45 Best Honeymoon Places in India (2021)

After getting married, everyone hopes to go on a honeymoon. But where did you go?

You want to have a honeymoon in your life that you will remember forever. Relationships can have many ups and downs in life. But you must want to make this honeymoon day memorable. India has many interesting resorts for your honeymoon.

What could be better than a beach with a life partner after marriage?


You will able to write a fairy tale in your new life by setting foot in the golden sand. That’s way below are some of the best honeymoon destinations in the country which can make your life memorable.

Best Honeymoon Places in Kerala 2021

Kerela which is known as God’s own country is favorite of most of the honeymoon places in India. Charming greenery and flowing waters is surrounded in this place. Kerala is the first choice of many couples for its fabulous beauty. A newly married couple always wish for a suitable attractive place to spend their sweet moments which seems to them as paradise. The coastal paradise Kerala has such view.

A persons honeymoon is very special and desired time in life. It is the time to come more closer and save sweet memory for future life. In this romantic time of life you can select this destination without any conflict. We are going to introduce you some of the most attractive honeymoon places in Kerala where you can born sweet memories with your beloved partner. Let’s take a look on the places are mentioned below.

01. Alleppy 

Alleppy is highly famous for its backwaters. It is a suitable place to start the journey of life with ones beloved. This heavenly dream-like place create a magical atmosphere between the couple. It is suggested that you can wonder in the marvelous natural beauty and spend a crazy time with your sweet heart. It’s most famous honeymoon place in india.

Things you can do there 

  •  Watch the sunset
  •  Enjoy the natural beauty
  •  Enjoy the houseboat cruise
  •  Soak in the sun at the beach.
Houseboat Travel In Alleppy- Best honeymoon places in india
Houseboat Travel In Alleppy

02. Munnar 

Munnar is a place which is the most famous and suitable for honeymoon. The greenery hills and immense beauty is around the beautiful hill station. The tree garden on the high landscape add an extra beauty which is spreed all around. The eye catching large mountains of this place are a great place to spend with your life partner. You can visit this honeymoon place in india without any doubt.

Couples activities: 

  • Wounder at the beauty of Western Ghats
  • Spend time aaround the waterfalls.
  • Go for riding a boat at Lake.
  • Take photographs of the beautiful beach and hills.

    Munner, Kerala - Best honeymoon places in Kerala 2021
    Munner, Kerala

03. Wayanad

Wayanad is another kind of mostly well known destination in Kerala. The natural view of this place amize the visitors highly. Waterfalls, Lakes, wildlife bring an extra beauty to this place. Here you can spend your magic moments with your partner. To enjoy a relax-able honeymoon this charming place provide you all the perfect scenery and climate. So, to get scenery and climate view you can choice this honeymoon in india.

Couples activities: 

  • Enjoy beautiful settings of Chembra Peak.
  • Spend cozy moments at the beautiful Pookode Lake.
  • Walking through the lush tea plantation.

    Wayanad, Kerala- best honeymoon places in kerala 2021
    Wayanad, Kerala

04. Kumarakom

If you want to enjoy mind blowing beautiful place with so many migratory birds and lake then Kumarakom is one of the best honeymoon Place in india. This charming place is surrounded by engrossing water bodies. To enjoy a memorable honeymoon here this honeymoon place in india is definitely perfect for you.

Couples activities:

  • Visit to the Adithyappuram Surya Temple to take blessings for your new life.
  • On the serene backwaters one can sail.
  •  Take a enjoyable walk at the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary.

    Kumarakom, Kerala
    Kumarakom, Kerala

05. Kochi 

Kochi is considered as the place of vibrant beauty for its external view. This place has its own glory of nature, serenity and liveliness to attract couples to spend their desired honeymoon here. This place is special with its valuable culture and architectural marvels along with its picturesque beauty.

Couples activities: 

  • Being a part of the KERALA’s culture by taking a cultural peak.
  • Spend romantic time on the Cherai Beach.
  • Enjoy some solitude at the beautiful Fort kochi Beach.

