Chaparai Water Cascade

Location: Way to Araku Valley,dumbriguda, mandalam, Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh 531151, India

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Chaparai Water Cascade
Chaparai Water Cascade

About Chaparai Water Cascade:

Chaparai Water Cascade is a famous tourist destination located in Araku, Visakhapatnam. It is also known as ‘Dumbriguda Waterfalls’, which is an ideal place for your rainy season vacation. This cascade is not too far from Araku; Its distance from Araku is only 13 kilometers. It is a beautiful water area surrounded by dense green forest where the smell of fresh coffee and beans wafts through the air.

Chaparai Water Cascade is a natural and well-known tourist destination. In the rainy season, it offers a beautiful environment so that anyone can fall in love with this place later. The flow of water is usually relatively high in the rainy season and is fairly dangerous. So tourists have to be a little careful during the rainy season. On the other hand, the winter season is a good time to enjoy this cascade as the water flow is low and visitors can enjoy the water flow with ease.

Location: Way to Araku Valley, Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh 531151, India.

Specialty Of Chaparai Water Cascade:

  •  Stunning view of the stream of water flowing from the rocks.
  •  Stunning natural scenery around the water cascade. 
  •  Pleasant and calm weather conditions.

Why should you visit Chaparai Water Cascade?

You will be happy to know that Chaparai is a well-known picnic spot in Araku Valley. The beautiful environment of the waterfall and the surrounding forest is perfect for a vacation with friends and family. Usually, tourists traveling in the Araku Valley will not want to miss this nearby place. Landscapes and gardens surround this place. You should come here to experience the beauty of the water mountain through the natural rocks.

Chaparai Water Cascade
Chaparai Water Cascade


Q1: Which season is the best time to visit Chaparai Water Cascade?

Ans: Winter season. 

Q2: What is another name of Chaparai Water Cascade?

Ans: Dumbriguda Waterfalls.

Q3: Are there any rooms to change clothes?

Ans: Nothing specific but some are made for women to change clothes.

Q4: Can I enjoy water sliding in this Water Cascade?

Ans: Yes, you can.

Q5: Is Chaparai Water Cascade good for camping at night times?

Ans: You can spend particular visiting hours in this place but you can’t camp here. Araku is a nearby place for camping.

When does Chaparai Water Cascade open and close?

Open all days in a week (08:00 AM – 06:00 PM).

How much you need to pay as an Entry Fee?

Rs. 10/- (per head)

Chaparai Water Cascade
Chaparai Water Cascade

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How to reach:

The best way to reach by road. It is only 13 km from Araku Valley, 125 km from Visakhapatnam (Vizag), and about 661 km from Hyderabad. If you use your own vehicle, then you can easily reach Chaparai Water Cascade from Araku Valley. Or you can cheaply reach Chaparai Water Cascade from Araku Valley by renting a taxi, cab, or jeep. A short route from Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley is described below-

By Road: The easiest way to get to the Araku Valley from Visakhapatnam is by bus. You can easily get private and state bus service from Visakhapatnam. You will also find many taxis or cabs at lower charges than private vehicles. You can also enjoy the beautiful scenery, waterfalls, tunnels, and hillsides of Araku Valley. It can take approximately three and a half hours to reach Araku Valley.

By Train: Araku has its own railway station, which is about 116 km from Visakhapatnam. From Araku Railway Station you can easily find several accessible buses to various tourist destinations near Araku. It may take about three and a half hours to reach Araku from Visakhapatnam railway station.

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