Chandragiri Fort

Location: Chandragiri Fort Rd, Chandragiri, Andhra Pradesh 517101, India

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Chandragiri Fort
Chandragiri Fort

About Chandragiri Fort: 

Chandragiri Fort is a historic fort, which is located at Chandragiri in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India. It was built by the Yadava rulers of Vijayanagara Kingdom in the 11th century. The ruins of the fort still stand tall as witnesses to history, making it a special tourist destination for thousands of visitors today.

Behind History 

Chandragiri was under Yadavaraya for about three centuries and it came under the control of Vijayanagarayadava rulers in 1367. It gained fame in the 1560s, when the reign of Saluva Narasimha Deva Raya was going on. Later, until his reign at Penukonda, the most famous Vijayanagara emperor Srikrishna Devaraya was kept as a prince in this fort. 

Chandragiri was the fourth capital of the Vijayanagara Empire. Rayas moved their capital here when the Golconda Sultans invaded Penukonda. In 1646 the fort was annexed to the Golconda region and later it came under the rule of Mysore. The historic castle has been completely forgotten since 1792, with the Raja Mahal Palace now an archeological museum. The place is a unique example of Indo-Sarcen architecture of the Vijayanagara period, which will be remembered in the pages of history for centuries.

How does it Structural View:

The crown towers of the fort represent the Hindu architecture of the time. The palace was built with only stone, brick and lime mortar without the use of any timber.

How does it look inside?

There are eight temples inside the fort. Raja Mahal, Rani Mahal and other ruins that have been maintained for more than 300 years and the Raja Mahal has been converted into an archeological museum by the Archaeological Survey of India. The museum has models of castles, main temples and other structures in the vicinity, whose buildings were built using only lime, brick and mortar without using any timber.

Chandragiri Fort
Chandragiri Fort

Best Time To Visit:

December – March (winter months) is the ideal & best time to visit this Fort.

Why should you visit Chandragiri Fort?

If you are a historian or archaeologist, or if you are interested in archeological content, then this place is definitely the best place for you.


Que: Who built the this Fort?

Ans: Yadava rulers of Vijayanagara Kingdom.

Que: When did the Chandragiri Fort build?

Ans: In 11th Century.

Que: What kind of materials were used to build Chandragiri Fort?

Ans: Granite Stones & Lime Mortar.

Que: What’s the conditions of Chandragiri Fort now a days?

Ans: Ruins.

Que: Can I enter Chandragiri Fort with a camera?

Ans: No. Camera is not allowed.

Que: Does Chandragiri Fort have any toilet or washroom facilities?

Ans: No, Chandragiri Fort doesn’t have any toilet or washroom facilities.

Que: Who controlled the Chandragiri Fort?

Ans: Government of Andhra Pradesh.

When does the Chandragiri Fort open and close?

Open all days in a week except Friday.

9AM – 5:30PM

How much you need to pay as an Entry Fee?

  • Rs. 20/- per person for adults (sound & light show).
  • Rs. 10/- for children (sound & light show).
  • Rs. 100/- for family.
Ruins of Chandragiri Fort
Ruins of Chandragiri Fort

What are allowed or not allowed in Chandragiri Fort?

You should keep in mind that, photography is not allowed inside this Fort. Also the 1st and 2nd floors of Rani Mahal are closed and out of bounds for tourists.

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How to reach:

By Air: Chandragiri Fort is not so far from Tirupati and the distance between Tirupati and Chandragiri Fort is around 20 km. The nearest airport is in Renigunta, which is around 16 km from Tirupati. Direct flights are also available from many major Indian cities like New Delhi, Hyderabad, Vishakapatnam and Bengaluru. After reaching the airport, you have to reach Tirupati first. Then you can easily hire a taxi, cab or take buses to reach this Fort.

By Train: Tirupati is the nearest railway station which is the main railway junction of the South Central Railway system. This railway station has regular and direct trains from various nearby cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and several other cities. The nearby Gudur and Renigunta can also be reached by train. After reaching the railway station, you can easily hire a taxi or cab to reach this Fort.

By Road: Several kinds of buses are available from many other cities of Andhra Pradesh to Tirumala and Tirupati. You don’t have to wait too long for the buses. Every two minutes you will get a bus to Tirupati. Direct buses are also available from Chennai, Vellore and Bengaluru, which also operate from Tirupati. You can also take private taxi, car or buses to reach Chandragiri Fort from Tirupati because it’s around 20 km far away from Tirupati.

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