Cubbon Park

Location: Kasturba Road, Behind High Court of Karnataka Ambedkar Veedhi, Sampangi Rama Nagara, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001, India

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Cubbon Park
Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park is also known as Sri Chamarajendra Park. It is situated in the Central Administrative Area in the city of Bengaluru. Cubbon Park was founded by Sir John Made in 1870 when Richard Sankey was the British Chief Engineer of Mysore state. The area of Cubbon Park was 100 acres in 1870. But now it is about 300 acres in total. It is a public park. The old name of Cubbon park was Maeda’s Park. But after its change its name to Cubbon Park. The park has too many botanical assets. 68 genera and 96 species in total there are 6000 plants in this park. Artocarpus, cassia, fistula, ficus, polyantha, and foreign species like araucaria, bamboo, castanospermum, australe, grevillea robusta, millettia, peltophorum, Schinus molle, Swietenia mahagoni, tabebuia, etc. 

History of Cubbon Park: 

The history of Cubbon Park is more than 100 years. It was created by Sir John Made in the year of 1870 when he was the commissioner of Mysore. The grandiose landscape of the Cubbon Park was formulated by Major General Richard Sankey when he was the Chief Engineer of the Karnataka state. In 1870 the park was firstly named Maede’s Park. In 1927 the park changed its name to Sri Chamarajendra. But at last, it was renamed, Cubbon Park. Cubbon Park comes from the name of Sir Mark Cubbon. He was the commissioner for the longest time. The name of Cubbon Park is dedicated to Sir Mark Cubbon. 

Inside Looks: 

The inside look of Cubbon Park is full of green. Cubbon Park is full of natural beauty where you can find more than 6000 trees. It is home to multitudes of vibrant flora and birdlife. Here you can see the most glamorous structures as well as Attara Kacheri, Seshadri Iyer Memorial Hall, and the grand state archeological Museum. Among a variety of lively water life in the aquarium, you can feel the exalted looking Siamese Fighting Fish, a diversity of gouramis, bloodsuckers like red tail shark and so many. Especially for the children, the park has a toy-train track passing through. Moreover, the inside looks of Cubbon Park are majestic. 

Opening and Closing Time of Cubbon Park: 

It opens at 6:00 AM and closes at 6:00 PM in the evening. It remains closed on Mondays and the second Tuesdays of every month. The area constricted to only morning walkers remains open from 6:00 AM to 8:00 AM in the morning.

Cubbon Park
Cubbon Park

Entry Fee For Cubbon Park: 

The most interesting is It’s free to enter the park! 

Is this place safe to visit? 

Of Course, it is safe to visit. There are many volunteers employed to look after it. If you have any need and if you have any problems you can take help from them or for your help here is the local police station location for you. 

Is photography allowed inside Cubbon Park? 

No, photography is not allowed inside Cubbon Park. The authority of Cubbon Park strictly maintains these rules. They even seize cameras and photography equipment if they are found. 

Is there a public toilet in Cubbon Park? 

Yes, there are three (3) public toilets for visitors to use. The toilets are well maintained. 

Is there a parking zone in Cubbon Park? 

Yes, there are four (4) parking zones in Cubbon Park and it is free of cost. 

Best time to visit Cubbon Park: 

The perfect time to visit Cubbon Park is September to February. In this time the weather of the city remains perfect for visiting and the majestic species of animals. 

Cause of visit Cubbon Park: 

Cubbon Park is a must-visit place in Bengaluru. Nowadays Cubbon Park is getting popular day by day in Bengaluru. Cubbon Park lies in the heart of Bangalore city. It is free from all kinds of traffic pollution. If you are a nature lover you must go to visit Cubbon Park. Here you can see various types of foreign plants which are more than 6000. Cubbon Park is one of the best tourist places in Bengaluru city. 

Cubbon Park
Cubbon Park

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How to reach: 

By Air: The nearest airport from Cubbon Park is Bengaluru Airport (BLR) which is 36.3 km away from Cubbon Park. If you want a comfortable journey you can go by air. It is an international airport. 

By train: The nearest station from Cubbon Park is KSR Bengaluru Railway Station. It is the big railway station in Bengaluru. 

By road: Visitors can easily go to Cubbon Park by road. The roads of Bengaluru are so well constructed and connected to various points of the city. Visitors can hire a taxi or a cab or other local transport service to go to Cubbon Park.

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