Bomdila Monastery

Location: Cona County, Bomdila, Arunachal Pradesh 790001

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Bomdila Monastery
Bomdila Monastery

If you are God and nature lover then we got a perfect place for you. It is Bomdila Monastery. It is one of the best places to get a spiritual connection with God and to view mesmerizing natural sights.  

Built Date: It was built in 1965

What is Bomdila Monastery?

Bomdila is a Buddhist Monastery situated in Bomdila of Arunachal India. It is also known widely as the Gentse Garden Rabgye Lling monasteryThe monastery is popular among the people of all around the world not only for its religious significance but also for the magnificent natural sights.

Who is the founder of the Bomdila Monastery?

The Monastery belongs to Mahayana Buddhism. It was constructed by the twelfth reincarnate of Tsona Rinpoche. 

What is the history of Bomdila Monastery?

The Monastery is also known as the Gaden Rabgyel Lling Monastery. The Monastery is the replica of the Tsona Gontse Monastery located at the Tsona in southern Tibet. Mahayana Buddhism is practiced in this monastery, those people are locally called Monpa.

The Monastery was founded by the twelfth reincarnation of the Tsona Gontse Rinpoche in the year of 1965. He was born in Morshing, West Kameng and died in 1966.

Later, the thirteen reincarnation, Tsona Gontse Rinpoche reconstructed the Bomdila monastery by building a huge prayer hall.

The Monastery was blessed by the 14th Holy Dalai Lama in 1997.

What is the inside view of this Monastery?

The Monastery is an amazing place. The monastery is built in a Buddhist culture and tradition. It has three layers; the upper gompas, the middle gompas, and the lower gompas. The monastery comprises a very large prayer hall used by the Lamas and monks. 

Bomdila Monastery
Bomdila Monastery

There are also many residential quarters for the monks. Also there are schools for the young monks and they are taught about the monastic life, tradition and different important subjects of the religion and monastery.

There are many festivals held in the monastery. During the festivals the monastery took a decorative look. People and devotees gather in the monastery to enjoy the festival and to pray to God for their well being .

What is the outside view from this Monastery? 

The outside view of this Monastery is stunning. It is also attractive to the visitors for its incredible natural sights. The snow capped Himalayan view from the monastery gives a heavenly feeling to the visitors. 

Why are people attracted to this Monastery?

This Monastery is one of most visiting tourist spots and a Holy place for the devotees. It is situated at a height of 8500 feet from the sea level. People get a mesmerizing view from the monastery. The outside view of the monastery cannot be expressed in words; it is that much amazing. 

And by visiting the monastery visitors will get a spiritual connection with God. Those who love God want to get close to God, Photography  fanatics and want to experience historic structure and tradition. This monastery is the perfect place for them and they are mostly attracted by it. 

Is it safe to visit the Bomdila Monastery?

Yes, it is safe to visit this Monastery. Many people and devotees visit the monastery.

Bomdila Police Station

Are there any visiting places near the Bomdila Monastery ?

There are many visiting places near this Monastery Craft Centre And Ethnographic Museum, Sessa Orchid Sanctuary, Tipi Orchidarium and the three Gompas Upper Gompa, Middle Gompa, Lower Gompa, Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary, Bomdila View Point, R.R. Hill.

What is the best time to visit this Monastery?

To visit this Monastery the best time would be during the Losar Festival, which is a festival to celebrate the new year.

And during the Saka Dew which is held in the fourth month of the Lunar calendar. This festival is celebrated to enlighten the Buddhas. 

Visitors can visit any month in this Monastery:

Summer : March To June
Monsoon : July to September
Winter: October to February.

It is recommended to visit the monastery during the summer or the festival time. 

What are visiting times of the Bomdila Monastery ?

The visiting time of this Monastery is flexible. You can visit the monastery anytime. 

What is the entry fee of the Bomdila Monastery?

There is no entry fee in this Monastery. 

How many days Bomdila Monastery remains open in a week?

This Monastery remains open everyday in a week. 

Is photography allowed in the Bomdila Monastery ?

Yes photography is allowed in the Bomdila Monastery. 

What is the Temple timing of the Bomdila Monastery?

The temple timing of this Monastery is:




Monday – Sunday 

4:30am – 1:00 pm

3:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Bomdila Monastery
Bomdila Monastery

What are the festivals in the Bomdila Monastery?

This Monastery celebrates numerous festivals. Losar Festival is the major festival in the monastery which is celebrated during the new year . The festival took place for 15 days . Besides there is another festival Saka Dew which is held in the fourth month of the Lunar calendar. This festival is celebrated to enlighten the Buddhas. 

Torgya , Dukpa Tse-Shi, Lhabab Duechen and many other festivals in this monastery.

How to reach the Bomdila Monastery?

This Monastery is nearer to Bomdila. Visitors can take a taxi to reach this Monastery from Bomdila . 

Near Restaurants:

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How to reach:

By Air: Tezpur Airport is the nearest airport of Bomdila. It is only 160km away from the airport.

By Road: There are many roadways to reach Bomdila from Guwahati and Tezpur. Visitors will get bus or other transport to reach Bomdila from Guwahati and Tezpur. Bomdia is 154 kms away from Tezpur and 338 kms away from Guwahati.

By Train: Rangapara North Junction is the nearest station to Bomdila. It is 144 kms from the station. 

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