST

How is the cost for horse riding?

The cost of horse riding in the Delo Park is Rs.150.

Is paragliding available in the Delo Park?

Yes, paragliding is available in the Delo Park.

Is paragliding always available?

No paragliding is not always available in Delo Park. The availability of paragliding depends on the season and time.

How much will it cost for paragliding?

For 15 minutes it will cost Rs.3000 (approximately).

For 30 minutes it will cost Rs.5000 (approximately).

What is the time of paragliding  in the Deolo Hills?

The time for paragliding in the Deolo Hills is 9am – 4:30

How to reach the Delo Park?

From the nearest railway station and airport delo park can be reached easily by taxi,uber etc.

By Rail:

By Air: The Delo park is 86.9 km away from Bagdogra Air Force Base Airport .Visitors can take a cab taxi to reach the park from the airport.

What are the restaurants near the Delo Park?

Near Hotels:  

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