Famous For: Mysore is famous for its magnificent palaces and heritage structures. It’s also known for its rich cultural heritage and majestic monuments and big buildings. Here are some interesting places of Mysore below: Brindavan Garden, Mysore Palace, Mysore Zoo, Karanji Lake, Lingambudhi Lake, Bonsai Garden, Somanathapura Temple, Chamundeshwari Temple, Shuka Vana.
Ideal Visit Time:  3-4 days(October to February is the best time)


Not long ago, Mysore, a city in the southern part of Karnataka, India, was officially named Mysuru, which is geographically located at an altitude of 2530 feet above sea level at the foot of the Chamundi Hills, 286.05 km southwest of Bengaluru. It is a neighbor of the southern states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu city which was the capital of Mysore Kingdom from 1399-1956 and later became the second-largest city in Karnataka. It is known that during the reign of Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan, this kingdom was ruled by the Wadia dynasty. After independence, it remained as a city in Karnataka. The local language is Kannada and the city is decorated with Mandya, Chamarjanagar, and Makara. The Kaveri River flows through the northern part of the city. Some festivals are organized by local people Among this Darasa festival is very popular. There are some palaces that are the main attraction for tourists such as Amba Vilas, Mysore Palace, Jagmohan Palace which serves as an art gallery, Jayalakshmi Vilas, Rajendra Vilas is known as the summer palace. There are many kinds of cultural paintings. Krishna Raja Sagara Dam in Mandya district and Brindavan Garden next to it, musical fountain show is held every evening which entertains the travelers. Above all, one should come here to see the look of Mysuru and it will give something amazing to a tourist.

Major Attraction Of Mysore

How To Reach Mysore

By Air: Bangalore International Airport is near the city of Mysore and most of the cities in India are connected with Bangalore. It takes 3 hours to go to Mysore from Bangalore. So if you feel comfortable with this journey you can easily go to Mysore by air. 

By Rail: Journey by train is so comfortable and it is a pleasure that the railway system throughout the city of Mysore is very good. There are several trains between the railway station and Mysore railway station is 2 km away from the main city, which will reach in 3 hours. There are some express trains including Tippu Express, Chamundi Express, Kaveri Express, Mysore Express. 

By Road: Mysore can be reached by bus from Majestic Kempegowda bus station. There are also options through private tour operators. Bus tickets are easily available at the ticket counter.

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