Famous For: Moreh plays a very important role in India-Myanmar relations and is one of India’s fastest growing trade centers on the Myanmar border with the city of Tamu on the other side of the border. The India-Myanmar Friendship Bridge in Moreh connects India to Kalewa in Myanmar’s Sagaing Division.
Major Attractions: Connecting the two countries, the city is currently attracting many tourists from home and abroad through its natural beauty, market places and natural sites. Here are some interesting things to do for tourists, which will be reviewed below.
Ideal Visit Time: Moreh can be visited any time during the year. However, the best time to visit Moreh is winter. Starts in the month of October, the winter season receives a pleasant weather that attracts a lot of tourists during this time. The season ends in the month of March.

About Moreh

Moreh is a town located on the India-Myanmar border in the Tengnoupal district of the Indian state of Manipur. Meitei was the first community to settled in Moreh. Moreh is a commercial hub of Manipur and is often touted as India’s Gateway to South-East. As predicted by the economists, the city of Moreh could become a vast business centre of Manipur in the near future. Meanwhile, it is serving as one of the major tourist destinations in Manipur.
At present, the city is known for its exquisite natural beauty and the calm surrounding that make it a popular tourist attraction in Manipur. The resplendent nature of the place attracts a lot of tourists around the year. Besides, the place is very much famed for its cultural diversity. Along with the Kuki, Chin, Mizo and Burmese, Moreh also has a significant population of Punjabis, Telugu, Marwaris, Pangals, Tamil, Meities and Nagas. The beauty of this city is a treat to every tourist, who is searching out for a surreal holiday experience amidst nature.
So let’s talk a little about the things that tourists should do-

Try The Cuisine

If you love Pork or Meat, you are the happiest tourist. Because here you can find assorted meat recipes, which can be helpful to curb your appetite. However, there is no reason for vegetarians to be sad, because you can enjoy the taste of many kinds of vegetables and salads with rice. You can also try the Burmese tea-leaf salad.
Try The Cuisine
Try The Cuisine

Taste Some Tea

In order to visit Moreh, you should definitely take a taste of the tea here. Because here you can taste different types of tea, which you will not find anywhere else in the world. You can also taste the local color tea here, which will make your trip memorable.
Taste Some Tea
Taste Some Tea

Talk To Locals

The locals of Moreh are very sweet-spoken and friendly. Also serves as a guide for unfamiliar tourists. You can learn about the history of the city of Moreh from them if you want. You can hear about the city of Moreh in the British period; How was it then and how is it now!

Play With Locals

A variety of sports are organized in this spectacular city during winter. However, the most popular sport among them is football. You can play with them if you want or you can enjoy the game to the fullest.

Wooden Arts

The city is not backward in terms of art. There is a very popular craft in the market here, which is known as Wooden Arts. That is, beautiful carvings made of wood or carvings carved in wood. You can choose a beautiful gift for your loved ones from here.


Highlighting the current atmosphere of the famous market place of Moreh is its market place. In this market you will find Wooden Arts, Cosmetics, Steel Products, Fashionable Wear etc. You can easily explore the market of the part of India within the India-Myanmar Friendship Border.
There are 40 tradable items under the Barter Trade mechanism through Moreh (India-Myanmar Border). Major exports include cement, engineering goods, transport equipment, motor cycles, iron and steels, medicine, chemicals and allied products, cotton yarn, etc. The major items now imported from Myanmar through barter mechanism are betel nuts, turmeric, red kidney beans (Rajma), kuth roots, gram, resin, dry ginger, etc.
While this is no way to fully experience mainstream Myanmar, it’s the easiest way to experience the amazing cuisine and market culture of a part of Myanmar. Interestingly, these busy towns are now home to a huge number of Nepali and Indian settlers, who have adopted Burmese customs and citizenship, maintaining close links across the border.
No matter how inconsequential it might sound, crossing an international border on foot is always an inexplicably special experience for a cultural traveller. The first change you will notice is the language. The second is the food. Hilariously, you will often have no idea what’s on offer and the seller often will have no clue what you want. Overall, it’s a better place for you to spend some quality times.

How To Reach

By Road: Moreh is not well-connected to many other major cities of India. It is 110 km away from Imphal. You can reach Dimapur from Imphal, which is 215 km on National Highway 39. Silchar is also connected to Imphal by a 10 hours drive by bus.
By Train: Moreh is 110 km away from Imphal and it has no any railway station of its own. The nearest railway station is in Dimapur and Manipur road on the North-east frontier Railway (NEF) nearly 215 km from Imphal. Another railway station is in Jiribam, which is 225 km away from Imphal.
By Air: Moreh has no any airport of its own and it’s 110 km away from Imphal. Imphal is connected by air with Kolkata and New Delhi. Indian Airlines and Jet Airways connect Imphal to Delhi, over a 4 hours journey. Imphal to Kolkata is 1 hour, Aizawl is 30 min away, Jorhat is in 35 min away & Silchar is 30 min away. Guwahati is the major airport, which is 50 min flight from Imphal.