    Kochi, Kerala- best honeymoon place in kerala 2021
    Kochi, Kerala

06. Bekal

Bekal is known as one of the best honeymoon places in South India. The place is at the top of the interest for ruins of majestic forts and eye catching beaches. Because of its great location this place is gained an proper gateway. If a couple visit here the would sure lose them in the middest of good gifted beauty of nature. Beside the would get a chance to escape from the busy world. To spend time private time with your beloved the beaches and the backwaters are really great spots.

Couple activities: 

  • Have a look on the ancient majestic caves.
  •  Take the romantic strolls on the beach.
  •  Spend time at the fort.

    Bekal, Kerala
    Bekal, Kerala

Besides those places there also many places in Kerala such as Kovalam, Marayoor, Poover, Thekkady where you can enjoy splendid beauty of nature to make your honeymoon meaningful.

Best Honeymoon Places in Tamil Nadu 2021

Tamil Nadu is a place which is enriched with romantic and attractive retreats. The people who loves the nature for him/her Tamil Nadu should be the first choise for the coastal regions in the southern Indian peninsular and the land of culture, it’s beauty, settings and art. Let’s have a look below to know the best honeymoon destinations in Tamilnadu.

01. Meghamalai 

Meghamalai is called the land of the high wavy mountains. In this pastoral area a couple can see many things such as cool and misty mountains which are small and big in size, eye-catching greenery that could refresh your mind, the wildlife etc. It would be a perfect place for the couple to have a memorable honeymoon here.

The place provides you Deep Cumbum Valley, Upper Manalar Estate, Vattaparrai, Megamalai Rain Forest, Thoovanam, Highways Lake, Thekkadi Viewpoint, Elephant Corridor, Manalar Dam etc. 

Couples activities: 

  • Enjoy the wildlife
  • Take a walk in the woods way.
  • Do attractive and smart photography.
  • Make tour on the tea plantations.
  • Spotted Deer.

    Meghamalai, Tamil nadu - best honeymoon Places in India 2021
    Meghamalai, Tamil nadu

02. Chennai 

Chennai is the capital city and it is famous for its numerous beaches and Temple. The city is special than any other cities in the Tamil Nadu fot its cleanliness. The city is also free from any kind of pollution. There a couple will find cool heart touching oceanic breeze and delicious sea food.

Chennai also provides you Marina Beach, Breezy Beach, Marundeeshwari Temple, Ashtalakshmi Temple, ISKON Temple, Koli hills, Arignar Anna Zoological Park, VGP golden Beach, MGR flimcity, Santhome Cathedral Basilica, Prakasam Salai, Conemara Library etc. 

 Couples Activities: 

  • You can take a city walk
  • You can enjoy the culture
  • Get out to see the sight
  • Visit the temples.
  • You can go for shopping.
  • You can experience Camping.

    Chennai, Tamil nadu - Best honeymoon places in tamil nadu
    Chennai, Tamil nadu

03. Ooty

Ooty is place of charming natural atmosphere. Here you can enjoy natural environment and get suitable places to arrange picnic, stroll and relax. In the Lake you can enjoy boating, visit the carrot fields, walk in the orchards etc. You can go on a rail travel from Coimbatore to Ooty that would add an extra experience in your honeymoon.

The place also provides you Govrenment Rose Garden, Ooty Lake, Stephen Church, Stone house of Ooty, Government Museum of Ooty, Avalanche Lake, Mukurthi National Park, Mountain Toy Train etc.

 Activities of the Couples: 

  • Enjoy the wildlifffe.
  • Enjoy the Toy Train journey
  • Boating at the Lake
  • See the pine Forest.
  • Taking photographs.

    Ooty, Tamil Nadu
    Ooty, Tamil Nadu

04. Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is called the honeymoon capital of Tamilnadu.Huge number of tourists keep the place always crowded.You will be overwhelmed by the charms and attractions of the place.You will get a lot of sources to enjoy your honeymoon with your beloved one.

The place attracts people with its Guna Caves,Green Valley view point,Palani Hills,College museum,Bryant park,Pillar rock,Kodaikanal lake,Caps valley,Pine tree forest,Kurunji Andavar temple ,Solar observatory and so on. 

