How to save money for travel

Hey! Is the monotony of daily Activities disturbing your life? Can’t you breathe a sigh of relief? Which has poisoned your vacation with this mechanical life? Right or wrong? Maybe you are a student, maybe you are an employee, maybe you are a non-stop human being of any profession.

We all want to add a little thrill to this short-range life story. Each of us needs a little respite in the midst of the nature in which we exist. So much thinking works! We’re trying to help you plan your vacation. By the way, if you are a travel lover, we would say this is the best way for your vacation. And there is no shortage of places to travel around the world.

Save Money for travel
Saving Money

The most important part of traveling is money. Yes! money, if the amount is right, you will not miss any fun to go around. The higher the amount of money, the better the quality of travel depends on the budget. Basically, we always want our traveling to be somewhere far away, somewhere beautiful. So we have to budget money. In fact, it is a bit difficult for travelers to match the budget for an actual trip. In this article, we try our best to give some tips on how you can save money for travel.

Whatever it is, traveling cannot be left out. There is a solution to this difficult task. If we can save our money then we don’t have to bother for a better trip every time. It’s okay to save money for travel but first, decide where you want to go. Suppose going and staying where you go does not match your budget, it will be very difficult for a traveler.

So first decide where to go. Then the most important thing is to create a budget. Once you know the details of where you are going, create a budget accordingly.

Let’s face it – if you’re a student, how to save money for travel.


1. Must have the mentality of saving money

This is the first step for anyone who wants to save money for travel, not just students. Whether you can save money depends on your tough mindset. So you have to control yourself as the first preparation to save money.

Save Money For Travel
Saving Money

2. Mobile costs need to be reduced

In the current context, on average, a student spends at least Rs 800 to Rs 2,000 on mobile bills Which is a huge part of its cost. Part of this cost goes to talking on mobile and part goes to internet bills. So this huge sector needs to be controlled. If you can halve this cost, you can save 300 to 1000 on average.

3. Eating out should be reduced

Another huge expense after the cost of mobile is eating out. There are many students who are so accustomed to eating out that they do not want to eat at home. If you are really thinking of saving money as a student, stop eating out.

If you can’t complete it, don’t eat at restaurants more than once a month.

4. Brand clothing

I’m not saying the opposite of brand clothing. I am saying to avoid those brands of clothes which are extra expensive. There are many brands at low prices that you can buy if you want, it will save your money as well as fashion.

5. Use public transport

If your college or university is nearby, suppose it takes 15 minutes to walk, then walks.

Walk 15 minutes every day for 15 minutes and 15 minutes for every 30 minutes to keep your health and mind healthy. Use public bus or tempo if the distance is high. It is best if you can buy a bicycle but drive very carefully in that field.

Save money for travel using Public Transport
Public Transport

6. Keep sharing the room

Many of those who go to university or college away from home are forced to stay close to educational institutions. In this case, two or three people can have a room. Then some money will be saved for staying.

7. Care should be taken in the use of notebook pens

One of the ways to save money as a student is to be careful with the use of notebook pens. It should not be forgotten that one rupee is worth one lakh rupees. Use until the pen runs out of ink. Write up to the last page of the book.


Let’s know now, the ways to save money for those who are engaged in other professions.


1. Reduce costs

It is not always possible to earn money separately for traveling. A fund can be made by saving from the money we earn. What you can do in that case-

2. Save on travel costs

You may travel by rickshaw to the office. If possible, walk. Try to avoid CNG when going to a party or somewhere outside. Save the money you thought you would spend every day in an envelope.

3. Save the bill

You can save electricity bills at home if you are a little more careful. By developing the habit of reading newspapers online, you can save the cost of reading daily newspapers. Again many take the dish connected to a television and a computer monitor at home. One can reduce.

Save money from bills
Save money from bills

4. Save on food costs

What is often eaten out in the office? Save money on home-cooked meals. Start bringing the tiffin bowl. Many do not bring food from home out of shame. But this habit is necessary for both your healthy eating and saving money.

5. Quit smoking

This year, for a beautiful thrilling trip, he gave up the unhealthy habit of smoking. What, can’t you agree? If your passion is trekking in the mountains, flying in the sky over the ocean, or discovering a fountain that no one has visited yet, then smoking is no more than a bad habit.

Quit Smoking
Quit Smoking

6. Internet usage

Do you use broadband at home and also buy mobile internet package at the same time? Leave the one that keeps you connected for a long time or the one that actually meets your basic need.

7. Separate savings account

It’s best to keep your travel account separate. At the end of the month, you might try to save some money from your salary. Keep it separate. Even if you don’t have a bank account, at least keep a separate earthen bank or envelope.

8. No special work

Retail can do a job to raise money for travel. For example, if you are a student, you can do another tuition (if you have the opportunity). If you are an employee, you can find a small job online that can be matched with your job.


It will not only reduce the cost. That amount of money must be saved. There is no profit if you reduce the cost in different ways but somehow it is actually spent. So when you say ‘no’ to the cost, immediately put it in the savings envelope. This is the envelope of your dreams. And dreams are not a matter of whimsy or whimsy.

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We wish you all the very best in your journey.

Happy Travelling !!!

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