Dakhinpat satra

Location: Majuli, Mekheli Gaon, Assam 785106, India

Google Map:    https://goo.gl/maps/YETaioYGBcUDz4B79

Established Date: It was established in 1584.

Dakhinpat satra
Dakhinpat satra

Nowadays people are living in a chaotic environment. They want to escape from this hustle and desire to pass time with the beauty of nature and in a serenity place where they will get peace of mind. If you have such desire then we got a perfect place for you.

What is Dakhinpat satra?

The Dakhinpat satra is one of the famous socio-religious institutions situated on the Majuli Island in the river Brahmaputra of Assam in India. This satra is considered as the ‘House of Dance’.

History of Dakhinpat satra?

The Dakhinpat satra was established by Vamsi Gopal in 1584. He was a follower of Sri Vanamali Dev. He was highly honored by the Ahom Kingdom ruler Jayadhwaj SinghaThe dance house of satra was contributed by Shri Sankardeva. The satra is facing lots of issues for the continuous flood and river erosion. That is why a new satra had been built in Chatai, Jorhat. But two decades passed and the satra is not yet moved to its new destination.

What are the inside and outside views of Dakhinpat satra? 

Dakhinpat Satra
Dakhinpat Satra

Inside the Dakhinpat satra there is a large entrance gate. The entrance gate was engraved with animal structures, magnificent religious design patterns, and many lovely flower schemes. The satra exhibits various forms of sculptures, paintings, and dances. In the satra there are about ninety to a hundred monks. Monks are known as the bhakats; they are under the supervision of a Satradhikar. The Satradhikars had to put lots of effort to preserve relics and manuscripts of the saint Srimanta Sankardeva written in strips of bark from the ‘Sanchi tree’ in his own hand in the humid and semi-tropical climate of Assam. Dakhinpat satra follows the Mahapurusa Dharma. The idol of Mahaprabhu Jadavarai is worshipped in the satra. This satra has mesmerizing natural sights. The natural view all around the island along with the river Brahmaputra is a natural blessing to the eyes of the visitors.

Why are people attracted to the Dakhinpat satra?

The Dakhinpat satra is one of the popular social-institution of India. Devotees and visitors from all around the globe pay a visit to experience the tranquillity. This is a place of serenity.This  satra is considered one of the important centers of art and culture. It is also known as the ‘House of Dance’. There are many different forms of dances performed in the satra. This satra is mostly attracted by the people for its festival Raasleela. It is one of the grand festivals in Assam and considered a national festival that is attended by thousands.  People love to stay in a calm place to get inner peace and the satra is a perfect place for getting the peace of mind. Besides, the natural sights from the satra is stunning as it sits on the Island. 

Is it safe to visit the Dakhinpat satra?

Yes, it is safe to visit this satra. Many visitors and devotees from all around the world visit the satra daily.

    Majuli Police Station

What are the festivals of Dakhinpat satra?

The grand festival of this satra is Rasleela. Thousands of visitors and devotees attend the festival.

Is photography allowed in the Dakhinpat satra ?

Yes, photography is allowed in this Satra.

Are there any parking facilities in the Dakhinpat satra?

There are no such parking facilities. But visitors can keep their car near the Dakhinpat satra, many visitors take their vehicles to visit this institution. 

What are the entry fees of Dakhinpat satra?

There are no entry fees in this satra.

What is the best time to visit the Dakhinpat satra?

The best time to visit the satra is during the Rasleela festival. During the festival, thousands of people from all around the world including devotees visit the satra. The satra took a festive look and it is charmingly decorated. However, the best time to visit the  satra is during winter. At that time the weather is very pleasant to the visitors and it is the perfect time to visit.

Few suggested months to visit: 

January – March


Dakhinpat satra
Dakhinpat satra

What is the visiting time of Dakhinpat satra?

The visiting time of satra is flexible. Visitors can visit anytime. 

How many days Dakhinpat satra remains open in a week?

The Dakhinpat satra remains open every day in a week.

Near Restaurants 

Also, there are many restaurants near the satra.

Near Hotels:

How To Reach

As Majuli is an Island, it is easily accessible by ferry.

By Airport: Jorhat Airport is the nearest airport to Majuli. It is 38.3 Km away from the destination. 

By Waterways: There are 2 ferry rides to reach Majuli. The first ferry ride takes an hour and the second ride takes 10-15 minutes.

By Road: There are many buses like ASTC available in the city to reach Majuli.

By Railway: Jorhat Town is the nearest railway station of Dakhinpat satra.

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