Attractions of the Couples: 

  • Wounder at the Caves.
  • Visit to the Museum
  • Enjoy nature park and pine tree forest.
  • Boating at the Lake.
  • Enjoy the water falls.

    Kodaikanal, tamil nadu - Best honeymoon places in Tamil Nadu 2021
    Kodaikanal, tamil nadu

05. Kanyakumari

The people who love the vast seas and cool breezes and picturesque sunset for them Kanyakumari is the best place. It is surrounded by the three oceans of south India. It is the home of the some of the beches in the country.

The place is enriched with many important places such as Kumari Amman Temple, Wax Museum, Thiravalluvar Statue, Thiraparappu Falls, Gandhi Mandapam, Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Thannumalayan Temple, Lord Subramanya Temple, Sunset Point, Mathur Aqueduct, Padmanabhapuram Palace and so on. 

Couples Activities: 

  • Sightseeing
  • Visit the Museum
  • Go to shopping
  • Visit the holy and religious Site.
  • Taste the South Indian Food
  • Join the cultural customs and much more.

    Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu
    Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu

06. Courtallam

Courtallam is a great honeymoon destination with its mild climate, velvety green forests, waterfalls and lakes. You can get some attractive pictures with your partner.

Courtallam provides you many attractive places such as Honey Falls, Old Falls, Shopping market, Five Falls, Shenbaga Falls, Ayyanar Sunai, Kappal Matha Church, Palaruvi Waterfalls, Sivasailam Temple and so on. 

Activities of the Couples: 

  • Go to sight-seeing
  • Enjoy the water Sports
  • Visit the Pilgrimage place.
  • Enjoy the nature walks.

    Courtallam Water Fall - best honeymoon places in tamil nadu 2021
    Courtallam Water Fall

07. Yercaud

Yercaud is famous for its hill stations. A couple can see the several attractive place around the town. Here you can see coffee plantation, waterfalls, parks and lake.

The place is enriched with Rainforest, loop road, Thrill of the Bear cave, Rose garden, Deer park, The Grange, Anna park, The Servaroyan Temple, Ochidarium, Pagoda Point, Silk farm and so on. 

Activities of the Couples:

  • Take photography
  •  Enjoy quality time in the cafe.
  •  Go to shopping

    Yercaud, Tamil Nadu
    Yercaud, Tamil Nadu

08. Hogenakkal

Hogenakkal is another magical place with lakes and massive waterfalls. You can enjoy the heart touching beauty and charming hill station in Tamil Nadu. You could enjoy sunny weather and sweet scenery of the nature with your beloved partner.

This place provides Metture Dam, Hanuman Theertam Temple, Parameshwari Temple, Penagram Village, Hogenakkal Falls and much more. 

Couples Activities: 

  • Visit the waterfalls
  • Go to the sight-seeing
  • Taste South Indian Food
  • Sit for Meditation.

    Hogenakkal Water fall- Best honeymoon place in india 2021
    Hogenakkal Water fall

Best Travel Places in Goa 2021

Goa is such kind of a place which always attracts Couples as well as all kinds of people. This heavenly place with its enchanting beauty and marvellous beaches remain crowded with a large number of visitors every year. Here you can find lush greenery, eye catching beaches, tasty seafood, charming hillsides and hot party lifestyle. At the moonlit night you can enjoy a candlelight dinner by the beach with your sweetheart. You can also enjoy snorkeling.

The fun of walking hand in hand with your new partner on the beach of Goa is different. Rows of coconut trees on either side, and many vows of your new life in between. Never forget the days. The cost will not be too high.

It would be better start to enter a new journey of life with your life partner if you avil the offer to overlook the sea, golden sandy beaches and mindblowing greenery of Goa.

Let’s know about some attractive honeymoon places in Goa.

