Famous for: The whole city is famous for the number of different shrines and shrines. Pilgrims walk through the city almost throughout the year. Most of the pilgrims play the role of tourists. Not only pilgrimage, there are many places to visit in Amravati. Two of the other famous tourist attractions are the Amravati Stupa and the Archaeological Museum. There is a 95-foot-tall Buddhist stupa here, which bears the identity of Amravati. The panels of this Buddhist stupa are engraved with the biography of the Buddha. This is truly a tourist wonder.

Ideal Visit Time: 2-3 days.

Amravati is the capital city of the state of Andhra Pradesh, located on the banks of the river Krishna. A planned city. Amravati is an ancient historical site containing Buddhist ruins. Locals and believers also call it the abode of God. This historic town is located just 32 km north of Guntur district, the main structure of which was established during the reign of Emperor Ashoka. At present that basic structure is a place of meditation. Amravati is mainly famous for its pilgrimage and sightseeing and is one of the major tourist attractions in Andhra Pradesh.

Major Attraction Of Amaravati

How To Reach:

By Air: Amravati has its own airport, which is located in Belora. But it is under development by the Airports Authority of India now. Another nearest airport to Amaravati is situated in Vijayawada. It’s called ‘Vijayawada Airport’. This airport is well-networked to all the major cities of India. After reaching the airport, you can rent a taxi or cab to reach Amaravathi. Private and government bus services are also available from this airport.
By Train: Amravati does not have its own railway station. So, if you want to reach Amravati by train, you have to take alternative measures. One such alternative route is Vijayawada Junction. It serves as the nearest junction of Amravati, which is only 32 km away. Once you reach this junction, you can easily reach your destination by hiring a taxi or cab.
By Road: If you want to come to Amravati, first you have to reach Guntur. An improved road connection creates a vast network between the surrounding major cities in Guntur. The best direction is to reach Guntur first and from here you can hire a taxi or cab, which will help you reach Amravati. You can also take the help of local bus service. The distance between Guntur and Amravati is about 32 km, which is not a very troublesome journey.
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