Bamuni hills

Location: Mahabhairab, Tezpur, Assam 784001, India

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Bamuni hills
Bamuni hills

Bamuni hills:

There are people who want to know about the ancient history and want to experience the memorable past of that place. If you are one of them we got a perfect place for you to visit which is the Bamuni hills.

What are Bamuni hills?

Bamuni hills are one of the main tourist attractions where visitors will find out the ancient ruins of that area. This are situated on the bank of the river Brahmaputra.

What is the history of Bamuni hills?

According to the Hindu religious myth, the grandson of Lord Krishna Aniruddha and the daughter of King Banasura Usha had fallen in love with each other. But the King Banasura did not accept their relationship and imprisoned Aniruddha in this place. The ruins of the Bamuni hills were discovered between the 10th – 12th centuries. According to the Archaeological Survey of India, the ruins there are discovered have cravings that indicate towards the Gupta Empire. Beside a Hindu temple of Lord Vishnu was also found in the ruined state. The structure and carvings indicate it was a north Indian Nagara-style temple.

Bamuni hills
Bamuni hills

What are the inside and outside views of Bamuni hills?

The Bamuni hills are occupied with spectacular ruins, sculptures from a very ancient period. That stuff expresses the memorable past of that place. The remains that are lying over the mound is bounded by rectangle compound walls. The ruins of the floor, pavements indicated that the central shrine was located at the top of the mound and the remains of the subsidiary shrines appear to be located at the four corners which make it a Panchayatana temple complex. The architectural arts are found on the pillar shafts, lintel, carved panels, capitals, door sills, cross-shaped brackets, etc. There are images of Dasavatara viz. Narasimha, Ram, Parasuram on a panel that was suggesting the central shrines which are dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The outside view of this hills is amazing. The natural sight of the flowing water of the mighty river Brahmaputra is truly pleasant to the visitors. The stunning Kolia bhomora setu is also very close to the Bamuni hills.

Why are people attracted to the Bamuni hills?

Bamuni hills have become one of the main visiting spots in Tezpur. It is highly attracted by history buffs and experience seekers. Visiting the place visitors will get to know about the glorious past of that place. The lush green vegetation and the ancient ruins along with the architectural arts make the hill more attractive to the visitors. It is also loved by the photo fanatics, they can take pictures of the ancient stuff. Visitors also buy different gorgeous and charming stuff from the local vendors. The natural sights of the river Brahmaputra from the hill are mesmerizing. Besides, there are other visiting spots near Bamuni hills that are also loved by visitors like Kolia bhomora setu, Bhairabi temple. This hills is a perfect place to visit with family, children, and friends.

Is it safe to visit the Bamuni hills?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to visit the  hills. Adventurous visitors from all around the world pay a visit to the hills daily.

Lalmati Police Station

Is photography allowed in the Bamuni hills?

Yes, photography is allowed.

What are the entry fees of Bamuni hills?

There are no entry fees in this hills.

What is the best time to visit the Bamuni hills?

The best time to visit the hills from the late autumn to spring. During that time the whole weather remains pleasant that is why visitors can explore ruins comfortably and it is the perfect time to visit.

What is the visiting time of This Hills?

Visiting time of this hills is flexible. Visitors can visit the hills anytime.

How many days Bamuni hills remain open in a week?

In this hills remain open every day of the week for visitors. 

Bamuni hills
Bamuni hills

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How to reach:

By Road: Bamuni hills are only 6.3 km away from Tezpur city. Visitors will get a bus, car, or cab easily to reach the destination. It will take approximately 1 minute to reach the hills.

By Railway: The nearest railway station of this hills is the Rangapara North Junction. The station is 37 km away from the hills and it will take approximately 1 hour 2 minutes to reach the destination.

By Airport: The nearest airport of this hills is the Tezpur Airport which is 14.4 km away from the hills. It will take around 32 minutes to reach the hills from the airport.

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