01. Dona sylvia Beach Resort 

It is a place which provides a couple numerous facilities with its enriched collections. Here you will see a rich Goan culture. You also get fitness center to keep your body fit and fresh, get the service of Spa and Salon to keep you outwardly beautiful and smart that help you to attract your beloved partner. Conference facilities, Shopping, pool area with great music and kids club are available there. The long coconut trees add an extra beauty in the resort. So it is clear that this place is quite suitable for a romantic couple.

Dona sylvia Beach Resort 
Dona sylvia Beach Resort

02. Taj Exotica Resort 

Taj Exotica is a common and demandable name for its special luxury and beauty. This is one of the best places for the couples for its countless service and style. This place has its rich and beautiful architecture, various kind of lowers garden, stalls, attractive walkways etc.

The place is special to its visitors for the enchanting sunset. You can also enjoy pool villas here.

Taj Exotica is very famous for the unique and tasty dining. In the restaurants you can fine many local and abroad food which are very tasty. The decoration of everything’s seems gorgeous that easily attracts you.

Taj Exotica Resort, Goa - Best honeymoon Place in goa
Taj Exotica Resort, Goa

03. The Zuri White Sands

In the Varaca Beach The Zuri White Sands is a luxurious hotel. In this place a couple find all the services they need to make their honeymoon meaningful and comfortable.

The place offers long swimming pool with casino Dunes. You will get there a dance floor, a swim up bar, a gym and a beauty salon to take proper care of all the demands of the newly married couple. Many kinds of seasonal sports activities are also arranged here such as banana boat rides, parasailing, windsurfing etc. In this place a couple also find 24-hour restaurants services.

The Zuri White Sands- best honeymoon places in goa
The Zuri White Sands, Goa

04. Park Hyatt Goa

Park Hyatt Goa is a romantic place to enjoy your honeymoon. It is a 5 star resort which is full of luxury and comfort. The place provides a relaxing swimming pool, a beautiful serene beach, a gorgeous state-of-art Sereno Spa and yoga classes. The people who like to sea the natural beauty for those the hotel arranges many private tour. Here one can enjoy a host of thrilling water, see the beautiful lovebirds. One hour couple spa treatment center, special restaurants etc.

Park Hyatt Goa
Park Hyatt Goa

05. Diver Island

If a couple wants to select a place which is out of commercialization and retain much out of its originality. With a scenic and romantic setting the Diver Island offers an experience of the Goa countryside. You can enjoy the festival named Bonderam which is held every last Saturday of the month.

Diver Island, Goa - honeymoon places in goa
Diver Island, Goa

06. Romantic Beaches

Honeymooners always look for the best beaches in Goa for romantic honeymoon. Baga, Calangute, Mandrem and Dona Paula are some famous beaches of North Goa where you can spend your best time of life without any angst.

Calangute beach, goa
Calangute beach

07. Candolim

If a couple looks for a place with casual and relaxed atmosphere, this place is perfect. Here they will get mouth-watering tasty Goan cusine. It is a romantic place for the honeymooners.

Candolim Beach, Goa - honey places in india
Candolim Beach, Goa

08. Tuscany Gardens in Candolim

The place provides cosy and romantic atmosphere to the couple. The place is also enriched with Italian dishes, seafood and Indian wine in the resturants. The culture, heretiage and customs has made the place special to the couple as well as the visitors.

Tuscany Gardens in Candolim
Tuscany Gardens, Candolim

Besides those special places Goa has many other attractive place where the honeymooners can spend their private moments of life with joy and pleasure. Goa is full of beautifully built age-old cathedrals, old Portuguese style buiildings, gorgeous sunsets at a beach, candle light dinner with different wine, buzzung nightlife and luxury of the beach resorts.

Best Honeymoon Places in Maharashtra 2021

Maharashtra is a perfect place for the couple who are looking for an attractive and cozy place for their honeymoon. If you are both a little adventurous, then maybe your honeymoon place is in the beach of Maharashtra. Maharashtra is a amazing place which is full with attractive forts and hill-stations. These hills will allows a couple to spend their romantic time together.If you go jogging in the early morning beside the hill side it will give you extra pleasure.Let’s take a look in the right places for you.

