Adalaj Stepwell

Location:  Adalaj Rd, Adalaj

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Construction started: 1498

Adalaj Stepwell
Adalaj Stepwell

This Stepwell is an extraordinary piece of architecture. Located in a small village near Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat, it is an attractive place for the tourist. Every year a lot of people come to visit the place from different places of the world. This is a place full of culture and tradition. In the Marwari language stepwell is called a vav. So, it is also called Adalaj vav. It has a very long and enriched history.

The history behind Adalaj Stepwell

Adalaj Stepwell is a historical monument. It was built in memory of Rana Veer Singh, by his wife Queen Rudadevi. The history of the stepwell is based on an inscription in Sanskrit found on a marble slab on the first floor. Which indicates the history of this beautiful structure. Rana Veer Singh the Vaghela dynasty of Bandai Das, a Hindu ruler, commenced the development of the stepwell. The reason for making this stepwell was the shortage of water. They were very much dependent on the rains. So, Rana veer Singh started the construction of a deep and very large well. But he couldn’t finish it. He was killed in a war with the Sultan of Gujarat, Mahmud Begada.

According to legends, Mahmud Bagada fell in love with the beautiful Queen Rudabai and he wanted to marry her. Somehow Queen Rudabai agreed to his proposal on the condition that he will finish the construction of the stepwell. Once the stepwell was made the Queen ended her life. One day after circumambulating the stepwell with prayers she jumped into the well.

Adalaj Stepwell
Adalaj Stepwell

The architecture of Adalaj Stepwell

The five-story stepwell is a wonderful creation of architecture. Which holds the culture, heritage, history on its walls. This magnificent monument is built of sandstone in Solanki style. The shape of the stepwell is Octagonal with a support of a huge number of pillars. A notable thing in its structure is, it is built in such a way that the temperature inside it is almost 5 degrees lower than outside. It was dug deep to reach the groundwater at this height. Three entrance stairs lead to the bottom water level of the well from the first floor. There are beautiful breathtaking windows on the first floor. It is an amazing blend of graphics of Islamic architecture along with the symbols of Hindu and Jain Gods.

Can you keep things with you?

You can keep handbags, mobile phones, still cameras, video cameras with you. There are no restrictions about it. But you have to take care of those. As a visitor, you need to be careful about the cleanliness of the place.

Is photography allowed in Adalaj Stepwell?

Yes, photography is very much allowed in this wonderful place. An amazing fact is that you don’t need to give any fee for that. Many people come to this wonderful place just for photoshoots. So, don’t worry about that.

Opening and closing time of Adalaj Stepwell

It is open every day of the week. It opens at 6 am and the closing time is 6 pm. You need to go in between this time.

Is there any entry fee on Adalaj Stepwell

There is no entry charge. You do not need to pay any entry fee to visit this beautiful place. There is no parking fee also.

Best time to visit Adalaj Stepwell

You can go there any time of the year. But October to March is the best time to visit Adalaj Stepwell. Because at that time the wells were not full of water. So, a traveler can walk around most of the step wells. The weather of the city becomes present at this time.

Cause of visit to Adalaj Stepwell

You can find a lot of reasons to visit this stepwell. This is a historical monument in Ahmedabad. Which introduces you to the culture and the traditions of its time. You can feel the history when you look at it. The architecture of this stepwell is amazing. A traveler would not like to miss this kind of historically enriched place.

Is this a safe place for tourists?

Yes, this is a safe place for tourists. But you need to be careful. Cause, there you will find different kinds of people. That’s why you need to be aware of your safety. If you are in trouble, then you can contact the police. Here is the nearest police station location-

Adalaj, Gujarat 382421, India

Near Hotels:

You can find a good number of hotels near Stepwell. You can choose which one you think is good for you.

Near Restaurant:

There are many other restaurants around the area. You can choose which one you like.

Adalaj Stepwell
Adalaj Stepwell

How to Reach:

 By Air: Adalaj Stepwell is located at a distance of 15 km away from the Sardar Vallabhai Patel Airport in Ahmedabad. Which is well connected with other major cities of the country. You can easily get taxis, cycle rickshaws, or cabs to go to the renowned stepwell. 

By Train: Kalupur Ahmedabad Railway Station is 18 km from the Adalaj Stepwell. From the station you heir any local transport to go there. It is also well connected to the other major cities of India.

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