Curlies beach shack

Location: St Michael, near Flea Market, Gumal Vaddo

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Curlies beach shack
Curlies beach shack

The Curlies shack at Anjuna is one of the most famous beach shacks in Goa. This is a major tourist attraction also. This place is famous for parties hosted here. The interior decoration of this place is simple but elegant. Here you will find a huge collection of food and drinks on the menu. This is a must-visit place in Goa. You can spend hours and hours without any kind of worry. It offers a great service to the guests who come here. Here you will find different kinds of foods at different prices. 

The most talked about things at this shack are beach parties which happen every week through the season on every Tuesday. Travelers love to party together and dance to the music. Morethan, 500 people can attend the parties easily. People from different places of the world come to visit this place. If you are in Goa you must visit it once. You will love it. 

Causes of visiting:

This beach is famous for its parties. Here you can have a fun time with your friends. You can also have amazing foods and drinks. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the sea by sitting at the shack. Witnessing the sunset from this shack is an unforgettable experience. You can also enjoy a game of pool with some old hippies who always seem to be around this place. It also offers you fishing trips and some other water sports. Such as parasailing, kayaking, and banana boats. 

Opening and closing time of Curlies Beach Shack:

This beach shack is open every day of the week. The opening hour of this place is 

  • Sunday 8 AM – 3 AM 
  • Monday 8 AM – 3 AM 
  • Tuesday 8 AM – 3 AM 
  • Wednesday 8 AM – 3 AM
  • Thursday 8 AM – 3 AM 
  • Friday 8 AM – 3 AM 
  • Saturday 8 AM – 3 AM 

Entry fee of Curlies Beach Shack: 

There is no particular entry fee or ticket for this beach Shack. But, the charges for cuisines are INR 1500 for two people. 

Curlies beach shack
Curlies beach shack

Is photography allowed in Curlies Beach Shack? 

Yes, photography is allowed in this beach shack. And, no fee is needed for that. You can take excellent pictures here. 

Food at Curlies Beach Shack: 

You can find different kinds of delicious foods here. You can have Chinese, Italian, continental, North Indian food, kinds of seafood, and several fast foods and drinks here. The burgers, sandwiches, and desserts of this place are famous. You would like to tease them. 

Does Curlies Beach Shack have parking? 

Yes, there is a parking zone in Cthis beach shack for guests. 

When is the best time to visit Curlies Beach Shack? 

The best time to visit this Shack beach is around 4 pm. Sitting on the rooftop with your delicious meal and drink you can witness the beautiful view of the sunset. You can have an enjoyable time there. 

Places to visit near Curlies Beach Shack: 

Is it a safe place for tourists? 

This place is safe for tourists. You can go there without any doubt. But, if you face any kind of problem here, you can contact the police. Here is the local police station location for you: 

Location: opp. Childrens Park, Anjuna, Goa 437509, India 

Google map: 

Phone no: +91 832 227 3233 

Curlies beach shack
Curlies beach shack

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How to Reach 

By Airport: The nearest airport to Curlies beach shack is the Dabolim airport. It is an international airport. Which is located at a distance of Rt km from this place. You can hire a cab or taxi to reach this place. Those are available at the airport. Or you can go by bus.

By  Railway: The nearest railway station to Curlies beach shack is the Thivim railway station. It is well connected to the other cities of the country. It is situated at a distance of 19.9 km from this shack. You can easily get local transport at the railway station. By hiring them you can reach your destination without having any problem 

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