01. Lonavala

If you want to enjoy a sweet weather, Lonavala should be your first choice. There you will get misty fog weather nice view of the green hills make your time romantic. It is a place with sweet environment. This an amazing place for the honeymooners where you could enjoy laps of different hills and mind blowing landscape.

Things provide the resorts: 

  • You can visit the ancient Karla and Bhaja caves.
  • Tasted the penut cakes.
  • Duke’s nose is one of the best trekking spots
  • Enjoy the sunset.
Lonavala - best Honeymoon Places in inda

02. Lavasa

Lavasa is an enchanted place for the honeymooners. It is a dreamy place with tasteful architecture. The place is designed with a great plan where the visitor would enjoy hevenly pleasure.

Things povide the resort: 

  • Visit the lakeside Promenade center.
  • Visit Bamboosa
  • Enjoy the greenery.

    Lavasa Best honeymoon places in Maharastra

03. Mumbai

Mumbai is better than most other places in Maharashtra for honeymoon. Mumbai is known as a place of luxury and attraction. There are many ancient temples where you can visit with your partner seeking blessings and you can also enjoy the nightlife here. There are various things to do with your partner in Mumbai.

Mumbai best honeymoon place in mumbai

04. Kamshet

If you are looking for a proper place for honeymoon then Kamshet would be your perfect choice for you.You can enjoy the adventurous and exciting hooneymoon with your beloved partner if you go there. This is one of the best place for your honeymoon.

Things provide you the resort: 

  • Enjoy the most scinic beauty of Pawna Lake.
  • Visit the ancient caves.
  • Get to know the place history.


05. Khandala

Khandala is one of the most attractive place for honeymoon in Maharashtra. You can visit in the hill station with your partner. Surely you will fall in love of the nature and beauty of the place. It is also an another adventurous place.


06. Pune Hills

Pune is a place which is known as land of forts.A couple can spend all day taking a tour of those forts. The adventure lover couple can try to trekk because it memorize a couple with the most beautiful trails to explore. A couple can visit the Halwai Ganapathi temple and seek the mercy. Delicious food at the Deccan Gymkhana. Rajmachi Fort Trek is another attractive place.

Pune Hills
Pune Hills

07. Alibag

Alibag is known as the top listed beach destination in Maharashtra. It is the best place for travel. A couple can enjoy the eye catching beach,the roaring waves and the cool breeze can make your every moment special. The place provides you plethora of activities. The honeymooners can enjoy every bit of it with full satisfaction. If you walk on the sandy beaches. You can take beautiful photos there.


Best Honeymoon Places in Karnataka 2021

If you are a newly-wed couple and looking for a suitable place in karnataka, you should know that Karnataka is rich in tourism resorts. History, jungle, sea architecture, mountains, what is not in this state. The tourism slogan of this  state is ‘One state, Many Worlds’!

But the Bengalis moved to this state centered on Bangalore-Mysore. Let’s know some important place in Karnataka.

01. Mysore

It is called the palace Town of Karnataka. Dussehra is an well known famous  place which always attracts the visitors all over the world. The main attractive  place is the Mysore Palace. Touted is considered as the best honeymoon place  near Bangalore. You can’t forget the place if you once visit here. You will find  here the famous Folklore Museum, the musical Fountains and the Brindavan Gardens.

Mysore Palace Best honeymoon place in india
Mysore Palace

02. Bangalore

Bangalore is another most desired and facinated honeymoon spot for the  honeymooners. Taking a trip to the Nandi Hills to witness the sunrise with your life partner will give you endless joy and pleasure. It is one kind of adventurous place where you can sit on the big rocks, hike, enjoy the picturesquue view from the hills top. The place also provides you tree houses. You can climb and take picture from that trees. You can also drink a cup of coffee on the cosy sitting areas or you can have breakfast here. Don’t miss the lavish breakfast at the White Room Cafe in the Church Street. This place is one of the best place in the Karnataka’s garden city.


