India Travel Restrictions in Covid-19 (2021)

India is the second largest country in the South Asia and the seventh largest country in the world. The number of places of interest in India is innumerable. Indian beauty attracts huge tourists throughout the year around the world.  

Winter, summer, monsoon at the same time in one country. To the North when the Snow falls. South then hot. Long Beach on one side, mountains and deserts on the other side. Such as the view of India. 

India’s economy is the third largest in the world. Tourism places an important role in the economy of the country. Since the pandemic has engulfed the country, it causes a great loss. The countries virus figure has crossed 11.4 million in the past and 159k people have died from this disease (dated March 16, 2021), and it is increasing every single day. 

India travel restriction in Covid-19
Covid-19 Virus

Agriculture, handicrafts, textile, manufacturing and various services are the important part of the Indian economy. Science the advent of the digital age, India has become an important region for outsourcing, customer service and technical assistance. India provides highly trained and skilled workers around the world in software and financial services.

The pharmaceutical, biotechnology, nanotechnology, telecommunications, shipbuilding, aviation and tourism industries are growing quickly day by day. In this eve of development of the country invisible Corona epidemic has hit the country severely. A nation of multi tropology, history and heritage like India is in a great trouble now. 

Let’s know the Current India Travel Restrictions in Covid-19

This country closed all the domestic and international flights with a view to controlling the spread of the virus since March 2020. It’s internal air travel is resumed from 25 May. From several states limited flight services have begun since then. But this process is under strict control by the authority. Everywhere the directions are being highly followed. 

The country has started its Vande Bharat Mission to Bring back its citizens who are in different countries. At present India has restricted international travel specially tourism, except flights to a few selected countries which are related to important work as well as repatriation. 

The country has given the chance disclosing its door for the people of other countries by allowing some selected important flights. With their own business visas some particular foreign officials can travel in India. But the country don’t open its borders completely. 

Covid-19 Death
Covid-19 Death in india

The foreigners: who can fly India to maintain India travel restrictions in Covid-19

Some decision has taken by the Indian government that due to Corona virus epidemic a few selected group of people can travel to India. They are foreign businessman who can travel with their business visas, B-3 visa sports, engineers, foreign healthcare professionals, technicians, managerial and design specialists on having invitation from the countries facilities, among others. These flights will only be operated on some particular routes. These people who have above visas can carried by the aircrafts and they would face no restrictions as imposed earlier. 

Foreigners who are married to Indians, the foreign nationals who are stuck in other nearby countries wanted to come back to their own country through India, dependents of foreign diplomats can also travel to India. The above categories needs to obtain a new employment or business visa from Indian posts abroad, besides those who have long term valid visas they would have to re-valied them. 

According to the travel bubble arrangement with the Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Canada, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Iraq, Japan, Kenya, Maldives, Netherlands, Nigeria, Oman, Qatar, Rwanda, Tanzania, Ukraine, the UAE, the UK, and the US, foreigners like diplomats and OCI or anyone with a valid visa are also allowed to visit India. Australia, Thailand, Italy, New Zealand and others are under such agreements. The citizens of Nepal and Bhutan are allowed to come to India from any kind of country (including any third country).

Due to quarantine and health as well as COVID-19 related matters, guidelines of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare shall be strictly adhered to. 

Update of Vande Bharat Mission

On May 6 the mission started to help foreigners in India with a view to returning home and helping the countries citizens head back. On November 24, nearly 3.2 million people have been beneficiaries of the Vande Bharat Mission. 

Air India and Air India Express have been among the largest carriers of the national carriers. 7.5 lakhs of Indians were carried by these airlines during this period. Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Amristsar and other cities they give scheduled flights. 

Vande Bharat Mission-india travel restrictions in covid-19
Vande Bharat Mission – People safely back india

In this terrible health crisis a total of 29 International airports are giving services in India. 

The phase 5 operations which is under the mission, lasted till the last day of August. Including cities like Hongkong, Bangkok, Cebu, etc. it has given services. Under the travel bubble arrangements India and other particular counties continues regular two-way flights. In-bond and out-bond flights also seen in the seventh phase from countries like Bahrain, Israel, Myanmar, France, Maldives and Vietnam, among 19 other countries. Recently, eight phase has going on till December 31. 

Till now the scheduled international commercial flights remain suspended.

International flights between India and UAE

Vande Bharat Mission to UAE since under the 4th phase Air India, the country which has been providing services. The agreement of 15-day travel period has now been extended up to 31st December. The flights scheduled from the UAE cities of Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi to 16 places in India. The passengers who are outbound can now travel owing any kind of valid UAE visa. Air India Express have extended bookings till December. 

International flights have resumed with bilateral bubbles 

According to the Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri’s announciation the resumption of international flights through bilateral air bubbles, Germany, the US, and France had approved flights from India to travel to their respective nations. 

There are 22 nations now which have travel bubble arrangement with India currently.

Is it safe to travel India now? 

The country India with its high population which has many places of interest is recording a high rate of COVID-19 cases like Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu.

Although the country is facing various relaxations on lockdown, the country is not safe to travel through India especially in the more affected areas. Cases has crossed 11.4 million, the rate of recovery has also increased. Also, India start successfully to serve Covid-19 Vaccines in human body. So it is said to limit travel and safe travel within the states. The authority of the country also imposed strict role to maintain social distance and other particular guidelines.

India start implement vaccine in human body
India start implement vaccine in human body

The positive aspects of India travel restrictions in Covid-19

We know that restriction of travel is definitely bad for a country. A country never can reached its goal if there present any travel restriction. But in this situation a country like India with a highly affected people by the serious virus the step of travel restriction is really praiseworthy. A country’s safety of all the subject is more important than any other things. People are one the man assets of a state. This move by the country is appropriate at this time of crisis in the world, although economically the country is suffering severely. We have to give up some of interests in preventing the Corona-Virus. 

The Negative aspects of India travel restrictions in Covid-19

Economically, India has been severely damaged due to travel restrictions. Millions of people from different parts of the world come to India every day for different purposes. As a land of natural beauty, this country attracts millions of tourists from different countries. 

This country with immense potential is now plagued by irresistible virus attracts. These travel restrictions are a major obstacle to the country’s development. 

Finally, in this alarming state of the epidemic, the government of India has been forced to take this decision in the name of travel restrictions for the interest of the security. Other developed countries of the world are no exception. Now the whole world has to go into an inter-campaign. We have no choice but to comply.

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