Famous For: Bhadrachalam is an important Hindu pilgrimage town with the Bhadrachalam Temple of Lord Rama, situated on the banks of Godavari river. Here’s also some interesting places to visit. Such as –

Sri Krishna Temple, Sabari, Bhadrachala Rama Temple, Sri Sita Rama Temple, Godavari Ghat, Kinnerasani Dam, Bogatha Falls, Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary, Parnasala, Sri Abhaya Anjaneya Temple, Maredumilli etc.

Major Attractions: Bogatha Falls, Sabari, Sri Sita Rama Temple, Kinnerasani Dam, Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary, Parnasala.

Ideal Visit Time: September to April is the best time to visit Bhadrachalam. The place is picturesque in winter and attracts lots of tourists and pilgrims. Devotees visit this holy city during the summer to be a part of the Ramnavami celebrations, an essential festival in Bhadrachalam.

About Bhadrachalam

Bhadrachalam is a city known as a Hindu pilgrimage site in the southern Indian state of Telangana. Next to the Godavari river, the huge 17th century Bhadrachalam (or Sita Ramchandraswami) temple complex is dedicated to Lord Rama and has many ornate carvings. Other temples in the vicinity include the Abhaya Anjaneya temple, which has large painted idols of Hindu deities. It is one of the most visited site in Telangana region.


Let’s talk about some interesting places of Bhadrachalam below:


  • Bogatha Falls

Bogatha Waterfalls is so beautiful waterfall, which is situated near Chikupally village in Wajedu mandal in Khammam district of Telangana. It is also known as Chikupally Falls. This is one of the popular tourist spots. This is an offbeat place which proffers mesmerizing and picturesque views of the colourful and rich landscape that circumscribes it. The variegated hills from where the water bubbles and cascades down in a tortuous manner is simply beautiful. Falling from an elevation of 30 feet, many small gushing water streams coalesce to form a large magical pool at the bottom. The water of the Bogatha Waterfall later on merges with the Godavari river.

Bogatha Waterfalls is a hidden gem that will prove to be a great getaway from the hustle bustle of the city and give you an opportunity to spend some time in the lap of nature and enjoy the pleasant sound and touch of bountiful water drops.

  • Sabari

Dhammaka, later known as ‘Sabari’. ‘Sabari’ was a woman’s name. She was an aboriginal woman and a great devotee of Lord Rama. Seeing the extent of his devotion to Rama, Rama himself was overwhelmed and released him. Later, Sabari took the form of a river, which later joins the Godavari River before flowing into the sea.

The Sabari River, which flows through the state of Telangana, is one of the major tributaries of the Godavari River. Rising to the western slope of the eastern ghats of the state of Odisha and up to 1370 m from the Sinkaram hills, it forms a common boundary between Chhattisgarh and Odisha and later joins the Godavari River and enters Telangana. It is one of the major tourist attractions. You can come to this place with family or friends to frame the beautiful moments of your holiday.

  • Sri Sita Rama Temple

At a distance of 2 km from Bhadrachalam Bus Station, Sri Sita Rama Temple is a magnificent temple situated close to the banks of River Godavari. Bhadrachalam is a major pilgrim town in Telangana. It’s a place where Lord Rama along with Sita and Lakshmana stayed during their 14-year exile in forests.

This temple was built by Kancherla Gopanna in 1630 AD with the help of public donations. The Golconda sultans, however, were confused and felt that Gopanna had misused government funds to build the temple. He was imprisoned in a dark fort in Golconda. It is said that Lord Rama miraculously appeared before the Sultan and paid the money spent by Gopanna, after which he was released. The famous Muslim saint and poet Kabirdas was also closely associated with this temple.

The temple dedicated to Lord Rama & Devi is built in Dravidian style. About 50 steep lead to the temple from the impressive main gopura. On the top of gopura one can see Sudarshan Chakra, the weapon of Lord Vishnu. At the main entrance there is a small sanctum dedicated to Anjaneya. The temple complex also houses a small museum where the jewellery made by Bhakta Ramadas for Lord Rama was kept for visitors. On Vaikunta Ekadashi day, the colorful Teppotsavam (boat festival) is a special attraction. In the evening, Lord Rama and Sita idols kept on a decorated swan boat and sailed through river Godavari. Spectacular fireworks are the main attraction during this festival.

  • Kinnerasani Dam

Kinnerasani Dam is located at Yanambile in Khammam district of Telangana. The dam is situated inside Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary. Kinnerasani Dam was built in 1966 on the Kinnerasani River, one of the most important tributaries of the Godavari River. The dam supplies water to the Kothagudem thermal power plant at Palvoncha for power generation. It also provides irrigation facilities to nearby farmers through lift irrigation. Kinnerasani Dam is located in a beautiful place covered with greenery. The glass house built by Singareni Collieries in Kinnerasani has elevated the place as a tourist destination. A deer park of more than 80 spotted deer in the vicinity near the spectacular Kinnerasani Dam is a major tourist attraction. The vast Kinnerasani reservoir is home to crocodiles and other aquatic species. There are several islands in the middle of the reservoir that are home to a wide variety of wildlife.

Boating facilities are also available at the reservoir and boating here is a great experience. There is also a Forest Guest House in case you want to stay here for a day.

  • Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary

Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary is situated on the right bank of Godavari River and also it is part of Dandakaranya Forest. The sanctuary is named after the River Kinnerasani. This river divides the sanctuary and meets Godavari. The sanctuary represents dry deciduous mixed type forests with teak, bamboo and terminals. Other species found here are Maddi, Yepi, Yegissa, Sommi Thandra, Bandaru, Amla, Mango and Tendu.

The wildlife sanctuary is spread over an area of ​​635.4 sq km with picturesque Kinnarsani lakes and dense forest islands in the middle of the sanctuary. The sanctuary is home to many animals such as chitals, chinkaras, canopies, sambars, wild boars, gourds, hyenas, jackals, panthers, sloth bears, tigers and black boxers. It is full of different species of birds like quails, partridges, teals, nocturns, spunbills and doves.

  • Parnasala

At a distance of 35 kms from Bhadrachalam, Parnasala is a popular tourist spot with historical reference to Ramayana. This is said to be the place where Ravan abducted Sita. A small hut with gaudily painted sculptures of Sri Ram, Sita, Laxman and Ravan depicting key events from Ramayan is what Parnasala is about. This is an extraordinarily unkempt and dilapidated place. Monkeys, beggars and insistent vendors hogging tourists, weathered sculptures, a botched attempt to replicate the sculptures with fiber glass, lack of maintenance make it a sad and frustrating experience.

However, passing through tiny tribal hamlets and expansive fields of paddy by a spooky tree lined road plus the serene Godavari River are the saving grace.

How To Reach

By Road: The nearest bus stand in the city is Bhadrachalam bus stand. The place is well connected with all major cities and towns of India. Tourist can easily reach the place through various cities at different timings. The local, private, state, luxury and tourist buses are available for the place from all major roadways.

By Train: The town is well-connected with the railway connectivity. It is also well-connected with many other major cities. So, you can easily get down at Bhadrachalam Railway Station. Various trains are available for Bhadrachalam. From the railway station you can get local buses, taxi and cab to reach the city smoothly.

By Air: The nearest airport from Bhadrachalam is Rajamundri domestic airport. The Rajamundri domestic airport is well connected with international airports such as Hyderabad and Chennai. You can reach these airports to get the flight for Rajamundri domestic airport. From Rajamundri domestic airport local taxi and cab is available. You can easily hire them to reach Bhadrachalam. It is costly but comfortable.