03. Coorg

If you look for a place where nature and Beauty meet together with a great combination, I will suggest you Coorg. Coffee plantations, scenic views and sung weather is very charming. It is a suitable place for  the tourist couples. There you will find attractive hill stations which is full of  greenery and coffee plantation. Abbey Falls, Raja’s Seat, Golden Temple, Dubare Elephant Camp are available in this destination.

Waterfall, Coorg
Waterfall, Coorg

04. Gokarna

Gokorna is mostly known as important Philgrimage destination in Karnataka. You will find here lush green hills, exalted blue Arabian Sea. Taking a walk by the beach or arranging a dinner in the moonlight night give you extra pleasure. There are romantic houseboats for couples to stay here. There are also opportunities to eat a variety of seafood. You can also witness the beauty of the blue sea cavity with scuba diving. Not only nature, but also history has its place here.


05. Hampi

It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you will find many ancient temples and monuments. It is away from city life. This place is very quite and simple and peaceful place. Dravidian architecture inspires with fine craftsmanship that showcases in its artworks and carvings in the mouments and temples. If you are the lover of ancient history and heritage, Hampi should be your first choice. It is situated on a hilly terrain.


06. Dandeli

Dandeli is another special and perfect honeymoon resort in Karnataka. The place is full of greenery and woods. Dense green trees and forest are around the resort. It is a mindblowing honeymoon destination for all the couples. There are manything to do in this resort. A couple can find pleasure in river-side camping, a coracle ride, river rafting, watching the sunset from the peak with your spouse. River kali is another favourite attraction for the tourist. You can spend your magic and romantic moments with your loved one here.

Kali River, Dandeli
Kali River, Dandeli

07. Badami

With a view to having a memorable quality time with beloved Badami is one of the most wonderful places in Karnataka. The place is enriched with it’s architecture and special culture. Here you can feel the soul soothing atmosphere. Badami provides you famous sightseeing locations and luxurious houses to stay at night. You can also enjoy the Agastya Lake, Badami Caves, Nothern Fort Temple, the Tipu Sultan Mosque and so on. In this place many movie shooting had completed. Famous Rowdy Rathore and Guru movies were shooted here.



Others Populars Honeymoon Places in India 2021


01. Kalimpong, West Bengal 

Surrounded 4,000 feet above sea level and surrounded by high mountains, this northeastern place of Kalimpong is like that deep emotion that creates the ideal backdrop for your romance to solidify! The place is secluded, simple and picturesque and famous for flowers – especially orchids, emeralds, roses, dahlias and gladiolus. Visit the beautiful nurseries of Kalimpong to enjoy the beauty of all these romantic flowers, or go to Darpin Dara in search of the plains, and also to picnic on the banks of the river Teesta or Riang. Then you can enter any bakery here or spend some quiet time in the quiet environment in the middle of three gompars (monasteries).


02. Darjeeling, West Bengal 

From Bagdogra Airport / New Jalpaiguri Station, no matter which way the traditional toy train or bus goes, your journey will be through Karshiang and Sleepy Straits, through the meandering tea gardens, through the variety of greenery, and ending in the lap of the Thunder Dragon. Darjeeling is the first hill station of the English period, and there are still many interesting sites from that time – such as the Museum of Natural History for Wildlife and the Everest Museum (famous for Tenzing).Your Darjeeling trip will remain incomplete until you go to a tea garden, the closest you will find is Happy Valley. Observe the amazing sunset from the view of the Observatory Hill (Kanchenjunga peaks), head to Tiger Hill for a panoramic view of Mount Everest and have a good time in the lap of nature on Senchal Lake.

Your trip to Darjeeling is incomplete without a visit to the beautiful tea gardens.

Darjeeling, West Bengal

03. Gangtok, Sikkim

Kathmandu was a popular honeymoon place even before one man. But now that Gangtok also has that trump card, Gangtok can now give you everything that was in the shadow of nature in Kathmandu. The city’s sightseeing will include Deer Park (modeled after Sarnath’s Deer Park), the winding road to the Tsuklakhong Royal Chapel and the Monastery, the Secretariat, and the Orchid Sanctuary, home to 600 species of orchids. Collect your wedding souvenirs from old and new markets, or go to the rich cottage industries here to buy famous Sikkimese carpets, thank you wall drapes, shirts, boots, fur items and wood carvings. Don’t return from Gangtok without seeing Tshangu Lake. Located two hours from the city, this lake is a special tourist attraction and a favorite place for photographers! The Jumthang Valley, 150 km from Gangtok, is known as the “Valley of Flowers“, home to 24 species of rhododendron flowers. Extensive green meadows, huge waterfalls, and waterfalls – all in all a paradise for nature lovers.

