Chaturbhuj temple

Location: Ramraja mandir ke pichhe, Orchha, Madhya Pradesh 472246, India

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Chaturbhuj temple
Chaturbhuj temple

Chaturbhuj temple:

Built by the rulers of the Chandela dynasty, Chaturbhuj Temple, also known as Jatakari Temple is a Hindu temple in Khajuraho, India which is dedicated to the god Vishnu. This temple is situated in the village of Jatakari. “One who has four arms”-The name Chaturbhuj is an epithet of Vishnu. This is because the deity, Vishnu has four arms. This is the only important temple in Khajuraho that stands lonely and serene on a high platform and faces west. In Khajuraho, this is the only temple lacking erotic sculptures. Due to its location in the southern area of Khajuraho, it is grouped under the southern group of temples.


For its outstanding impressive architecture, the temple is popular. There is an entrance porch, mandapa, and sanctum without an ambulatory. Standing on a square platform, This west-facing temple can be approached by a staircase of ten steps. There are beautifully carved figures of Brahma, Vishnu, and Lord Shiva in the elaborated entrance. A richly carved 9 feet tall idol of Lord Vishnu is housed in the temple. The tower of this temple is plain. With the images of dikhpalas, ashtavasus, nymphs, and the recesses of mythical lions, there are three bands of sculptures below the tower. There are images of Ganga and Yamuna; with the presence of Crocodile, Ganga can be identified and the Yamuna can be identified with Turtle at the lower part of the doorway.

In the temple, the main idol is of four-armed Lord Vishnu which is about 2.7 meters in height. As the favorite location of Vishnu, this idol is south-faced.

Chaturbhuj temple
Chaturbhuj temple


Que: Who is the builder of Chaturbhuj Temple?

Ans: rulers of Chandela dynasty

Que: Is there any entry fee to the temple?

Ans: No entry fees.

Que: What is the time duration of visiting the temple?

Ans: 30minutes

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How to reach?

By rail: The nearest railway station is the Khajuraho railway station in Khajuraho. From the station, one can hire a cab or rickshaw to reach the temple.

By Air: Khajuraho civil erodrome is the nearest airport. From the Airport public and private transports are available through which one can easily reach the temple.

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