AkA yak ride is a must when you visit the gorgeous Tshangu Lake.

Gangtok, Sikkim
Gangtok, Sikkim

04. Shillong, Meghalaya 

Literally Sarthaknama State Meghalaya – “home of the clouds” – Shillong, a settlement of highly educated and modern Khasi, Jaintia and Garo peoples; The place is a place with good food, nightlife and mind boggling music-loving tourists. Take a boat ride to Ward Lake, visit the Botanical Gardens and Museums, Lady Hyderi Park and the Japanese Gardens, shop at the big market and picnic at Shillong Peak, the highest peak in Meghalaya. Take part in archery competitions – this is a competition of various archery clubs. Have a picnic at nearby Elephant Falls, and cross the road a little further towards Cherrapunji and Lake Umiam. The rainy season is the best time to see the roaring waterfalls.

MiUmiam lake is among the most romantic spots in Shillong.

Shillong, Meghalaya
Shillong, Meghalaya

05. Cherrapunji, Meghalaya

The wettest place in the world This city is located at the very edge of the Khasi hills, and this place is a great place to have fun in the vast greenery. Take your swimsuit and dive into Seven Sisters Falls. Visit the nearby seasonal caves, the two of you can have a good time. You can visit the local Eco Park or Mausinram, which is currently the wettest place in the world. Most of the hotels here have comfortable couple messaging facilities, you can take advantage of these facilities after sightseeing. Enjoy the traditional Khasi Mela and don’t forget to have a candle-lit dinner under the open sky.

The crisp invigorating mountain air in Cherrapunji will make your experience come a full circle You can also include Arunachal Pradesh in your travel plans. One of the least visited states in India, the state is famous for its beauty and the Tawang Monastery, one of the largest monasteries in the world. Located at an altitude of 10,000 feet, you can see beautiful views of the surrounding valley. Check out these awesome packages from the North East and plan your trip.

Cherrapunji, Meghalaya
Cherrapunji, Meghalaya

06. Jawahar

Located 180 km from Mumbai, this place is better known as Mahabaleshwar in Thane.For those who like trekking, this hill station is very popular. Dada Kopra Falls, Shirpamal, Bhutapgarh Relix is one of the attractions of Jawahar.The fun of honeymoon in the lap of calm and soothing nature is different.


07. Tarkarli

It is time to walk hand in hand on the beach of Goa or Mandarmani. Honeymoon tour should not be a little special. If your favorite person likes the sea, then go to Tarkarli. The magnificent view of the beach, 548 km from Mumbai, will fill your mind.There are romantic houseboats for couples to stay here. There are also opportunities to eat a variety of seafood. You can also witness the beauty of the blue sea cavity with scuba diving. Not only nature, but also history has its place here. Because it has places like Indus Fort, Vijay Fort.


08. Chakrata 

This snow-white tourist center is located at an altitude of 7,000 feet above sea level. So if you can’t stand the cold, don’t go to this place. The most interesting place in Chakrata is Tiger Hill. There are temples of various gods and goddesses in this hilly area, which is a combination of culture and religion. Besides, if you go to places like Radina and Thaina, the pages of Mahabharata will come alive again in front of your eyes.


09. Horsey Hill

You can also visit South India without going north.In that case you can choose Horsey Hill as your destination. This hilly area of Andhra Pradesh was named after WD Horsley, the Collector of Kuddapa District. If you do not see the beauty of this place located 144 kilometers away from Tirupati, you will miss it.Your honeymoon will be thrilling with greenery, temples and deep sanctuaries.

Horsey Hill
Horsey Hill
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